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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Going Butlins in a couple of weeks for my Grandad's 80th birthday =D W00t, can't wait. The whole family (mum's side) is going, i finally get to see my cousin Sam after so long O.O You know though, i'm not sure if i wanna see him.

When i was young i loved him (not incest you dirty pervs you >>;), whenever we went to Jackie's house (aunt) he would make up stories for me n Stephen (ryudostarwind). You know the ones where every now n again it gives you options? Like, buy a sword or whatever. I simply loved those stories.

But i heard recently that he's turned into an alcoholic. And honestly, i don't wanna see him like that, cos if i do, all that love n respect goes 'poof'. Why? Because although my dad isn't an alcoholic as such, he definately drinks way more than he should & always puts beer above other things, yes, including family. And i really don't wanna see Sam like that.

But alas, he's going, so i'm just guna pray that he's either changed/someone got it wrong when they said he was an alcoholic/that he don't get too drunk.

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