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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Time to say goodbye; After seeing Shanny's post i realised how little i post/comment. I haven't posted in over a month, and the times before that when i have posted was few over a long period of time. I don't know why, but i've out grown this place, not saying it's childish, don't take it that way, i just honestly have no interest in this place anymore. It's not the people, cos the people are as wonderful as they were when i first met em, but i ain't really into online diaries at all anymore, even my LJ is updated rarely.

There are people who i won't ever forget =) You people should know who you are lol, but i shall PM those people with my final farewell at a later date. I've had me ups and downs ere (namely when i kept getting harassed) but overall i'm glad i signed up here, cos you lot are supportive in every way. I don't think i'll find another place where all the people are as kind/understanding as yourselves.

My life atm is going fine, college is going great, my friends are still fabulous, i'm still extremely close to my family, and once we're out of this financial ruckus everything will be smooth sailing. So it's not like that's getting in the way. Ohh and i hope to start learning how to drive soon =D Snazzy eh lol?

In a couple of months it would have been my 3rd year anniversary here at myO, Feb 14th (hehe, i just had to sign on on v-day didn't i lol?), but i don't want to drag this dead journal on any longer, i see no point.

I won't be deleting my account, i just can't bring myself to do that, it will be switched off. So every now & again (special events such as x-mas etc) i will update, just so i know if i ever need too, you lot are still there, cos i'm very bad at letting go, and have always hated eternal goodbyes.

I'll leave this message up for a week or so, till i've sent those PMs, then my account will be switched off.

If you really wanna stalk find me the best place would be my Graphics Community over at LiveJournal, my name is the same, Dark Sephy, so it won't be hard to find me, linky, and from there you can go to my personal LJ if you so wish.

I hope you all have fantastic lives, cos you all deserve it ♥ ♥ ♥

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sorry that i haven't been updating recently. But i started college so, ya know; Work + Exhaustion = Can't even be bothered to come online, yet alone update. And it isn't just here, everywhere, LiveJournal, L-Factor etc.

I'm doing a Diploma in Administration or, a BTEC Award in Business (two names, same thing). Broken down into 5 different Units. So far it ain't bad, but me and my sister worked out that it's guna be hard work =/ You see, by the end of the course, which is only a year long, i shall have the same as 3 A Levels, but most people get 3 A Levels after two years, not just one >>; Ah well, it said after this course we'll be 'very employable' which is all good lol.

Anyway, just a short update to say why i ain't been around, and why i might not update regulary, not like i did anyway, but this means even less regulary ><;

I hope your all well! Take care!

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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Hello again fellow Otakus =D Been enjoying the fantastic universe of Studio Ghibli as of recently. Watched; Grave of the Fireflies, Spirited Away, Luputa: Castle in the Sky, Whisper of the Heart & Howl's Moving Castle. I also have Porco Rosso on the download =P And Pom Poko upstairs (bro d/l'ed it). So that's 9 Stuiod Ghibli movies =P (i've already seen both Nausicaa & Princess Mononoke you see).

Grave of the Firefiles: Hot damn what a sad story ;___; Moved my sister to tears & left me with a huge lump in my throat (anymore of 'teh sadness' & i woulda cried, serious). Not an action packed movie like some of their other stuff, but a wonderful, moving story none the less. I actually watched this movie twice, once with my sister, and the second time with my brother (some of you know him as Ryudostarwind from here).

Luputa: Castle in the Sky: This movie was funny x3 The first part was hilarious & I simply loved the pirates lol. My idiot of a brother though made us miss like 15/20mins of it cos he changed it to the wrong channel >>; You know you get those +1hr channels for most now? Well we were watching FilmFour+1 (they had a Japanese animation movie season =D) and during a break he switched it to football & back again, only he switched it to the normal channel >>; We're both sitting going "Have we missed something?" lol xD Luckily i realised a lil while in and we switched it to the one we were watching. Although we ended up watching the ending twice >>;

Whisper of the Heart: Although i like the film, the point of it was kinda lost to me o_O At the end where they were on about marrying eachother me and Steve were like "Wth? You're how young and you're asking her to marry you?" So i guess it was just a love story really =P Or finding yourself...see?! Still don't get it ><; Either way, i did enjoy it =)

Spirited Away: I must admit, at the end of this movie, i was left wanting more, which isn't a feeling i get very often, so i didn't like it too much =/ Even though the film is near on 2hrs, i still wanted more. I left feeling very un-satisfied at the ending ;___; Although the film itself is brilliant, very creative, bright & funny. A movie to lift the spirits definately =) And i love the design of the dragon, he's so cool looking x3 Although i like the Japanese version of Chihiro (Sen) better, the American version has the voice of Lilo (Lilo & Stitch) doing Chihiro, and it sounds very odd =/ Ohh, and i love the lil soot things =D Adorable lol.

