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Thursday, May 18, 2006

RAMBLINGS OF LIFE// Lately, i've been real happy. I mean, for once in such a long time, i'm truly happy. I want to live my life, in my own shoes. I wanna grow old. I'm even giving the thought of kids a chance. I don't go to bed each night wishing to wake up somewhere else...or not to wake up at all.

And although i love every single one of you, and thank you for all the times you've lifted me up when i was down, which would be countless. The people i need to thank most are my friends. Namely a few of them: Phil, Richard, Chris, Sneaks, Sarah. There are more, but these lot made the biggest impact. I finally feel like i belong, that i ain't just an attachment easily thrown to the side. I'm actually part of the group. Part of the friendship. And it's not like they did anything extremely radical. They did what friends are meant to do; listen to you, talk things through with you, have a laugh with you, and even sometimes, let you see their weaknesses. That way, you know they're sincere.

Honestly, the only thing in my life that i ain't happy with atm would be the fact that i have no job, and i know i'm not guna be jobless for the rest of my life, so that isn't a major major concern. And even then, my friends take me out of a weekend and i forget that worry till i'm back on Monday.

Your all sitting there thinking, "Wtf? Why do we care", but it had to be said. Some of you may still think i'm depressed. But i ain't. For once in a long time, i truly truly ain't (although no matter how many times i tell Paul that he won't listen). I wanna live my life to the full =)

I know some of you don't agree with the lifestyle i'm living now. Although to be perfectly honest there's a hell of alot of worse things i can be doing then simply smoking weed on the weekends.

There's a select few of you i wanna thank with all my heart, for being there for me holding me up till the right people came along to save me (although that sounds corny/cliche, t'is true). So thank you, Shanny, Puppy, Sw33tz, Broken Blade, Lockheartifa & Constance. You people will never truly know the extent of what you've done for me, and my only regret is that i have nothing to give to you all to thank you for this 2nd chance. //RAMBLINGS OF LIFE

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