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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Atom Splicing
9月 11日 「木曜日」
There's going to be two halves of this blog, because I wrote them down each at separate times. Think of me as a freak all you will, but if I have a certain realization(and the time), I'll jot it down on paper. Main reason being: I know I'll forget it.

[act I]
I'm having trouble differentiating between what is real and what is not lately.
With my dreams, I mean.

I know people usually say that when their lives suddenly become awesomely superb or exceptionally bizarre, but I am saying it because my dreams have simply become so mundane and realistic, that I could easily mistake them for past memories.

It's quite the bother.

[act II]
I feel like Elliot in the episode of Scrubs, where a new (but not permanent) character is introduced to the story supposedly having a "boy name" as well, which sends Elliot into a rage because "she is the only one who should have the boy name."

In my art class I have discovered that there is a gal named "Collin." She has her lip pierced in the same spot I have mine, too. I'm not enraged, but I feel like we're raining on each other's parades a little. Ha-ha.


I drew this kid as one of my first homework assignments and now I keep drawing him. :( I think I might keep him,
and the overly done emo-looking dead tree.
Anyway, these were sketches that I did while I was waiting for my brain to completely rot from the Niquil dosage I'd just taken. I didn't think they were half bad so I went over them in ink and colored them very quickly. I did it a little too carelessly but I figured I could probably get away with saying,
"I /wanted/ it to have a messy look about it. ;]"

Is it working? :B


I shouldn't be making new drawings. I need to finish Bridgette's picture.
My inability to carry out requests is astounding. (I'll get it done though, fear not)

Every female name I can think of/Cota, :D ?

Go see a doctor. I don't want you coming over again Friday if you're going to just make my cold worse. >:I

Lu, You've just realized? It's taken Cota and me a good couple of years to perfect, but we've created an entire (and ever growing) language full of references and pure stupidity. It's pretty amazing in a very scary and sad way.

Screw morse codes and sign language.

Jenny, It's weird everyone's getting ill. It's not even necessarily that cold yet. :x

And what's the beginning-of-the-year-rush like? I don't think I've ever experienced that. xD I slack off for a good portion of the semester and then get all freaked out later when it's too late.

Also, the name "Sebastien" is so full of win.

Tori, our action figurez shuld get togethr sometiem ;]
Ha~ -Niquil-syndrome-

Oh, and good luck with those scholarships. I wish you luck with not procrastinating, too. It shall be a hard task, young one. D: Laziness is a serious disease.

Terentia, Thanks. I didn't have any headaches today. I hope your head is doing good, too :B

And I lol'd. I've never met a Susan before. But now, whenever I hear the name Susan, I shall think of a cello. xD

'Dgette, Tagolog? What's that? o ~ o "

I love Yuffie's Advent Children outfit the best. I didn't care too much for her outfit in FFVII and I only thought her KH1 outfit was /decent/. I mean, mesh = some kind of win in special cases.

Her knee-high boots are amazingly (and freakishly) detailed on the action figure. The first thing I said when I was handed the box was, "@ o @ Look at those laces~♥"

My fetish for details and shoes have the better of me, it seems.

Mood: Hungry & under the weather
Watching: Loveless
Listening to: The ending theme song for Loveless?
Drinking: H2o

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

AC on High
9月 8日 「月曜日」
My head really hurts.

My throat also hurts a little too, but that may be my own doing. I want to blame Cota, though. There's some bug going around and each of us are slowly catching it one at a time. I say Billy's next.

Anyway, I was late to both my classes today. I've really got to fix my inability to be on time. I also need to start 'buckling down' or whatever and get serious with the work. I've been taking it too lightly and things are probably going to start piling up soon. I'm not good with piles of stuff. ._."

Really, I'll get completely overwhelmed and want to call it quitzies --Something I should work on (ha), but in the mean time, I've got homework and studying I should be doing. A good amount of it, too. I want to cross my fingers and hope I'm one of the rare few who hardly ever do their reading but pass their exams anyway, but I'm not that bright or lucky.

