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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ain't feeling all too well today, nah i don't feel ill, just down really. The whole getting a job thing is not going at all to plan, and at this rate i can see myself never getting a job -_- It's sad, cos my mum might be losing her job too, and god knows how we're guna bring in money then. I just hope things work out.

Other then that, my weekend was completely ruined by thugs who should've been taught manners by their parents. About 30 of them chased 7 of us. 7?! Can you believe that? It takes 30 of them to chase 7 of us, actually, 6, cos i didn't run. And if they had hit me then...well let's say i know alot of people who wouldn't take too kindly to that.

Unfortuantly though, they got my friend Glenn. I didn't see what they did exactly to him, but i saw the aftermath of it, and was told what they did by someone who had seen it. As Glenn was attempting to run across the road (i assume to follow Phil, Martin, Olive & Chris down the alleyway) one of those thugs run into him and ran him into a car. And as if that weren't enough, two boys then began to beat him while 1 filmed it. Filmed it?! They filmed it for fuck sakes!! Luckily he's ok though, he went to hospital afterwards, and they sent him home from there.

And the thing is, we didn't even provoke them. We were out just to have a laugh, and ended up running from 30 people. Fun eh? Actually, i'm fumming about this. Seriously. But that isn't going to be the end of it. We're definately not guna take this laying down, something will be done about this, whether it be 1 month from now or 6.

Can't really say much else, since i don't know who exactly reads this etc. I can't really believe we ended up getting dragged into this all really heh.

And just so you know, i miss alot of you out there. Especially you Shanny, haven't spoken to you, or heard from you in a long time...

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