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Friday, November 14, 2008

Teacher's Favorite Slacker.
11月 13日 「木曜日」
California: Allowing factory farm animals larger cages--because it's inhumane the way they're being kept now--but denying human rights.

I'm a little late in my celebration here on my blog, but srsly:
Obama > McCain.

I would say 1 to 0 but the correct numbers were hundreds apart. Y'know?
Hur hur.

Anyhow. I can't say I'm happy with how the propositions for California went
Gay marriage being banned and fast trains being built. I thought the excuse against the same-sex marriages had to do partly with money and economic concerns. Why waste tons of money on a speed train that we don't need then? Not to mention, dumb chickens won some rights this year while homosexuals lost some.

This state sure is funny.

Off politics, I've been doodling in class (Yes, in between the dance sessions, 'Dgette). I've been doodling a lot. xD I miss drawing in pencil. And I miss drawing in a manga fashion. All this representational crap we've been doing in Art has got me feeling completely down about drawing. Cartoons are more me. Srsly.

Those two images aren't supposed to go along together, but they made me giggle a little.
I need to make a comic strip for funsies.. but that requires more free time. -sigh- I'm registering for next semester's classes as I speak. Piano, Guitar, Film, Photography, or Archery, guize? xD I need a fun class.

No commentios today.
But I've missed a couple of things.
Happy belated birthdays, 'Dgette & Le. . 3 .

Mood: Backwards.
Drinking: Coffee.
Listening to: "Ain't No Reason" - Brett Dennen

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