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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Of Irrelevancy and Phobias
So never mind the two songs at the bottom of my profile. I just put them there so I could listen to them. Imeem.com was failing pretty badly and wouldn't load and this was the only way to hear 'em. ^____^

Instrumental and opera aren't that bad o_______o

It won't ever replace Techno or anything, but it's good stuff.


On to other things, uh...well I guess there aren't other things to talk about.
Let's see..

My friend Aldo introduced me to his friend Betty--Which I thought was pretty random--but she was a nice kid.

At some point she started telling me how cute I was and I guess I react bizarrely to compliments because she took it as me getting uncomfortable and apologized saying, "I didn't mean to freak you out. I'm not coming on to you or anything."

I told her that wasn't the case at all and then she asked if I was a homophobe.


After I explained, "Well...seeing as how I'm gay, that'd be a pretty interesting mash up." She said I was awesome and glomped me. ._________.

Someone thinks I'm awesome for liking women.
Have I achieved something at last? xD

But yeah..Dunno. Betty's straight, nothing funny. @__@ I'm just assuming she enjoys female attention because she keeps putting me in situations where I have to look at her body and it makes me feel awkward. Haha..

AND I know my scanner does my drawings no justice at all, but here's something to look at.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Expletive, expletive, expletive (warning: somewhat coffee-fueled babbling)
I had so much to blog about but I've been away too long and I'm thinking it'd be wayy too much to write now. :/

Oh well.

I've been thinking about The Sims 2 for some reason. And you know what I think would be semi-amusing?

A Charlie sim. :)
I think I'm going to hold an unofficial Who-Can-Make-The-Neatest-Charlie-Sim-Character contest and the winner gets...an internet high five.

Yes, a high five.

I'm really not even sure who else plays that game and I'm even less sure of how many of you are going to read this post. xD

But I want to see at least one...or two. 'Cause that'd make my day lyk srsly.

And GB I apologize for all that horrid text message lingo I've been sending you on AIM while I was away. xD I felt guilty for mispelling so many words.

And.. I finally sat down and skimmed through Loveless because Borders finds it too difficult to get more D.Gray-Man manga. I have to say I'm pretty dissapointed. I thought that was a really cute flat-chested girl. xD No joke. And the "HAY I'M AN ADULT MALE KISSING A 12-YEAR-OLD BOY" thing made me die a little inside; ...I guess it wasn't totally horrible though.

For lulz I went home and drew a few people with cat ears 'n stuff and I kind of .__.'d myself for a while. Then I called Cota and told him about it because my life is just that interesting.

...But I'm back home.
Finally, right? :D
I missed the otaku.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

RE: Play
My, oh my. Three days in a row...
Battery, dear, you are on a roll.


Putting aside the fact that I was just talking to myself via nifty italics and bloggery (I do believe that's a made up word). I've finally changed my song. I really regret it now, but only because any sort of change freaks me out. Haha.

I've also come to a conclusion about myself, and I thought I should share it. I'm not even sure if I've already blogged about this before or not--but I'm starting to think I have a problem.

I've got this habit of over-doing things.
It's disgusting.

Take for example: Music. If I find a song I like, I'll keep it on repeat until even the first beat of its intro will make me sick.

I basically apply that process to everything in my life, and I'm beginning to think that's not entirely healthy.

And, "In other news"
My aunt just gave birth to a new abomination--er, I mean baby. My parents and I are driving up to Sacramento tomorrow to stare at it and stuff.

I can't say I'm too excited, but I suppose it's something to do, and I'll get to see my cousin Tyler. I owe the kid..seeing as how last time he was here, I slept in on his last day of visit.

Silver: They're gray. Heh, thanks.
Ichi: The ringback tone was called "Boten Anna" if you want to hear the rest of it. xD And you should definitely listen to his other song, "Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA". Haha..good 'ol foreign techno.
GB: XD I could definitely tell that was the FF Victory thing. Good job, good job haha.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Computer time two days in a row.. (Bizarre, I agree)
I just finished eating dinner (Note that it's 10:34PM) and I am stuffed. :( I'm going to feel sick later from over eating.

"Sick" makes me think of throwing up and throwing up implies bulimia. Haha... When I eat too much I feel.. unwell?

....I guess that'll do.

Anyway, Ah! Tori, how weird that you ask. I've been thinking about joining Deviantart. I think I did a long time ago, but I forgot it, and honestly I only had one or two things up. Not very impressive. -___-" But my mom's got a box of surgical masks lying around somewhere...can't be bothered looking for it though. Lol; The place is a mess :x

(I really don't know why we have an entire box of surgical masks)

Silver, if he wanted to, I bet Jesus would have eaten whole loaves of bread. >:D *Random* and "Honeymoon" sounds sticky and makes me a little nauseous thinking about. xD How weird..

And Bridgette >:o I keep replaying that video on your page. Thanks for getting the song stuck in my head without trying. Lol

Anyway (..I really dislike that word for some reason. I think it's because some girl I knew in middle school would over use it..and I don't know how anyone can viciously overuse the word, "Anyway" and still make sense. -___-") *Ahem* I haven't really got anything to talk about. Haha..I think I only posted in response 'n stuff 'cause I can't comment people D: !!


I had Justin help me get the victory fanfare ringtone from Final Fantasy VII. Had to get it for the lulz. But my weird swedish ringback tone is gone now. :C

Expiration dates break my heart.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

I wanted to upload a picture I drew a couple of weeks ago into my portfolio as an early "HAPPY HALLOWEEN OTAKU :D" thing, but as I think I've explained before--

Dad's computer = upload nazi

Oh well. Hope you guize are doing good.
I have to dodge germs on my way back to my room. Parents have a slight cold and I'm trying my best to avoid it.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

*Wasting time*
I guess this can be considered an update of the Saya pictures. Still not entirely done yet, so I don't think I'll submit it to the Cosplay section of MyO or anything, but er--it's something to look at?