Howl's Moving Castle: I have fallen in love with this movie *__* I love love love love love the Scarecrow, TurnipHead (NOT as his human form ><; His human form looks like a friggin' turd, serious) and the Flame, Calcifer (who may i add, had the voice of Billy Crystal, wonderful =D simply wonderful). Seriously, i want TurnipHead & Calcifer, i think Calcifer is wicked funny & TurnipHead reminds me of a puppy, awww =3 I love everything about this movie, although my brother pointed out something that's rather odd (and actually happens in Nausicaa), Sophie's dress changes colour =P When she first gets turned old and comes out of her room to run away, her dress changes from green to blue lol x3 We simply put it down to her changing or something haha. I can't tell you how much i enjoyed this movie =) I bugged Steve to let me watch it a second time i liked it that much haha. And isn't Howl pretty <3 With blond, red or black hair =P Hehe, i love how he freaked out when his hair got turned red x3 & Christian Bale gave him such a smexy voice =)

Anyway, that's it from me! Thanks for listening to my ranting last time xD Some of you seem to think i'm abit physco now, but it's all good haha xD I've never liked being fully sane, i find it rather boring. Anywho, tata! When i watch those other two movies i'll let ya know how i liked em =P (if i did lol)

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

rant// (lots of swearing)

Wanna know what i'm sick of? Adverts. More specifically, adverts directed towards women & their weaknesses. Most women have something they wish they could change, even if it's something silly and small. Take me, i wish my eyelashes were darker. And these fucking adverts pray on this weaknesses and make it seem like you *have* to change it to be a better person, as if no one would look at you twice if that one thing isn't changed for the better.

What set this off? Usually i would just grumble under my breath when such adverts come on, but yesterday this one advert made me fucking sick. For a product called "First Signs" or something stupid like that. You wanna know what it's for? Wrinkles. Now ok, i don't mind elderly women using wrinkle cream, for the pure fact that they have fucking wrinkles, and fucking lots of em. But this wrinkle cream isn't aimed at elderly women, it's fucking aimed at people as young as 18. FUCKING 18?! WHAT FUCKING 18 YEAR OLD HAS DEEP WRINKLES?! You wanna know what 18 year old has wrinkles? Every one of em. THEY'RE CALLED FUCKING EXPRESS LINES!! And every motherfucker has em, it's what makes us human. We smile, we get em, we cry, we get em. Any emotion that plays across your face, we get em.

So now these fucking assholes who think beauty is only skin deep want you to become in-human. FUCK EM! FUCK EVERY SINGLE ONE OF EM! These bastards have a nerve trying to make people as young as 18 think they actually have wrinkles (elderly type wrinkles). And then they get some smart assed beauty therpist trying to promote their fucking product on TV adverts. Any decent beauty therpist would tell you the little things to make you a happier person, and in general just to be happy as yourself, looking how you wanna look. Not how these close minded c***s want you to look. And you wanna know what? Those of you doing this shit cos you think "ahh, men will turn their head otherwise", guess what? Your fucking stupid and wrong. Males barely notice this shit, believe me i hang round with em constantly, unless their as close minded as the bastards selling the products in the first place. And if they are, that's not someone you want to be trying to impress, kick his dumb ass to the curb & throw something large and heavy at his head for good measure.

So from now on, i fully put my support into Dove's new website: www.compaignforrealbeauty.com



*Breathes* Ok, that made me feel better. And ohh, isn't my new layout wicked =) Thank you SKF! *huggles much* And Puppy, thank for being so understanding last night, you truly are the best & i know you said i spoilt you with all the hugs but *Hugshugshugs* You really deserve em =P

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Friday, August 4, 2006

I will continue with the ego-boost posts (for those few others who wanted one) but since i don't have enough time for that today i'll post that shounen-ai story i said i'll post =P Please do not flame etc etc, if you don't like male/male stories just skip it, k?

This story was originally written/posted way back on Sunday, April 11, 2004, yep, this story is over 2 years old x3 So i simply re-vamped it (spelling, grammer etc) & am re-posting it.


Series: Kenshin
Pairing: Sano/Kenshin
Rating: PG
Warning: PWP (point, what point?), fluff & slight angst, but nothing major.
Word Count: 1142
Disclaimer: I don't own Kenshin nor Sano but i think you can imagine the results if i did lol.


