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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Toleration Levels: Below Zero.
02 01 ա
I might strangle my dog. :D
I really just might.

..Yeah. Ha-ha.
I've always wanted a big dumb dog, but right now I'd really rather trade him in for a lazy cat. A lazy cat would suit me pretty freaking well.

Any how, today's the Super Bowl? Aren't you gals excited? I'm certainly not. - o -"

There are two different functions taking place today and I can choose to go to either, or stay home with Dexter. Ohohoh-o.

(I can't make up my mind.)

But here's some news: My phone's off.
Not permanently, I don't think--but it's off. It's really quite difficult to get around without a mobile by my side now. That fact is pretty ridiculous.

Also, it's been boggling my mind as of late:
Why do people like Katy Perry?
I'll admit, 2 out of her 3 songs that I have heard now have had catchy beats, but her lyrics are dumb. Very, very dumb.
"Ur so gay and you don't even like boys"?

It's spelled, "you're," Katy. Like, "You're so gay and you don't even like girls." D<

[/rant] lol

ޥ󥸥奦 has some insane amount of badunk.
It must be why he keeps falling off my phone.

Mood: Monotonous.
Listening to: "Liar" - 8mm
Watching: America's Best Dance Crew
[and fan-boying over Beat Freaks]
Drinking: Organic Coffee.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Potential is a Positive
So this is the new year.
And I haven't changed one bit. I have made no plans for resolutions. I would hate to think that there were things that needed to be changed or resolved and I was so lazy I had to wait until 2009 began to begin working on any of them.

I don't think anyone goes through with their plans anyway. I know I never have. Ha-ha.
Also, the earth being in the same spot it was in 365 days ago really doesn't make the year entirely new.

If there had to be a list of things to do however, not that I plan to consider it, it'd say:
- Discover optimism.
- Quit desiring unattainable things
- Keep it in your pants, Charlie.

:D Horray to the redundancy that is life.
Also, I got a puppy. It's natural to feel like your dog is straight from hell the first couple of weeks, right? Ha-ha. House-breaking is serious business.

Mood: Mindful & Content.
Drinking: Jasmine Tea.
Listening to: Lifehouse - Broken

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Vertically Down.
Cota has no avatars on his computer.
And his computer cannot read any spectacular symbols whatsoever. :D So if things come up as gibberish, that is why.

I'm at my pally's house right now because I have moved into a new place and there is currently nothing in my living quarters. Hah. Not even a fridge. Luckily Cota's mum invited me over for thanks giving, because I was seriously hungry.
-initially, very thankful-

I also haven't got internet (at the moment).
I probably won't be online again until December 4th, unless I snake my way onto someone's computer once more, but December 4th isn't really too far off. :)

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving vacations are swell.
It's getting colder and colder.


That's the vast emptiness of my room. Ha-ha...Maybe instead of looking for new shoes I should be buying a bed.

Mood: Awfully cold.
Eating: Honey/Lemon-flavored Halls.
Listening to: Vashti Bunyan - "Train Song"

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reverse Rebirth
11 18 uΗjv
Decade of fail.
My pally Ross and I were discussing David Bowie and the old show Dinosaurs, then proceeded to talk about how creepy the baby dinosaur was, which ultimately lead us to talking about the episode where the teenage son thought his girlfriend was a cannibal of some sorts...

Anyway. Ross went ahead and said that it was unhealthy for him to remember anything that far back considering that's just not how his brain functions. His memory is worse than mine, mind you.

I replied with, "Shame. The 90s were so amazing."

Then we started talking about different eras and how it was weird, each era had their own distinct fashions and hair-do's that we can look back at now and go "That's totally ridiculous~" but we can't really see anything too unique or stand-outish about the early 2000s.

I said it was probably due to the fact that history has a tendency to repeat itself and if we have no distinctive style, it's because we're poor imitations of the generations that came before us.


(Yes you can see my artistic skills allover that picture)
This is clearly a watered-down copy of the 70s.

After a few moments of brooding over our generation's lack of originality, Ross went: "Actually, I take that back. Our generation IS developing a style of its own. A style I commonly refer to as, 'suck.'"
And showed me this:

Naturally, I LOL'd.
I'm actually very embarrassed that I'll have to say my era was made up of this.

Mood: Ashamed.
Drinking: Cold Coffee.
Listening to: "Let it be" - Benny Benassi

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

: 「 Building a movement 」
11 16 ujv
"We are changing minds
& we are changing hearts."

+I thought this woman was amazing.
+These were the only photos I could manage with my phone.