The first test in my Speech class is apparently worth half our grade, so I probably shouldn't risk it.

Mm. Tiffany bought me some new guitar strings, which was pretty nice of her. Patricia will now have six strings and I'll still neglect her. ;)

I don't know why I call mi guitarra Patricia.
Naming it was unintentional.
I think at some point I just started to hate actually saying "My guitar," so a code/nickname was created. Unintentionally. If you didn't notice, I said it in Spanish just a moment ago. It's like hearing people talk about Myspace while you're waiting for a movie to start up. Yeah, I know, horrible example. I do find that a little lame though. :B Ha-ha.

Anyway, I'm sleepy and have to wake up early. I'm just babbling. I'll get on with commentios and be off.

[edit] BTW, Yuffie Kisaragi action figure~ courtesy of Tori's wife.

The image is horrible, but the figure itself is amazingly cute. They usually look very ugly or poorly detailed to me.

And my friend Ross is wanting to get me a gift now too. Why doesn't everyone get me gifts on the actual day of my birth? Not saying I deserve 'em, but am I so lame I get them a month after? xD

+(get ready for a spam of emoticons)
Everyone seemed to think the same thing about my handwriting. Heh, I don't think it's all that 'pretty.' It's a lazy hybrid of print and cursive. I don't like picking my pen up off the paper D: (But thanks guize)

Cota, you didn't save my arse. D:< SHH.

'Dgette, that's a really odd coincidence you call your aunt Nai. Every kid in my generation of the family calls Tiffany Nai, too. :D

Also, that is weird. xD What's wrong with your writing?

Terentia, I thought the beat was really catchy. Ha-ha. And I like when he says the bit about being on his knees. It's not because I'm thinking anything odd about his knees either, I just seem to like it. :3

Did you find someone to nerd up with after all? The third disc of Heroes was screwing up so I didn't use my day to it's full potential of nerdiness.

Also, third graders can't write D:<
(This totally contradicts what I say below ha-ha)

Tori, you'd let me go near your head? Knowing I have an obsession with red hair? D:?

Oh and yes, I support that. Beat your wife. He's given me bad germs.

Ashley. Ha-ha. Weird that name's been brought up a couple of times this past week. Who knew it would belong to you, too. :D

I love Russians. xD ~ I didn't know the furry boots were their thing.

And I usually prefer coffee from home. My parents are the people who turned me down this evil path of caffeine abuse, and so I enjoy their tastes the best. I don't even know where they get their beans from, but when I bring my own home, I get the organic brands from Trader Joe's. :) My step dad's French-pressed is the best.<3

Lu, why does everyone say their own handwriting is awful? :D? There are dudes in my classes who write like kindergarteners. I'm sure it's not that bad. :V

Mood: Chilly
Listening to: "Fix You Up" - Tegan and Sara
Drinking: Sleepy Time Tea

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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sugar Low
9月 6日 「土曜日」
My aunt (Tiffany) is coming over tomorrow--or actually today now--to take me out for coffee. It's nothing all that spectacular, but as some unofficial form of celebration, we always go out to Starbucks and she gets me a caramel frappuccino. It's been that way since I was fourteen, and I don't drink those anymore, but I'm not about to change the tradition.

It doesn't even necessarily have to be a time of celebration. It's also a nifty form of pay. If I give her or a friend of hers a haircut, I get ten dollars and/or a frappuccino. If I accomplish some odd task or another, I get a frappuccino. It's like the kiddy gift someone gives you every time you do something and even though you've grown out of those kind of gifts, you still want them anyway because it's from them and it means you've done good. Or something.

I wish I were more articulate.

That's what is going on tomorrow, though. As a very late birthday gift, Tiffany's coming over to take me to Starbucks. I haven't seen her since the Fourth of July because I've been too embarrassed to visit since then. It wasn't that I didn't want to see her. I didn't want to see her friends, really.