Sitting quietly in front of the Dojo were a group of four, who had all met under some what "strange" circumstances, as if fate had brought them all together.

It was just another ordinary night at the Dojo. Kaoru, Kenshin, Yahiko and Sanosuke all eating Tofu and talking, Sano shooting glances at Kenshin from the corner of his eye every few minutes, that’s all he could risk after all. What would the others say if they caught him staring?

"You want more Tofu Kenshin?" came the some what flirtatious voice of Kaoru, who was once again trying to get Kenshin's attention by being overly generous.

"Who would want more of your cooking, I‘m sure Kenshin has enough of your poison in his system as it is!!" came the sharp, yet expected, snappy remark from the youngest of the group.

So, like every night, the yelling began.

Since Yahiko and Kaoru seemed distracted yelling at one another, and Kenshin watching them, Sano was free to admire the red head for longer periods without too much fear of being caught out.

Leaping behind Kenshin and running her fingers over his shoulders, Kaoru screamed, "Tell that brat to cool down Kenshin!"

Sano couldn't take it no more, he wanted to slam the table and tell that bitch to keep her filthy hands off of Kenshin, but he couldn't, he wouldn't, he refused to ruin the friendship they had. Instead he stood up and headed for the door, the only sign of him being ticked off being the slight stamping of his feet on the soft ground.

"What's wrong?" came the question he had expected.

"Nothing, I just need some air."

He hated lying to Kenshin, it always hurt.

Sitting on a patch of grass just outside of the Dojo Sano pulled his knees up to his face and wrapped his long arms around himself. Attempting to protect himself from the onslaught of emotions and un-answerable questions. Which never really worked, but the act alone provided some comfort.

'Why me?' He would silently scream to himself. Why did he have to fall in love with his best friend? Wasn’t life hard enough as it was without this complication? ‘I hate myself for loving him‘ he cursed yet again, ‘He could never love me, especially with Kaoru around him constantly‘. His hatred once again turning towards Kaoru. Even though deep down, he knew she wasn’t at fault here.

"I can't stay here, i need more distance between us!" Sano muttered angrily to himself before standing and heading off home.

He didn’t realise till much later that night that he had actually admitted to himself that he loves Kenshin. He spent the next few hours trying to work out just when he had fallen in love with his friend.

* * flashback * *

Kenshin was heading towards his ‘secret place’ when Sano had followed him, curious of where the ex-man slaughterer was going and why. He had hidden behind a tree when Kenshin had finally stopped and lowered himself to the ground beside a small river, although he knew the famous battousai could probably sense him standing there anyway. But Sano watched regardless, transfixed when Kenshin dipped his hair in the river and threw his head back, sending tiny droplets of water running down his face, hair and all around him. It was like watching a porn movie, without the sex, or the nudity of course. But the site ahead of him was far more eye catching, erotic and magical then anything porn could come out with.

* * end flashback * *

"Hey Sano, are you awake?" Kenshin whispered quietly through the front door. A few moments went past before he spoke again. "I hope i aint't disturbed you, i need to tell you something".

Sano slowly got up and opened the door, attempting to mask the joy that practically beamed off of him.

Kenshin came in and sat down, "Yahiko and Kaoru are still arguing, its been going on for hours!"

‘Wow’ he thought, ’Was I really thinking about him that long?’ Sano thought, he knew it had been a few hours, but not that long, it was way past mid-night already, and he had the Dojo at around 6.

Nodding his head to a vacant side of his little room, "You can sleep over there, i expect that’s what you're after, a place to sleep in peace", stretching his arms out Sano tried to act like he’d just been woken up

Kenshin walked over to where Sano had pointed too and sat down, head bent to the floor. The ex-fighter-for-hire couldn't keep his eyes off of him, he was so tempted to lay beside him, to stroke his hair, to be close. But he couldn’t, so taking a deep breath he tore his sight away from the other man and closed his eyes. There wasn’t much use in trying to sleep, not with Kenshin in the same room. A short stretch of silence had passed before Sano heard Kenshin again.

"I didn't come here to sleep."

Opening one eye he saw Kenshin, who was now sitting up staring at the ceiling, fighting back tears. He couldn't bare the sight of Kenshin looking so lost, crawling on hands and knees Sano quickly went over to Kenshin and gently wiped away the first tear that had rolled down his pale, scarred cheek.

Kenshin leaned against Sano broad shoulder. Dark eyes widened, he had never been this close to Kenshin before, was it ok to tell him, he had to, it would eat him from the inside if he didn't.