I wanted to attend the Prop 8 Rally/March downtown, so my best friends made an appearacnce with me. Cota's mom is probably 'sure' he's gay now as well. She gave him some amount of silence after he told her where he went, and then warned him to be careful because "they" are getting violent.

That was odd because the speaker requested that we all remain peaceful, and stated that she would not be a part of any violent events. And it really was peaceful -- I don't know how violent a request for free love could be anyway. Cota's mom refuses to believe that, however, and is sticking to what the teletube is telling her.

That furthers my idea that TV must be God.
And that furthers my idea that faith is limited.

Mood: Tall.
Drinking: Coffee.
Listening to: "Red Moss" - Boards of Canada

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Teacher's Favorite Slacker.
11 13 uؗjv
California: Allowing factory farm animals larger cages--because it's inhumane the way they're being kept now--but denying human rights.

I'm a little late in my celebration here on my blog, but srsly:
Obama > McCain.

I would say 1 to 0 but the correct numbers were hundreds apart. Y'know?
Hur hur.

Anyhow. I can't say I'm happy with how the propositions for California went
Gay marriage being banned and fast trains being built. I thought the excuse against the same-sex marriages had to do partly with money and economic concerns. Why waste tons of money on a speed train that we don't need then? Not to mention, dumb chickens won some rights this year while homosexuals lost some.

This state sure is funny.

Off politics, I've been doodling in class (Yes, in between the dance sessions, 'Dgette). I've been doodling a lot. xD I miss drawing in pencil. And I miss drawing in a manga fashion. All this representational crap we've been doing in Art has got me feeling completely down about drawing. Cartoons are more me. Srsly.

Those two images aren't supposed to go along together, but they made me giggle a little.
I need to make a comic strip for funsies.. but that requires more free time. -sigh- I'm registering for next semester's classes as I speak. Piano, Guitar, Film, Photography, or Archery, guize? xD I need a fun class.

No commentios today.
But I've missed a couple of things.
Happy belated birthdays, 'Dgette & Le. . 3 .

Mood: Backwards.
Drinking: Coffee.
Listening to: "Ain't No Reason" - Brett Dennen

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Understanding and respecting are two completely different things."
11 04 uΗjv
Sleep here is not needed.
I just got off the phone with my sister, and...I don't know. She has this magic ability to put me in a bad mood whenever I'm speaking to her, or simply in her presence. I wish I could explain it too, but I always feel terrible after explaining, because then I feel like I've slandered the names of the people I allegedly love (Who seem to be the only people capable of bringing me down in such a way). So ultimately it's an endless cycle of self-concepting bad feelings.

I'm in a bad mood, though.

Is it so difficult to have decent siblings;
Or families;
Or lives at all?

Today was rainy and cloudy beyond the norm, but she was..basically the darkest cloud looming over my day.
Ha-ha, if I want to get all poetic about it. -failfailfail-

I have to be up in a few hours to vote.
I've been up speaking to Denise 'cause she needed someone to talk to and refused to let me off. Then her stupid fuckwit-of-an-ex-boyfriend (Excuse my language) called her and she was like, "KBAI."

So..yeah. Great. Thanks. Ruin my perfectly swell day. Use my metaphorical shoulder to lean on. Put me down to make yourself feel better. Make me miss half of SNL's Political Bash (worse part). And then douche off on me to speak to the person that upset you in the first place.

That's not the slandering either, if you're thinking I just went against what I said in the first paragraph. xD

I'll feel better by the time the sun rises.
After I am done voting (+OBAMAOBAMAOBAMA) I am going to hit up every Starbucks/Baskin Robins in town. I deserve all the make-me-happy-sugar I can get my hands on.

I tried recreating the image as much as possible, but nothing is ever as great as the original. I saw 'this' sitting on my Speech teacher's desk. Dr. Syd was rereading (the class-required book) 'Loving Yourself' and was using a dollar bill as his book marker.

I thought it was delightfully funny in the sense that Love and Money are polar opposites.

I can't see money as more than evil these days.

Tori, Heh. I almost forgot about that. Only half my head was blonde. xD But good eye~ I am on the left, ma'am. That's one of the rare occasions you'll actually ever see Denise around.

'Dgette, Everyone always assumes I'm the younger one. I think that's a good thing? :D? Hur hur. Kidding, I know it's because she doesn't live with us, so that gives the impression she's older and lives on her own.

I drew and colored the picture of you but never got to send it. @~@ Now I'm wondering where it is. Also..Yes! Go change.

Terentia, Heh, thank youu~ My step dad made fun of me all day for dressing that way. xD "Harry Potter???"

