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Monday, June 13, 2005

Time: 11:35am
Mood: Meh?
Music: SOAD (again)

Thankies for all the kind comments about my new layout =D I Ain't changing this for a long time, well i might change the pictures, but not the actual set up, took way too long to do (and i'm still adding and taking away things).

Phil is meant to be coming round, erm, about an hour ago XD Ohh this is him ringing...

Ohh, ok, he's coming round o.O; Better go yo. Well really quickly, i might not be on for a few days, if i am i won't be able to visit. With me working nights and all.

Ack, i really have to go x.X Need to dry my hair...Byeeeee!

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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Time: 7:15am
Mood: Tired ~_~
Music: System of a Down

Ack, i should be in bed, i feel soo tired. But can you guess what i was up all night doing? (No, not that you dirty hentai! Get your mind out the gutter XD). I was making this layout, fucking took forever ~_~ And some of it is still being stupid. I tried to put up some friends buttons, but for some strange reason the links are broken (i can't see the problem) so then half my page becomes one fat link ~_~ So i'm guna leave that for another time, when i can actually keep my eyes open haha.

Anyway, what do ya think of the new theme? I have been watching alot of Last Exile, and just had to put it up when i found all these cool piccys floating around the web. So far my fav out of Last Exile, has to be the machanics XD Seriously! Those guys are funny stuff! I could go on rambling, but then i might spoil it for those who wish to see it, or those who haven't seen as much as me yet =D But t'is an excellent anime, you should definatly try and watch it ^.^

Well my Grandad's b-day today. Going to go up my mum's to see him b^.^d Then gotta go and watch after Toria's kids while shes works later tonight. Which will be....fun....No laptop >.< Damn it! But at least they have a CD player hehe. That reminds me, i *finally* got SOAD's 1st album, and dude it rules! You see in my BG pic, where it says "Don't you ever get stuck in the sky"? That's a line from the song "Peephole". So, Sephy will be on a SOAD high for a lil while hehe.

Have to work nights again Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And i so am not looking forward to it >.< I fucking *hate* working for 12 hours during the night, in a factory! It is the most boring and repetitive job in the world! The hours drag, and since i'm using the same muscles over and over, i wake up the next morning feeling like a living corpse. Dear God kill me now XD

Anyway, i really should at least get a few hours sleep before my mum picks me up x.X Or i'm screwed hehe. Love ya all <33

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Ahh God, sorry i haven't updated alot. Monday night and Tuesday night (7pm - 7am) i was working, so i wasn't on the computer for like 2 days straight *ZOMG!* cos i was basically going to work, going to bed, getting up and going work again lol. But i got 100 Pounds for it, so wasn't too bad i guess.

And then Philos kept makin me come out XD Damn him! He randomly shows up at my door and makes me come out, sometimes i'm half way thru an entry and he makes me shut down the fucking laptop. What an assshole X3

ZOMG! Saw Matt today *melts* He couldn't get any hotter even if he tried. Talked to him for a few seconds, and then he winked *melts even more* Fit!!

[People offended by religious spoofs, shouldn't read this]

Ohhh and the funniest conversation i had was with Phil yesterday i think. We were probably stoned cos we'd been smoking for 2 days straight. And we started chatting bout God being a Gangsta and squashing people XD

Phil said something bout the Grim Reaper being "God's hitman" so i said God was a lazy cunt for not doing it himself. Then Phil was like, he could just open up the sky and squash people with his finger XD TRY TO IMAGINE THAT! A giant hand randomly coming from the sky and squashin someone XD We sat there and laughed for 30minutes just from this image of a giant hand randomly squashing people on the ground. Also, God's lazy. Phil said "You know God created the world in 7 days. My fucking coursework takes longer then that!" X3 ZOMG! I was dying! Now, let's hope no one was offended by that XD

Anyway, seems i'm goin out again (damn, my social life has shot up o.O) so i'm going to be off ^.^ Puppy, Shanny, Sw33tz, SKF, Raven, Garbz, miss ya loads babes <33

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Saturday, June 4, 2005

Ack, i should probably be asleep ~_~ T'is 5am here haha, but i ain't tired for some reason. Meh, ahh well.

Didn't do much, just bugged Amy and Mum the whole day X3 That's always fun to do yo! They don't mind, they always just laugh at me, Amy smacked me with a knife earlier XD No she wasn't trying to kill me, i was doing something when she was trying to make dinner or something like that, and out of reflex she swatted my hand away, unfortantly for me she had a knife in her hand so i ended up with a nice little cut across my hand XD I don't mind, it didn't hurt and she didn't mean it. Just made me think..."never bug Amy when she has sharp objects in her hands" XD

Atm the family is all worried about our lil bunny, Taffy. Poor thing seems to have everything wrong with her. Her tears dudts(sp?)..well, something's wrong with them, so her eyes are constantly gunky and she seems to cry alot (this can happen to both animals and humans). Also her teeth have out grown and apperantly pierced her bottom lip.