"I love you" Sano quietly whispered.

Suddenly Kenshin's weight had shifted away from his shoulder. Sano’s world fell apart. What had he done? Why had he done it? He had just ruined one of the only friendships that he ever had! And what for?

He was about to once again bury his head and his shame into his hands, when he felt butterfly kissed being placed randomly along his neck. Tears filled his eyes, he couldn't breath. A gasp for air was all he could manage.

Kenshin once more pulled away, afraid that he had somehow misinterpreted his friend‘s words, "I'm sorry" he whispered quietly "I got carried away."

Kenshin stood quickly and went to leave when Sano grabbed his wrist, he still hadn’t found his voice but managed to murmur, "Please, don't leave."

Kenshin sat in front of him, holding his face in his hands, violet eyes piercing dark brown, "That's why i came, i need to tell you that......i love you."

Sano placed his right hand on Kenshin's left cheek lightly stroked the skin underneath his fingertips. Soon enough both were merely inches apart, and within a split second all of Sano’s doubts and worries washed away, as his lips finally met those of Kenshin‘s.


Awwwwww x3 Anyway, that's all from me till Sunday!!

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Thursday, August 3, 2006

Shadowlight {aka Puppy}
Damn girl, i was looking through my archives yesterday and noticed you were one of the first people to comment on my site, well one of those who commented and actually stuck by x3

I don't know how, but somehow we lost touch, because i remember going back to your site and realising i had already signed ye guestbook =P From there our friendship went from 'decent' friends to close friends.

I remember all our convos on MSN, hehe xD I loved our silly lil roleplays with Seto & Joey, i'm sure you can rememeber em ^_~ I think that's when i first decided to give you a nickname, and said puppy would be perfect considering how cute and affectionate you truly are =D Then you called me kitty x3 Which i loved since i'm a lover of all things cat like lol.

You quickly became one of me fav people to talk too, just because you were a breath of fresh air, even though you had your down points (who doesn't?) you always thought positive, even when the going got tough. You're lively, friendly, caring & everything else that seems good in the world. But, like Shanny, you won't be pushed about, like when you told me about you slapping that creepy guy. I laughed my head off x3 I bet he didn't see that coming neh!!

Of course, like everyone, i had my down times, but you were always there to shine a lil light on the situation, just by being you i would smile, and surprisingly enough, laugh out loud, literally. You would take on the weight of everyone else and wouldn't ask for a thing in return, but i wouldn't let you get away with that =D So many feelings/emotions have passed between us, and even though 1 or 2 have them have been slightly un-welcome, the good totally outweighs the bad.

You're definately a light in my life babe, one that i wouldn't know what to do without =)


EDIT: Don't you think it'd be cool if we had a fanfic section? How wicked would that be =D

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Dark Phoenix {aka Shanny}
Dear God where do i start? One of the first comments i ever received from you was commenting on the shounen-ai story i done for Sano/Kenshin (which btw i found & will be posting up after i've re-vamped it lol!). So i think you instantly knew i was a yaoi-girl =D I think you loved all my posts where all i done was post lots of yaoi pics ^o^

Another one of the other first proper comments you left me, you was offering to listen to me vent over MSN, i had a bad day, and even though you didn't know me that well you looked out for me, which i really appreciate, even to this day.

It wasn't till a good few months into our friendship that we finally swapped MSN address'. Of course, i felt a little weird talking to someone a few years my senior, but you talked to me maturely and made me feel like the age difference meant nothing.

You are to this day the only person i've told a certain something too, something that i cried over, but then you turned round and told me something that from my knowledge you've only told a couple of people tops, simply so i felt better. And i didn't realise till now that it probably hurt you more re-telling your story then it did mine, but you done that for me, that i will never forget.

From then on i told you near enough everything, i hope i didn't overload you with my angst lol, i always had alot of venting to do. You truly were my rock. And i hope that in someway, i was your's too. And whenever i got into arguments you were right there backing me.

I've had/have alot of myO friends, some whom i'm still friends with now, some whom i lost contact with a long time ago, but you, your one in a lifetime. You've made me who i am today, i was once an angry, hating, anti-social, depressed, suicidal girl (& i'll admit i was scared at times). And now, i have friends who i'd lay my life down for, i laugh way more than i cry, and i can actually see myself growing old. I actually love living. And i don't think i'd have ever made it this far without you helping me along the way.