A black hole in a jar would be most interesting. If I had a collection of those, I'd --in some deranged way-- feel like God, though. Hah. Having galaxies 'with life in them somewhere' sitting on my shelf like a collectible... That's probably why the Swedish are doing it. I've discovered their true reasoning behind it now!

Morgorat, That doesn't seem weird to me. I couldn't hold conversations about black holes with my mum. She doesn't care for it. My conversations with my mum is actually quite limited, now that I think about it. xD If it's not something she agrees on or cares for, it's wrong or not worth talking about. -shrug- But hey, thanks. I always took myself for being more fashionably challenged. :B

Mood: Moving.
Drinking: Coffee.
Listening to: "Lightness" - Death Cab For Cutie

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Monday, November 3, 2008

Free air is not fresh air.
11月 03日 「月曜日」
Oh boy.
My step dad found an old photo of me and Denise and emailed it to me last night. I can't remember the last time we paid Pismo Beach a visit as a family thing. It's been forever (or just about a year). One thing holds true though:
We. Look. Like. Goobers.

Recognize anything?

< o <

I am so laem.

Terentia, the 30-something guy in my art class is coincidentally all obsessed with science (which makes me question why he's in the class in the first place) and we were talking about The Big Bang theory during a cigarette break and he says black holes occur all the time when particles in space(?) collide with one another and we haven't been affected by them yet. In that experiment they're apparently only using some oddly small-sized particle against another, which would forcibly keep the size of the black hole fairly small--meaning it would disappear in a matter of moments. And we have nothing to worry about. Rick was the only one who said that though. Andy, Ruben, and I were all like, "._. ...That's still a stupid idea."

It must be a fact that only scientists would be intrigued by something so threatening.

A black hole is a black hole. D<

Mood: "Craving Chocolate"
Drinking: Coffee
Listening to: "Ava Maria" - Zanelli, Geoff
Playing: Free Cell

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Friday, October 31, 2008

To be Shinji, or not to be.
10月 31日 「金曜日」
.__." That's a sword. Ha-ha.
And I need to trim my hair. The left side's getting way too long compared to the right now. I don't want to even them out though. ..Meh.

Because of silly things like time and bills getting in the way, there was no time to form a decent group cosplay this year. Oh well, I say. I'm going to throw on my shirt from last year and flail my sword around, except this time I'll have pants on--and you know what? I will be able to pass as any slutty anime boy in the world. :D -joy- I think the d00ds will be going as fail-jedi because we all have toy light sabers lying around.

It seems I won't be doing much trick-or-treating, so it's no big whether I'm dressed up well or not. I'll be going over to my cousin's like I've been doing every Halloween since high school, but it'll really be for the kids this year (Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it). The thought of all the candy that will be devoured today--nation wide--actually makes me a little nauseous. Ha-ha.

I'm not sure what Billy's got planned for the whole night, but I'll have to miss out on it. Court gets off at nine and insisted on staying home and watching horror films, so that will call for a trip across town to Billy's at five or six and then another trip in the opposite direction to Courtney's house.

I get bummed thinking about gas. n ~ n"
Instead of screwing around with black holes,
Sweden should be making teleportation devices.

I should start replying to comments again.
I'm too tired and lazy at the moment however, so I will be off to hopefully take a nap.
You all have a safe night. :D
Happy Halloween.

(I lol'd at "I just Tony the Tiger'd.")

Mood: Full
Drinking: "Japan's #1 Green Tea"
Listening to: Lali Puna
Watching: The blinking red light on my phone, signaling that I've got a text message.
Playing: The Sims 2

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"No on Prop Hate"
10月 28日 「火曜日」
It really feels odd being back here again.
I apologize for my abrupt disappearance back there. (I've only been gone two weeks) Ha-ha. Think of it not as me attempting to abandon myOtaku, but rather my own attempt to be rid of myself. C:

I don't see any point in doing that anymore, however. So..here I am. Ha-ha. I don't know if I'll be as active as I was before. I could be lying through my teeth and updating everyday.

(Doubt it. Hur-hur)

But really. :3 I was thinking I'd get up on dA or LiveJournal but I'm not using much of those either, and I don't want to lose contact with the few good friends I have here. - o -"

--I'll also be damned if I return to Myspace.

Anyhow, I haven't got any new drawings to post. I need to get my coloring on. Srsly. My markers may dry up soon from the neglect. One actually did dry up because I didn't close the lid tightly enough and didn't go near them again for ages. That was preventable!

..Eh. I'm droning now. But hum.
Who's dressing up for Halloween? C:

Mood: Reflective
Drinking: H2O
Listening to: Sia - "Moon"
Watching: Read Or Die

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