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Monday, January 15, 2007

(Notice: This is just a rant of nothing but bitching and moaning. You’ve been warned. ;D)

I miss nicotine; I don’t know why I bothered trying to quit.

I need coffee badly; Starbucks has crack in their coffee, I swear.

& I’m extremely irritated. My sister just keeps…pushing my buttons. She’s been staying with my mom and me for a few weeks now and I can only tolerate her for so long. The girl eats like she has the munchies 24/7, she takes my things without asking, borrows my clothing and doesn’t bother throwing it in the washer afterwards, and she’s very violent as well. She takes everything to offense, its difficult to hold a conversation with her without an argument breaking out. She has this thing of taking things you say and turning it into five different /negative/ things.

-rant- -rant- -rant-

Ok, I’m done complaining. I already feel like slapping myself for being such a whiney…whiner. <_<

Anyway, I drew a Roxas/Sora picture. Its yaoi, kiddies. Grow up. If you don’t like it, don’t comment. If you’re going to comment, think of something that ISN’T totally stupid to say. Its seriously just wasting my time when I open the comment window up to read, “ *presses ‘go back’ button* ”. Of course it’s semi-entertaining, I’ve always enjoyed scaring people, however it’s still a waste of my time. ;D

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Saturday, January 6, 2007

Char's a sad panda
I lost one of my lip rings and my piercing healed over night. Good bye snake bites. I'm contemplating taking the second ring out as well. I don't want just one piercing on my lip.

Yeah... This is depressing.
[Not really.]

But anyway, I've got my first picture posted. Comments are nice, you know. :) Roxas and Namine are the only canon pairing I can stand. Haha~ I don't know why I posted "Yay canon" underneath the picture.

Oh yeah. && Can anyone help me spruce up my site? I'm completely clueless and it bothers me how bland my page looks.

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