I had drank too much at her party and probably made an arse out of myself. I also ended up kissing one of the girls there before the night was over (and then ran into her at school--which was awkward beyond belief) and I've been dreading seeing her significant other at Tiffany's house. I really wouldn't know what I'd say. Ha-ha, "Hey, Kyo. I cut your hair once and then made out with your girlfriend.<3"

Anyway, Cota also wants to come over with the second season of Heroes. I guess we're going to nerd things up. And if he comes early enough, I believe he can tag along with Tiffany and myself. I always find it funny that I would get plain black coffee and Cota orders the pink goo with whip cream on top. The Strawberries 'n' Creme? I've stereotyped that old men like my dad drink black coffee and 14-year-old girls get the pink goo with whip cream on top.

Now I'm going to be spending all of tomorrow trying to guess what type of drink certain people would order if they went to a coffee shop.


'Dgette, Art Hops are where local and maybe out-of-town artists go to show some of their work. It's a good chance to see new stuff, what's out there, and to get feedback on your own stuff, if you're gutsy enough to showcase them. And you get to talk to other artists. :D

(Did I mention the free food?)

Terentia, thank you. :3 I'll assume you mean "tough" as another way to say it's neat-looking, right? 'Cause it's not often that I come off as anything remotely intimidating (though I'd totally love to be). xD

And I lol'd at the CIA thing. Pretty bad-assy. Inside the small Saroyan gallery they had the guy (William Saroyan) 's old bike hanging from the ceiling. It was this really neat shade of green that was so cute and retro-styled. If I find one like it and the weather cools down, I'm totally saying "Screw you" to cars.

Tori~<3 Ha-ha, your wife Cota already calls me a home wrecker because the whole Sam-and-Kyo incident, but I will definitely splurge in secret. :B

Did your teacher really have that vicious of a trip? :x Does he just lose it and forget you ever turned the assignment in? Or does he say "Too bad. Draw another one D:<" ?

Romantica, Why do I know everyone's first names but yours? xD Also, no! Get that image of strappy leather boots out of your head now! D:< -adds more mental imagery-

And...that is a little odd. Tell your friend to get some standards. Ha-ha.

Also, it's true. I am always drinking coffee. It's like a disease. I wasn't drinking any when this blog started, but my step dad walked in and said he'd made a pot and offered me some. It smells gud :B

Mood: Feeling simple
Listening to: "Look What You've Done" - Jet
Drinking: Coffee [again, again, and again]

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Friday, September 5, 2008

Bending at Will
9月 5日 「金曜日」
I went to my first art hop today. Well, it's yesterday now.

Every first Thursday of the month art hops are held all around town and today my art teacher excused us from class to attend the one on campus. It was so-so. I want to go to the ones held down town, Jen kept telling me how great those were, so I'm pretty tempted to go. (Also, free food is a plus for enthusiasm)

It was really cold in the Saroyan gallery. And probably half the people there were only mildly interested in the field of art (it felt like a forced mini field trip). There was a kid in there, I noticed, who had ratty hair, headphones around his neck, and a t-shirt I own (but altered to fit me), and I thought: Oh, boy, I've found my twin. :D

For realzies, and for truezies.

He was sitting next to a red-haired girl I kept gawking at. She had her ears gauged and had really neat shoes--Yes I took note of her shoes. I want a pair of them myself, but I don't even know how to begin explaining them. They weren't the usual Vans, ballet flats, or Chuck Taylors. I was thankful for that. If I just said "boots" though, you'd probably think Hot Topic monsters, and that wasn't it at all -- I'll quit while I'm ahead.
I think I'm going to start splurging on footwear.
I think I'm going to start splurging on girls with red hair again, too.

I have to go copy and paste Cota's blog for him now because his felon-of-a-brother's
ankle monitor is eating up his internet connection.


Mood: Creative
Playing: La guitarra
Drinking: Coffee
Reading: Loving Yourself [Ha-ha~]

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Staying Solid
9月 2日 「火曜日」
This past week and a half has been a real drain on me. I'm tired and even having to battle my subconsciousness in my sleep now, too. I must be passing that imaginary limit I've decided I must have somewhere, the one I usually have a go with every couple of months.