Amy is now crying and sobbing, blaming herself for all that's happening to Taffy. But she hasn't let this happen on purpose, we are LOW on money, and Vet's bills are a hell of alot. Luckily i think i managed to calm her down some, i have some strange infinate knowledge on animals (my aunt turned me into an animal freak) and calmly explained to her some of what's happening. Taffy's going to the Vet today to get her teeth filed down, hopefully things will get better from there. But seems we won't be there to see the result of the whole thing, Amy says she's giving Taffy to the PDSA or something. Guilt riden and trying to give Taffy a better life has led to that decision.

Hehe, talking about Taffy reminds me of something. Amy had bought some carrot stick things for Taffy, and well, just read this:

Me: I wonder if they actually taste like carrots?
Amy: *Jokingly* I dunno, why don't you try.
Me: Ok! *Munches half of one*
Amy: O.O; Gross, i was only joking!
Me: It tastes like Holy bread XD (i've had it before so i do know the taste).

They actually didn't taste bad XD Don't mind me, i have a strange tendancy to try weird things. Like when me and Shane snapped off some branches and chewed on them, funny after-taste. And when someone told me to eat some of my cats biccy's, they're nasty >.>

I'm glad so many of you like the song, as i said, it is slightly religious, but you wouldn't know that unless you've seen the lyrics, so guess what i did? Went and found you people the translated lyrics ^^

"Oh, this higher life, the wisdom.
I bow to the voice of god.
Bless the man who bears the temptation.
For he shall find his redemption from above.
Lord, so devine, have mercy.
Oh, how pure, how clear, how kind, how beautiful.
Oh, lily of chastity."

I think this is for the Elfen Lied version, so there might be more too it in my extended version, also, not sure if this is 100% accurate, since i found several other translations that were slightly different to this one. But, they're all basically the same. Anyway, have fun people <33 Love ya'll!

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Friday, June 3, 2005

Well, new theme hehe. I watched the whole series of Elfen Lied a few days ago ^.^ Seriously, it was like 6am before i went to bed >.> That anime is gripping i tell ya that. I kept saying "Ok, after this episode, i'm going to bed" needless to say, i watched em all XD And i love it! That anime is fucking brillant i tell ya! Blood, boobies and more blood. I would think the anime is for adults or for people with a strong stomach. I <3 Lucy, she rules.

Last Exile is about 75% done, so should be done in half a day. Unfortantly i won't be here for that long XD I'm going up to my mum's house for the weekend, my sister Amy (who for those who don't know me, went up to Uni a long while back and can only visit every so often) is up there so i'm guna go bug her XD

Ohh, and sorry if the song bugs you or whatever ^^; I love it though, when i sent Amy this, she was like "Wtf is this?". It's latin, and it's slightly religious, but you can't tell unless you get the translated lyrics so that doesn't really matter haha X3 But i find it very beautiful indeed.

Made a shit load of icons, and after this weekend (that's when the icontests i entered will finish up their voting and stuff) i will post them up to LJ and give ya'll a link. That and i'm writing a one-shot Jou/Kai fic ^^;; Me and Undevoted at LF got this sweet lil thing on where we make a theme per week and write a story to try and fit the theme. This week's theme is sex XD Well what do you expect from me ^.~ no hating Sephy just cos she's a puppyshipper.

Anyway, hope the new theme doesn't take too long to load, and if the text is hard to read, tell me so, i hate when i can't make heads or tails of other people's updates (through it being hard to see) so i wouldnt want mine to be like that ^^

Ohh and Sw33tz hun, if you read this, thank you soo much for the codes *huggles* took me forever to work them out, but i did ^^ But unfortantly i still can't get the changin the scroll-bar colour to work ~_~ Everytime i post it in Post Styles or Edit Profile it eats away half my site. What do ya think i'm doing wrong?

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Wednesday, June 1, 2005

I'm not as think as you drunk i am..
Hot damn my computer is going slow today >.> It probably has something to do with the fact that i'm downloading 4 large files XD Inuyasha Season 3. Yes, i know ok! I'm *very* far behind in the series, but we don't get it over here on normal TV, and it's annoying downloading whole seasons of the fucker.

Also downloading 3 series i've never seen (no shit), but have heard lots of good things about; Serial Expierments Lain, Elfen Lied and Last Exile. Yamo no Boushi finished a couple of days ago and i watched a few episodes ^.^ Never knew it was Shoujo-Ai, but it makes a nice change considering this is my first time watching a Shoujo-Ai series, and i have to say i like it, Eve is cool. I would go watch the rest of em, but as i said, my computer is going slow.

