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Sunday, November 16, 2008

: 「 Building a movement 」
11 16 ujv
"We are changing minds
& we are changing hearts."

+I thought this woman was amazing.
+These were the only photos I could manage with my phone.

I wanted to attend the Prop 8 Rally/March downtown, so my best friends made an appearacnce with me. Cota's mom is probably 'sure' he's gay now as well. She gave him some amount of silence after he told her where he went, and then warned him to be careful because "they" are getting violent.

That was odd because the speaker requested that we all remain peaceful, and stated that she would not be a part of any violent events. And it really was peaceful -- I don't know how violent a request for free love could be anyway. Cota's mom refuses to believe that, however, and is sticking to what the teletube is telling her.

That furthers my idea that TV must be God.
And that furthers my idea that faith is limited.

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