Right now I'm looking over an application I picked up from Aaronbrothers. I've never considered working there, but I could use the discount on markers and drawing tools. A girl I had in my summer math class is working there (Jen).

She looks a lot taller now, ...then again every time I spoke with her before, we were both sitting outside. Jen was actually the one who gave me the application. I'm hoping for a recommendation but I'd feel weird asking. She said to bring it back during the hours she was working, was that implying that she'd put in a good word? Probably not. My schedule won't allow for that anyway. She works from 3pm-9pm and my classes run from 3pm to just about 10. Oh enjoyable night classes.

Either way, I might feel better handing the thing in to her than anyone else.

I need to find the Nirvana shirt Cota gave me a while back. Playing with charcoal in class is apparently putting my clothes at risk for damage and Mr. Pirl suggested we all bring in an old shirt or something to protect what we're wearing. Not that I don't care about the condition Kurt is in or anything, but the shirt is big enough to cover most of myself with and it's black . . . What can charcoal really do to it?

I think I'm endangering myself of getting on the teacher's bad side like I did in English. Pirl was explaining to the class about "sight majoring" or something today, and he ushered for everyone to move over somewhere behind him but I stayed by my easel and he stopped himself during the demonstration to raise an eyebrow at me and ask, "I'm going to assume you've heard of this before and know what you're doing?" And I said, "Yes," because I had and I did, but then realized that could have come off as "I know everything." Maybe. Also, I don't know how hard it is to look at a rectangular box from an angle and transfer it onto paper.

I need to remember it's Begin Drawing, though. x__x"

Anyway: I did some homework before class. The assignment was to experiment and basically mess around with the drawing utensils and the only image I liked was done with a giant Sharpie pen that was scribbled out in a matter of seconds. I felt like a five year old with the charcoal and probably looked as dirty as one. My hands were filthy and every time I reached to grab my coffee I'd leave fingerprints on the cup. It was disgusting-looking.

The smudges were unnecessary but I wanted to
get any amount of black dust off my fingertips.
My attempt was in vain.

Mood: Mentally and physically tired
Listening to: Elliot Smith
Drinking: vitaminwater

Thank you, Ross. :)

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Sunday, August 31, 2008

8月 31日 「日曜日」
I've decided: I. Hate. Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends.
Is that what it's called? I don't care; I hate it. Courtney had purchased a season of the show and put it on while I was at her house and not only that, she put on the commentary, which was done by the character Cheese.

Cheese is the Antichrist.

I think for a full minute (with the exception of a break here and there) all Cheese did was shout, "DO IT AGAIN" repeatedly. It was frightening -- and making my stomach feel worse.

Yes, prior to the viewing of sin and baby sacrificing I had some wrong rumblies in my tumbly. I was sprawled out on the bed and pretty much forced to watch the cartoon because it hurt too much to get up and go anywhere else. Justin was on the floor watching it too, but he didn't seem as disturbed as I was by it.

Anyway, I just got off the phone with my sister. She was telling me about how everyone at Job Corp knows her; Even if it's someone's first day on campus, they'll have heard of her by the time they got in a dorm. And she said everyone loves her, and she doesn't know why. Is it mean to say I don't know why either?

--And that reminds me of something kind of off topic: 'Dgette, I can't for the life of me remember the name of the bad guy in Lord of the Rings.

Back to what I was saying though... last time I was on the phone with her, I had to listen to her verbally dissect someone who had come in to bother her about a borrowed article of clothing. She kept explaining how much everyone loved her, though, and how she's friends with /everyone/ but made sure to end it in ways that showed she didn't really care. It's obvious that she does care.

I'm glad she seems content with herself though. Not a lot of people are.
We have to read a book called "Loving Yourself" for Speech and Justin says I probably need it more than anyone else in the class. Ha-ha. Will an $8 book really change my view of myself?

