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Friday, November 28, 2008

Vertically Down.
Cota has no avatars on his computer.
And his computer cannot read any spectacular symbols whatsoever. :D So if things come up as gibberish, that is why.

I'm at my pally's house right now because I have moved into a new place and there is currently nothing in my living quarters. Hah. Not even a fridge. Luckily Cota's mum invited me over for thanks giving, because I was seriously hungry.
-initially, very thankful-

I also haven't got internet (at the moment).
I probably won't be online again until December 4th, unless I snake my way onto someone's computer once more, but December 4th isn't really too far off. :)

Hope everyone's Thanksgiving vacations are swell.
It's getting colder and colder.

That's the vast emptiness of my room. Ha-ha...Maybe instead of looking for new shoes I should be buying a bed.

Mood: Awfully cold.
Eating: Honey/Lemon-flavored Halls.
Listening to: Vashti Bunyan - "Train Song"

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