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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Potential is a Positive
So this is the new year.
And I haven't changed one bit. I have made no plans for resolutions. I would hate to think that there were things that needed to be changed or resolved and I was so lazy I had to wait until 2009 began to begin working on any of them.

I don't think anyone goes through with their plans anyway. I know I never have. Ha-ha.
Also, the earth being in the same spot it was in 365 days ago really doesn't make the year entirely new.

If there had to be a list of things to do however, not that I plan to consider it, it'd say:
- Discover optimism.
- Quit desiring unattainable things
- Keep it in your pants, Charlie.

:D Horray to the redundancy that is life.
Also, I got a puppy. It's natural to feel like your dog is straight from hell the first couple of weeks, right? Ha-ha. House-breaking is serious business.

Mood: Mindful & Content.
Drinking: Jasmine Tea.
Listening to: Lifehouse - Broken

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