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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

"Understanding and respecting are two completely different things."
11 04 uΗjv
Sleep here is not needed.
I just got off the phone with my sister, and...I don't know. She has this magic ability to put me in a bad mood whenever I'm speaking to her, or simply in her presence. I wish I could explain it too, but I always feel terrible after explaining, because then I feel like I've slandered the names of the people I allegedly love (Who seem to be the only people capable of bringing me down in such a way). So ultimately it's an endless cycle of self-concepting bad feelings.

I'm in a bad mood, though.

Is it so difficult to have decent siblings;
Or families;
Or lives at all?

Today was rainy and cloudy beyond the norm, but she was..basically the darkest cloud looming over my day.
Ha-ha, if I want to get all poetic about it. -failfailfail-

I have to be up in a few hours to vote.
I've been up speaking to Denise 'cause she needed someone to talk to and refused to let me off. Then her stupid fuckwit-of-an-ex-boyfriend (Excuse my language) called her and she was like, "KBAI."

So..yeah. Great. Thanks. Ruin my perfectly swell day. Use my metaphorical shoulder to lean on. Put me down to make yourself feel better. Make me miss half of SNL's Political Bash (worse part). And then douche off on me to speak to the person that upset you in the first place.

That's not the slandering either, if you're thinking I just went against what I said in the first paragraph. xD

I'll feel better by the time the sun rises.
After I am done voting (+OBAMAOBAMAOBAMA) I am going to hit up every Starbucks/Baskin Robins in town. I deserve all the make-me-happy-sugar I can get my hands on.

I tried recreating the image as much as possible, but nothing is ever as great as the original. I saw 'this' sitting on my Speech teacher's desk. Dr. Syd was rereading (the class-required book) 'Loving Yourself' and was using a dollar bill as his book marker.

I thought it was delightfully funny in the sense that Love and Money are polar opposites.

I can't see money as more than evil these days.

Tori, Heh. I almost forgot about that. Only half my head was blonde. xD But good eye~ I am on the left, ma'am. That's one of the rare occasions you'll actually ever see Denise around.

'Dgette, Everyone always assumes I'm the younger one. I think that's a good thing? :D? Hur hur. Kidding, I know it's because she doesn't live with us, so that gives the impression she's older and lives on her own.

I drew and colored the picture of you but never got to send it. @~@ Now I'm wondering where it is. Also..Yes! Go change.

Terentia, Heh, thank youu~ My step dad made fun of me all day for dressing that way. xD "Harry Potter???"

A black hole in a jar would be most interesting. If I had a collection of those, I'd --in some deranged way-- feel like God, though. Hah. Having galaxies 'with life in them somewhere' sitting on my shelf like a collectible... That's probably why the Swedish are doing it. I've discovered their true reasoning behind it now!

Morgorat, That doesn't seem weird to me. I couldn't hold conversations about black holes with my mum. She doesn't care for it. My conversations with my mum is actually quite limited, now that I think about it. xD If it's not something she agrees on or cares for, it's wrong or not worth talking about. -shrug- But hey, thanks. I always took myself for being more fashionably challenged. :B

Mood: Moving.
Drinking: Coffee.
Listening to: "Lightness" - Death Cab For Cutie

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