I may be messing around with the site layout later, not sure yet, i honestly don't want to mess up SKF's contest by changing my theme half way through, but i have some wicked cool new codes i wanna try out once i figure out how to use em that is haha. Anyway people i am off to watch TV and let my computer go about its own way (meaning i'm leaving the fucker on with my stuff downloading XD).

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Friday, May 27, 2005

Teeter-tottering between brilliance and insanity
Hello again =D I finally watched the Naruto movie last night >.> How late am i! But t'was coolies. And i also watched 134 of Naruto. Sasuke needs his fucking ass kicked! Seriously >.> He's getting on my nerves big time. Ohh and that episode, no wonder so many people think Sasuke x Naruto is canon! Just watch that episode and it's soooo freakin' obvious XD

Anyway, downloadin something called "Last Exile" and "Yami to Boushi to Hon no Fabito" (hot damn what a long name) from what i heard, they're good (well, from what i heard of Last Exile anyway). Also downloading Naruto 135, 136, which should be done soon actually ^.^ So i get more Naruto goodness hehe.

Ohh, and theres some people i really want to say sorry too ;_; Raven, Puppy (Shadow), Shanny, SKF, Sw33tz and Garbz. I'm seriously neglecting to come round to your sites ~_~ Forgive Sephy ;_;

PS - SKF, i would like to thank you for including me in your site contest ^^ It's nice to hear that my site ain't that crappy XD

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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Boys are stupid, throw rocks at them.
Hello people! Damn i seriously don't update enough do i >.> Well i couldn't over the weekend even if i wanted too. I was at my mum's house, and her computer is completely dead, the stupid thing won't even turn on haha.

As you can see, new theme! I love this piccy, i found it (amoung with some other very nice anime pictures) and decided to had to be my next theme ^.^

I finally saw Secret Window. I've been wanting to see it since it came out in the cinema, which was bloody ages ago! I rented it out with mum, along with Napoleon Dynamite. Napoleon Dynamite does not have a freakin' plot haha! Anyway, i like Secret Window, another one of those films where there's a funky twist at the end. I love movies like that. And the plus is Johnny Depp is the main character ^.~ And i found something out, he has morning hair like me XD It's everywhere!

Anyway, i have been making lots of junk, but i can't be bothered to post them up now o.o;; i'm being lazy. Now off i go to read your updates >.>

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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'm a fucking fish, and i'm not fucking funny!
Hey people! Sorry ain't been here for a few days, i was just achy >.< I went out Saturday with Phil and alot of his mates, and we walked sooo fucking much its unreal! I slept round Chris' house, with Phil and everyone, so Sunday morning, we done more walking! Ack! My poor muscles ain't use to it XD So i was very sore and achy all over for the past few days lol. But i'm better now haha (see how lazy i am?).

I made 4 new WPs. 2 of them are up in the WP section, one FF8 one, and one FF10-2 one. And here are the other two (yay Orlando and Johnny)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Well the job thing is looking, ok i guess >.> My dad is forcing me to get a job in a SuperMarket. I didn't really wanna work in a SuperMarket, but apperantly if i'm not working, i ain't of any use to my dad ~_~ Quite sad really but there ya go.

Also, my puppy (Shadow-san) gave me a great idea! A few days ago (near about a week) i showed her some pics of me, and she mentioned something about modelling. Now i can't get the thought out of my head! So, yes, Sephy is guna try find out about how to become a Model ^^ Seems silly, but i like the idea. Now i have something to aim for hehe.

Anyway, better go round sites before i lose all my old friends ;_; You wouldn't leave me, would you?

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Friday, May 13, 2005

I'll lean on you, and you'll lean on me, and we'll be okay
You know what? For the first time in a very long time, i'm truely happy. I seriously am. I feel so light inside its unreal. Whats this all about you ask? Yesterday i tested mine Rich's and Phil's friendship (not in the bad way >.>) I told em about me bein bisexual and about my love for gays etc. I was always scared about telling them, why? Because whenever they voice their opinions on gays, it ain't good. And here i am voicing i couldn't live without em XD

They are totally ok with it! They said it doesn't matter and all that kinda stuff ^^ a HUGE weight has been lifted from my chest, i can actually act like myself around them now. I only need to tell Paul and my 4 friends all know. I almost cried yesterday ;_; You don't know how much relief i felt when they said it wouldn't change a thing between us. When me and Rich were talking, i started being my perverted self and talking about gays =D Rich goes "I've never seen this side of you before" shows how well i hide it all don't it? Well i won't need to anymore ^.^ *sniff*

Well i found a way for you people to see my WPs ^.~ 1 Orlando, 1 Johnny, and 1 of the two of em (the Orli/Johnny one was a byatch to crop >.< but well worth it, i love it!) And before you ask, no, the Johnny/Orli one ain't meant to be gay, it's meant to be a friendship kinda view. I think they look really sweet in the pics together:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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