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Monday, November 3, 2008

Free air is not fresh air.
11月 03日 「月曜日」
Oh boy.
My step dad found an old photo of me and Denise and emailed it to me last night. I can't remember the last time we paid Pismo Beach a visit as a family thing. It's been forever (or just about a year). One thing holds true though:
We. Look. Like. Goobers.

Recognize anything?

< o <

I am so laem.

Terentia, the 30-something guy in my art class is coincidentally all obsessed with science (which makes me question why he's in the class in the first place) and we were talking about The Big Bang theory during a cigarette break and he says black holes occur all the time when particles in space(?) collide with one another and we haven't been affected by them yet. In that experiment they're apparently only using some oddly small-sized particle against another, which would forcibly keep the size of the black hole fairly small--meaning it would disappear in a matter of moments. And we have nothing to worry about. Rick was the only one who said that though. Andy, Ruben, and I were all like, "._. ...That's still a stupid idea."

It must be a fact that only scientists would be intrigued by something so threatening.

A black hole is a black hole. D<

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