Yes, that's extremely corny, but the corny shit is always the most truthful neh? Your understanding, caring, intelligent, and treat others as equals. Yet you ain't a push over, far from it, you could stand your ground and without even resulting to obscene language (that was my job) you put people back into their place. And hot damn do you have a sense of humour x3

Sometimes life seems abit hard for you, but you don't give in, you've run yourself exhausted so many times, and yet you still manage to get up again and re-do it all. I truly wish i had your determination, your strength.

As i said your one in a lifetime and i wouldn't trade you for the world.

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Tuesday, August 1, 2006

1. Reply to this post if you want me to tell you how cool you are!

2. Watch my journal over the next few days for a post just about you and why you rock.

3. Post these instructions in your journal and give your friends a much needed dose of love and adoration!

Because everybody loves getting a free ego boost.

*stole this off of color me evil, just note that if i've never commented on your site before, i probably won't know you that well to give an ego-boost x3 although i'll try lol

EDIT: This is for all you Studio Ghibli fans out there, their next hit is out! Gedo Senki! This is the animated version of Ursula K. LeGuins book 'Tales from Earthsea'. The only difference is that instead of Hayao Miyazaki directing, his son, Goro Miyazaki will direct instead. Aired in Japan July 2006, and should be out for us (ie, non-japanese) next Christmas.
*info from animesuki =)

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Monday, July 31, 2006

Been watching quite abit of anime recently. Well, watched the first episodes of; Air Gear, Utawarerumono, Ergo Proxy, Ichigo 100% & Karas.

Ergo Proxy along with Karas have to be my favourites at the moment. Although Karas is hard to wrap your head around at first, but then again, i guess the same could be said for Ergo Proxy. Definately one of those animes you have to watch & listen to carefully. Ya know, one of those, 'blink and you'll miss it' kinda things? The beginning of Ergo Proxy was fucking wicked =P It reminded me of the Grudge or The Ring (& no, i don't mean the shitty American versions). Just the way that dude moved >>; And Karas (which could technically be considered a movie since it's about 90mins) is just cool. Lots of action, yet still maintaining mystery.

I've always loved series (although Karas is only 3 parts long) like these =P Made me go back and find Serial Experiments Lain, i never did get to finish watching that anime.

Ergo Proxy:


Utawarerumono is quite a popular anime, and i can see why. Yet another hentai game turned anime, like AIR TV & Sukisho, if i remember rightly. So the anime style is quite similar to that of AIR TV. And even though i'm only 2 episodes in so far, i can tell it's guna be one of those i enjoy =P (although not as much as AIR, i loved that anime to bits). And OMG they have tails and ears O.O Seriously, Eruruu expression is adorable when that masked guy strokes her tail to see if it's real x3 (and no, i can't pronounce the title -_-)


I think i might enjoy the manga more than the anime when it comes to Air Gear, the beginnings are quite different really >>; But then, that goes for all manga/anime doesn't it i guess? But it is an anime i will enjoy =P Although i personally feel that Ikki should be aged around 16/17, and not 13. Why do they always make the young ones the heros?

Air Gear:

*hehe, this scene made me laugh x3 Ikki trying to slap a sticker/badge on Simca's ass lol! he looks so damn smug with himself when he does x3

Can anyone tell me if the OVA of Ichigo 100% does the series any justice? Cos if that's it, then i don't think i'll watch the series. I'm not saying it's a bad anime, just not my type. Might as well have "PORN" slapped on it lol. Sexual innuendos fly at you from every direction xP Definately my least fav of the anime i've recently downloaded >>;

Ichigo 100% OVA:

As for manga, well i've been reading both DGray Man & Dogs, along with obviously, Air Gear. DGray Man is totally awesome, seriously a manga i'd recommend, and i haven't got too far into Dogs yet so i won't comment on that yet. After i've gotten through a few of these series (or at least watched a fair few of them) i think i'll start on XXholic & Clover, i keep hearing wonderful things about them =)

And as a final note, Happy 3rd Anniversary to myO!!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ok, this post is simply guna be graphics >>; All of them being sigs x3 I don't mind if you use them; at forums, here at myO, blogs etc etc. All i ask is that you credit me, by either putting "Made by Dark Sephiroth", or by making the sig link back to me (either here or my LJ). And PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't claim them as your own, i take time making these >>; Some of these are slightly old, where as some are brand spanking new, ohh, and alot of them are variations x3 AND, all of these have either a black or a white border =P Just saying since you won't be able to see the white borders.

This can be used a header.

And just for laughs: Japanese work out video.
Watch that, completely random oO Either that or they think all you Americans are thieving bastards XD

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