And speaking of feeling good about one's self, I'm in a language class now, learning a language I don't care to discuss but the classmates are all seemingly nice. Justin and I both got dropped from Psychology for some unknown reason and they were making too big of a deal about getting back in, so in a panic to meet HR's deadline of turning in proof that I'm a full time student, we added into the foreign language class. After class let out on Thursday I had stated, "Well they were nice," (because we all had to work in groups of four or five students) and Justin flatly said, "That's because they want to get in your pants."

Gee, thanks, pal.
Self-esteem +1


Since I haven't done these kind of drawings in a while, I thought I'd give it a shot.
Behold, Cota's beloved "Echo".

Random photograph of ザエルアポロ resting on my pillow. I thought it was sort of amazing
he caught my disco ball's reflection on his face.

. . . XD And the best picture I've seen online in a while,
for those of you who have seen Iron Man and Harold & Kumar (the sequel).


'Dgette, in '05 you were like 12 >:O (Kidding.) Also, all the girls that work at Carl's Jr. are deeply in the closet. Is it that way with Hardee's too?

Le, I didn't take a class for the coloring, no. If I knew of a class for that, however, I'd gladly sign up. I don't know if I'm using my markers properly enough...or at least to their full potential. I really just started with a lot of trial and error. I've always been obsessive with shading though, heh. *~* And I got what you meant after a while, ha-ha. I'm well rested today.

Tori, weelll, it looked ok on paper, but after loading the picture it seemed sort of sloppy to me. ._." Maybe it's just my monitor, everything looks pretty dark (I need a new computer for realzies). Also, I can't believe you said that. But thanks...XD Dodge the bullets!

Terentia, sun showers are amazing. :D I was going to get into a Piano class but it wouldn't fit into my schedule very well. The art class is pretty ok though. There's a dude in there with tattoos that keeps staring at me @-@ Ha-ha. The teacher seems cool though (even if he is a little anal neurotic) and he seemed all fascinated with my name.

Morgorat, I really suck at waking up in the morning too (though I really prefer morning to any other time of the day). My step dad was trying to get all of us, me and my step siblings, to go to church with him but Né and I both overslept. xD I'm not too bummed out about that though. Don't you feel bad when people buy you the wrong things? Like you should be grateful they got it for you, but you're kinda upset it's the wrong thing. ._."

Mood: Indifferent
Listening to: Aqualung
Playing: Free Cell

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Friday, August 29, 2008

8月 29日 「金曜日」
I meant to make a post last night, but I was so tired I couldn't get past reading and commenting.
Yesterday was an extremely long day. = ~ = "

I had woken up that morning feeling like "the movies," (and I say that because no one really wakes up feeling as fantastic as actors do) so I'm going to have to make a reminder that waking up that way is a clear sign or omen of the rest of the day being completely horrible.

Almost everything that could go wrong possible did and it got me pretty down (and in a mess).

I'm better together today, though, even if I could use some more hours of sleep. n ~ n" I've got Fridays off so, it's a day to get things done. And hopefully I can just crash out when I'm home.

I need to stop by Allard's and pick up like $100 worth of supplies for my drawing class. I gave forty to Justin to pick some things up yesterday ('cause I wasn't capable of doing it myself at the time) but he forgot the clipboard and sketch pad that I really needed for the first assignments. And I was thinking of returning the big drawing pad he'd gotten to exchange it for the correct one, but I'd somehow allowed some of the pages to fold up and so I don't want to take it back looking like that.

Five dollars left from that $40 and all I have is an 18 x 24 inch drawing pad and about eight things of charcoal. @_@ And the eight is really just a guess.

This is a relatively old doodle but I had done it sitting in the dining area of Carl's Jr and had nothing
on me but skin tones, a creme color, and a whole bunch of grays. And it's sloppy.

(If you don't notice)

Looks like a reappearance of the cricket bat kid. <~<"
I like drawing her. I might actually try a different angle next time. :B . . .


Lu, I don't want the walrus. o ~ o "

fading.dreams, someone else actually wears their make up like that? And in public? :x That's pretty great..heh. Also, I've got that odd case of I-don't-know-what-to-call-it too. Glad I'm not the only one.

