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Friday, October 31, 2008

To be Shinji, or not to be.
10月 31日 「金曜日」
.__." That's a sword. Ha-ha.
And I need to trim my hair. The left side's getting way too long compared to the right now. I don't want to even them out though. ..Meh.

Because of silly things like time and bills getting in the way, there was no time to form a decent group cosplay this year. Oh well, I say. I'm going to throw on my shirt from last year and flail my sword around, except this time I'll have pants on--and you know what? I will be able to pass as any slutty anime boy in the world. :D -joy- I think the d00ds will be going as fail-jedi because we all have toy light sabers lying around.

It seems I won't be doing much trick-or-treating, so it's no big whether I'm dressed up well or not. I'll be going over to my cousin's like I've been doing every Halloween since high school, but it'll really be for the kids this year (Yes, that's my story and I'm sticking to it). The thought of all the candy that will be devoured today--nation wide--actually makes me a little nauseous. Ha-ha.

I'm not sure what Billy's got planned for the whole night, but I'll have to miss out on it. Court gets off at nine and insisted on staying home and watching horror films, so that will call for a trip across town to Billy's at five or six and then another trip in the opposite direction to Courtney's house.

I get bummed thinking about gas. n ~ n"
Instead of screwing around with black holes,
Sweden should be making teleportation devices.

I should start replying to comments again.
I'm too tired and lazy at the moment however, so I will be off to hopefully take a nap.
You all have a safe night. :D
Happy Halloween.

(I lol'd at "I just Tony the Tiger'd.")

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