A third of my eyebrows are missing because I thought I'd twease them for lulz. That was a really stupid idea haha...

Ah..Right. And my parents shut off the internet temporarily. <.< We're downgrading. "Yay" DSL~

Jeeze. I have nothing to talk about. I guess I just blogged for the sake of updating. Let's see. Something new, something new.

I got two new sketch pads and I have Prisma Color Markers now. :)

Next: We wait for the mojo to return!

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Monday, October 15, 2007

(Any one else go to VGCats.com?)

I think my cold's going away.
And I totally lied.
I ended up going to the fair after all.
My mom randomly stated that she wanted to go--seeing as how it was the last day--and so I went too (also dragging Cota along). The art gallery thing was pretty neat. No way in hell I'll send any of my drawings in, but if I ever get an actual camera I may take up photography.

I'm tired of the grainy photos I get off my cellphone. -____-"

And speaking of grainy photographs... I had Cota take a picture of me with my sword. @___@ Like srsly, there were a few pictures but I hated all of them. I kept coming out gross looking in each one. xD

The costume's still incomplete, seeing as how I need to find a better bow, a gallon of fake blood to throw on myself, and the shirt needs altering. It was Justin's shirt so..its about two sizes too big for me. >:(

**And I love how MS Paint drained the picture of all its color (Lol). Dunno what I did when I was saving it but I sure fucked it up.

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Apparently, 'God' enjoys smiting me...

Why do I say this?

I say it because just as I regain my so-called "mojo" to draw, I lose it because I come down with a cold and my head hurts too much to be creative. xD Fricking hell...

But whatever.

Hm. My time on here is very limited and I'm drowsy from medication so I won't be able to get around to doing much reading or PMing.

So..Let's see...

Uh...the fair is here?
I'm not going. I don't think I'll be going.
My step dad's sister keeps insisting that I submit something in for the art exhibits but don't like showcasing my stuff. And if I don't win anything I'll feel rejected and no one wants that xD

Hm...Saturday I took my little cousin (Tyler)--who came into town for a couple of days--to see the semi-new Resident Evil movie. Ten year olds can see R rated movies, right?

Anyway, I feel like a prick because I told him we'd watch Blood+ together but I was exhausted from taking him everywhere that day so I promised we'd watch it in the morning but I slept in until noon and his parents already came by to take him back to Sacramento. He really wanted to see it only because I recently finished watching the series and I would not shut up about it.

Seriously...I stayed up a whole night (with a cold and all) watching episodes 30 through 50. The second to last episode had me saying, "Oh dayum." Haha~ But the ending was a let down. :/ To me anyway.

I'd like to talk more about it but I don't want to be spoiling it for others. I hate when Justin does that to me -_____-"

I still really find it hard to believe Saya is not gay though. Just about every gal her "age" that she meets is like...all over her. XD ..No joke.

But whatever, hide in the closet all you want, Saya. :)

Oh! I finally ordered her sword and I've kind of got her outfit done. -__-" I might accidentally stab myself but I'll look pretty awesome doing it.

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Thursday, October 4, 2007

Welcome Back, Mojo
You've been dearly missed.

I don't know why, but these past couple of days I've been drawing [a lot]. I'm more than certain my brush pen will dry up soon along with all my other pens T3T

**Oh, Tori, Sakura is just a brand of very fine point pens**

But anyway..I'm having trouble posting things up so I asked Coterz to do it for me. (Yes, I just called him Coterz). Hopefully it goes through..

And I'm working on another picture. I'm not done yet--and I'm not even sure if I like it all that much but here's an oddly angled preview of it~ (Plus a look at my mess of a "work station").

<.< I find it funny my plate looks like a lily pad...

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Monday, October 1, 2007

It's official
My relatives hate me.

I find it kind of funny, and kind of sad --Actually really sad. Haha, so I'd rather not explain. But I don't think I'll be talking to my mom's sister for a while. She put a huge damper on Cota's birthday.

Overall I think his birthday turned out to be ok. Considering how everyone was being a douche that day, we managed to have some fun.

Josh was annoying the shit out of me when he started being a Negative Nancy because I wouldn't allow him to have a cigarette. He spent 50+ dollars on nicotine patches and he's not even using them correctly and he's still smoking. I was thinking, "Alright, why are you doing this today?"

I was more bothered by it because Cota didn't mind it. So maybe I was overreacting, but throwing fits over little things on someone else's day is not "Cool".

And I guess I'm only having problems leaving comments when I'm using my step dad's computer. But I'll put some comments here, I suppose, assuming you gals get to my post. (Heh..)

EchoShiratori: You're a grown woman now, Andrew, stop yer bitchin. xD óż

GB fiend: Homecoming dress? You'd better post pictures >:D

Ichi-Kun: I hope your sister does move in with your mom soon. o__o Her parents need a good douching.

silver arrow 714: You have to post the picture of Saya! ;D And dude, srsly, I love your taste in music.

I over use internet smilies, it's pretty sick. Haha...

(LOL Myspace angles and similar poses for all)


Finally posted a new drawing. I'm not really happy with how it was scanned, but I guess it'll have to do for now. I'll rescan it some day, problem is I'll probably have to tear it out of my notebook. :\

I've improved a lot in the past six months. So I'm pretty glad about that, but I kind of hate my old work now. Blah. Anyway, I'm hoping I have enough to buy PrismaColor markers soon because pictures+color=win

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