Morgorat, I hear a lot of Starbucks stores are closing down because they created way too many and some just weren't getting enough business (which I find hard to believe). But they really did over do Starbucks.

Tori, that girl from Paramore has pretty neat hair. It'd look good on you. :) And I'd say try the fuschia color. I haven't seen those colors together yet.

XD Terentia, it probably doesn't take him very long. Looks like he melted the eyeliner pencil and just tossed it at his face. Easy short cut.
Also, coffee only makes me jittery when I drink it on an empty stomach. Are you eating before hand?

midnightstreaks, glad you agree. Evil republicans.. <~<" Ha-ha

Romantica, You should vote. :0 It's your civil duty as an American citizen, yo. Also, you don't want someone like Bush being president forever, do you? Not that he can be president forever, but you get what I mean. Also, no, frappuccinos are blended drinks. Iced coffee is literally just coffe with ice. Heh. And I forgot all about that picture where Amy Lee had all that running eye make up, it does look similar though, doesn't it? (And thank you n ~ n")

And lastly, Le, I didn't know you were aspiring to be a doctor. *o* I'm supposed to be aiming for the much lower position as a nurse. Ha-ha. I have no interest in the medical field whatsoever, though, unfortunately. I feel like I'm wasting time by taking science classes right now. Everyone in class shows up in their scrubs and stuff, and talk about their majors, and I'm really just in there because I don't know what else to do. And I read your comment last night when I was on the brink of nodding off at the desk and I was so confused. "To sleep with you~!" had me thinking, "...:D? Huh?" for a good minute or so. XD I feel silly.

Mood: Drained
Listening to: Yppah (Thanks, Le kun)
Eating: Granola Bar

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Thursday, August 28, 2008

8月 27日 「水曜日」
My memory really seems to be failing me do to lack of sleep. I mean, I eventually did get some sleep, but this odd schedule is really screwing with my short term memory.

I think it was yesterday -- I'm pretty certain -- where I was watching the Democratic National Convention with my step-dad (I really dislike my inability to remember simple things). Hillary gave this fantastic speech and quoted Harriet Tubman and..well I can't honestly be trusted to remember anything else right now. I hope you guys caught it, too, though.

I still really think she should have gotten it.

Rene tells me a lot of democratic women are now putting their bets on McCain. . . . :D? They're voting for him because the candidate they had been following (Hillary Clinton) is no longer a part of the election and they'd rather vote for a republican (and Satan) over a black man to become president.

McCain's had /some/ interesting views, sure,
but he's still on the dark side. I'm pretty disappointed.
Thanks, racism. ._.

. . . Anyway, I suppose on a more shallow topic: I had the best iced coffee I've had in awhile and it was at Starbucks of all places. They're well-liked for their sweet stuff, but their regular coffee isn't all that fantastic. It's usually way too strong for my liking. This one, however, was love in a vinte-sized cup.

There really wasn't anything else all too particularly interesting besides that and this really eccentric-looking boy that came by to loiter. He was on the phone demanding that his boyfriend (or whoever it was) call him Daddy and his friend just sat in the corner smoking her cigarette in a manner I thought to be a little too proud. I'm a hypocrite of all sorts, but when I see kids smoking I just get all disgusted.

I think it's because my younger sister picked up smoking because I was, so when I see teenagers smoking it makes me upset for several different reasons.

Hum and before I lose my point, that boy-girl thing had about five pounds of eyeliner on and I was wondering why his parents let him out of the house looking that way. Youth is frightening.

I'm no good at explaining bizarre things, so I doodled some half-assed example for you all. D:
And I'll tell you now, this image is no exaggeration of how he drew the make up on himself.

Mood: Nostalgic
Listening to: Robots In Disguise
Drinking: ethos water

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This is just a temporary post.
There isn't enough of my brain present for it to be a real one, anyhow.

I seriously can't sleep,
and I really, really need some...
Oh well, I suppose.

