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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Guess who i might now be cosplaying at May's London Expo Convention. Guessed? Didn't think so...

...RENO! Haha xD

My friend, Richard (chocobo gene), said he's going as Tseng, and Marc already said that if i go as Reno he'd go as Rude =P

Orginally i was guna go as an ANBU, but i still have a few bits and bobs to sort out on the costume, and i was worried that i wouldn't get it done on time (for the 28th of May), but since Reno's costume is so damn easy, i think i'll leave my ANBU one for the next convention.

This time, i'm definatly taking a camera lol.

RANDOM// I so wanna see how Marc turns black for the day xD is he guna spray paint himself or something lmao!!


I'm boiling here. Seriously. England is meant to be the rainy country, the rainy country damn it >.<;

It's bright, hot and sticky. Wonderful. If this is our spring, how the hell am i guna survive summer o.o

Answer: wear no clothes xD

And just so you know, don't hate spring/summer, it's just i'm so pale i burn easily and i get hot real quick.

While i'm writing this i'm at 13,985 Hits, by the time i come back Monday it's more then likely that i'll hit the 14,000 mark, so i'll put this up now =P

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