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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Toleration Levels: Below Zero.
02 01 ա
I might strangle my dog. :D
I really just might.

..Yeah. Ha-ha.
I've always wanted a big dumb dog, but right now I'd really rather trade him in for a lazy cat. A lazy cat would suit me pretty freaking well.

Any how, today's the Super Bowl? Aren't you gals excited? I'm certainly not. - o -"

There are two different functions taking place today and I can choose to go to either, or stay home with Dexter. Ohohoh-o.

(I can't make up my mind.)

But here's some news: My phone's off.
Not permanently, I don't think--but it's off. It's really quite difficult to get around without a mobile by my side now. That fact is pretty ridiculous.

Also, it's been boggling my mind as of late:
Why do people like Katy Perry?
I'll admit, 2 out of her 3 songs that I have heard now have had catchy beats, but her lyrics are dumb. Very, very dumb.
"Ur so gay and you don't even like boys"?

It's spelled, "you're," Katy. Like, "You're so gay and you don't even like girls." D<

[/rant] lol

ޥ󥸥奦 has some insane amount of badunk.
It must be why he keeps falling off my phone.

Mood: Monotonous.
Listening to: "Liar" - 8mm
Watching: America's Best Dance Crew
[and fan-boying over Beat Freaks]
Drinking: Organic Coffee.

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