Just wanted to put up waste-of-space pictures.
For funzies, I guess.
The first was taken while I was side-tracked
from a CD hunt, and the second is a bad
showing of my rip off from Resident Evil.

Obama looks like Frankenstein.

I haven't been drawing/coloring in a while, and I guess I did it (just for the sake of feeling productive). I even made some avatars for myself and "the other two." I'm tired of saying names.

("Who is who?" Right?)

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Artichoke Hearts
8月 21日 「木曜日」
I came home today with every intent of doing absolutely nothing but throwing myself down on my bed and watching the copies of Resident Evil Justin had purchased for me from RASPUTIN, but that didn't happen. I'd gotten some new giant pillow-of-a-thing and was going to lazily toss it at my bed (I've been collecting throw pillows like a mad woman), but thought, "Maybe I'll wash the sheets first." Because the pillow's new and I baby new things, again, like a mad person. I hate new things.

Anyway, so I did that. Then did an extra load of laundry. I then eventually started cleaning my room while I waited for the wash to finish and then vacuumed. At some point I found my self out in the kitchen cleaning that up too.

I hardly ever clean, but when I do... I really can't stop.

Anyway, tomorrow's Friday. I haven't got school and planned on staying home to catch up on my reading or something, but I have to go return my phone. It's suddenly started lagging really badly and no one can hear me when they call now. It's on permanent mute or something. I haven't even finished putting numbers in it yet and it's got to be traded in.

Hum. The first week of school is over, which is good. I want the next two weeks to go by very quickly as well. Finding parking early in the semester is unbelievably difficult to do, and it's a complete frenzy.

I'm pretty pleased with my classes. Speech especially. The teacher is amazingly funny, which is odd, I thought he'd be a real mean guy. I sound like a little kid. But he's got a broken nose, and for an older gentleman, he looks oddly fit and wears a scary facial expression. He's also a psychologist so you can sort of imagine how he talks like. I know, I know: The image almost doesn't fit together at all.

Biology's over-crowded and so is Psych, which I shouldn't be complaining about because I was originally wait-listed for them both. Heh.

I've only attended two Psychology classes now but I already don't like the guy sitting on my left. We've unfortunately got assigned seats in the forum hall because the class is so large. I want to explain what he does all throughout the class period but that hate would probably go on for a good page and a half so I'll just say: he's what I'd describe as a perfect example of "a douche bag." Yes, a douche bag.

Anyway, -rantrantrant- I dropped a class because everyone kept telling me the workload would probably kick my ass and I believed them, so I'll be adding into a music class for funzies.

Uhm..What else? Ah, I got stuck after class the other day. Justin was my ride and he had to take off for work and I didn't want to miss lecture so I stayed behind and was pretty much stranded afterward. I sat outside the campus cafe because I couldn't get a hold of anyone else and after I gave up calling, a girl approached me to ask for a cigarette and ended up hanging around for a while. The first couple of minutes of our conversation was really just her squealing over my multicolored cigarettes. I had asked if there was any specific color she wanted and she said, "Green" in a way that I could almost see a "~" and "<3" materialize after it. Which disturbed me (Ha-ha) and also surprised me because usually girls go after my pink ones. ._."

Anyway, that was amusing and all. I ultimately ended up getting a ride from my mum and..y'know. Nothing's really happened since. I'm going to make my bed now. It's almost 10:30 and I want to get some Alice-viewing done. :) Good night everyone.

"This blog just won't end will it?" Heh, because I am lazy and I've already taken enough of your time, I'll just reply to a couple of comments in a summarized cluster of I-don't-know-what:

Yes, I'm a "veggie." :D I can't remember all that was on the pizza now, but you won't believe it, there were tons of vegetables on it. Ha-ha. Umm, I don't know if it'd be found in the freezer section of the super market, but it wouldn't hurt to check. I hardly ever even eat pizza these days but when I do, I pick up the gourmet vegetarian pizza from Papa Murphy's. "Take 'n' bake," yo.

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