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emeraldsky (09/15/08)


I was randomly exporing sites around myO and came across yours. And I think your page is really cool. I love the colors. ^^ Also I think your art is amazing ^^ You draw really well.
Anyways, gotta go. Have a great day

Ja ne!♥

Hatsu Zatsu (08/30/08)

hey hey hey :)

someones a good drawer ;O

well i was just floating around
theeeeen i saw your page :DD!

B) you seem like a very interesting person

i shall add o.<

i'll come visit you time to time.

later Charlie

Ezel (08/29/08)

just dropping...i had added you...what a simple and nice site you have here

chibilala (08/06/08)

LOOKIE LOOKIE WHAT IVE FOUND!!! a death note AND d. gray-man fan!!! quick Mello! PUT ME DOWN!! *gets off Mellos back* wow wow wow!! THIS IS SOOO EXCITING!! ive got to know who yer fav characters are... heehee... >< (YAAAY FOR KANDA AND MELLO!!!! XDDD) oh! i like yer site btw. *Mello taps chibilala* WHAT!??! okokok.. Mello wants to know if you have some chocolate...no...?? YOU HAVE NO CHOCOLATE?!?! *Mello slaps you* HEY!! dont do that!! *Mello picks up chibilala and runs off* WAIT!! IM NOT DONE YET!! *reaches for you* I HOPE TO SEE YOU AGAIN...!!!

*runs off into the sunset*

SolemnSerpent (07/27/08)

Wow, you page is so peaceful. It felt like an escape, a safe place compared to the many other sites I frequent.

The background, and overall theme is extraordinary, and the music really made a smile appear on my face. I like your post style---with the Japanese kanji and lovely icons.

And I see that you're a fantastic artist; I love the Death Note fan art and the Kingdom Hearts one as well. *Subscribes*

Well, take care!

† SolenmSerpent †

Romantica (07/17/08)

Yooo! Thanks for signing my guestbook and commenting! :D I barely ever get signings anymore. XP

Sanks I love my glasses. [: Not really. But really.

-adds you as a friend-

Bye bye! :D

Oh yes, Dark Knight comes out this Friday. (:

rainbowxxZombie (03/22/08)

I lovee your username.
I'm sorry. I just had to say that (:

Buuut. You seem like a super cool and very interesting person. I like that.
And your funny&&pretty and fskdljfskdfjsd.
I must sound like a total idiot, lmao. Ahwell.

Your art is amazingg. I envy your skill0rz, ahahaaa.

Hope to see you around.
&&I hope we can be friends ♥

uchihablood (02/16/08)

Thank you for the guestbook signing...I'm really not good at "thank yous" I do not mind compliments but I have no reaction towards them whatsoever. I do not know if you like compliments and even if you are, I'm not good at those either. I'll give it a shot anyway. You site is nice and the background somehow adds a touch of lonelyness to your site. I do not know how much hate you have for people but I am filled with hatred...I do not hate every single person, just most of them...slightly more than just most of them. It is good that I found some more Bleach and Naruto fans because I have an idea that I might be somewhat fun to Bleach fans. I suppose I'll see around...


kittypuppet (02/12/08)


that's what i say for you and your drawings!!

SkySpy (01/30/08)

love your pic its off the chain!

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