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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Reverse Rebirth
11月 18日 「火曜日」
Decade of fail.
My pally Ross and I were discussing David Bowie and the old show Dinosaurs, then proceeded to talk about how creepy the baby dinosaur was, which ultimately lead us to talking about the episode where the teenage son thought his girlfriend was a cannibal of some sorts...

Anyway. Ross went ahead and said that it was unhealthy for him to remember anything that far back considering that's just not how his brain functions. His memory is worse than mine, mind you.

I replied with, "Shame. The 90s were so amazing."

Then we started talking about different eras and how it was weird, each era had their own distinct fashions and hair-do's that we can look back at now and go "That's totally ridiculous~" but we can't really see anything too unique or stand-outish about the early 2000s.

I said it was probably due to the fact that history has a tendency to repeat itself and if we have no distinctive style, it's because we're poor imitations of the generations that came before us.


(Yes you can see my artistic skills allover that picture)
This is clearly a watered-down copy of the 70s.

After a few moments of brooding over our generation's lack of originality, Ross went: "Actually, I take that back. Our generation IS developing a style of its own. A style I commonly refer to as, 'suck.'"
And showed me this:

Naturally, I LOL'd.
I'm actually very embarrassed that I'll have to say my era was made up of this.

Mood: Ashamed.
Drinking: Cold Coffee.
Listening to: "Let it be" - Benny Benassi

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