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Wednesday, January 10, 2007



My friend's mouse is trying to eat itself. I've been taking care of it for a couple months now. And earlier, I was refilling it's water bottle thing, and I noticed this big red mark in it's side. I was all like, WTF? 0.o It's eating itself.

So yea, it's sad. But, it's pretty old so, it has an excuse to eat itself.


That sounds...kinda sick and twisted.

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Friday, January 5, 2007

   Hell Yeah.


Gerard from MCR, finally has his hair back to black. Yay!

Anyway, onto my day? Well, it was okay. A little boring. My back hurt a lot during orchestra. And yea... the only good thing about today is that I figured out what I want to put on my foler for art class. :/

Talking about art class, I have two of my friends in my class! Yay! And I have lunch with two other friends on those days!! Yay!

Well, got to go. Yea, just a quick update. :P

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Saturday, December 30, 2006

   Bweep Bweep!


Oh my yesterday was rather interesting. I drove all the way from my house to my grama's...in the rain. :/ My first time driving in the rain and about half of it was spent behind a Jaguar and infront of a Mustang. And oh my god did it scare me... My knuckles hurt kinda bad when I finally got to my grama's house. :P

Thursday I went to Barns and Noble to get a strategy guide...which I didn't find. :P But then I found the 1st volume of the manga Re:Play. It is an awsome manga. And I love the artists clothing desgings. Because they are just so cool.

I also went to Best Buy and when I was walking in, some kid called me and emo kid. I was just kinda like...um yea...I'm not an emo kid. So, whatever. :P I ended up not getting anythng at best buy. So now I have $40! :P

Um...added new art. I got some good comments about one of my pictures on both here and deviantart. So, I'm happy. I tried coloring with my copic markers earlier but, I messed up big time. Theres no way I can fix it so, I guess I'll have to draw another picture and try agian. :/

I got a request from Toie! I'm so happy! I finished it a while ago and she really liked it it seemed. I don't know what series its from and I don't know anything about the chracter but she said I did a good job. And wahlah...here it is...

Um...thats it...bye bye...


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Thursday, December 28, 2006

   I am so tierd...


Well, sorry for not being on for a while. I've been on actually, just haven't posted anything. :/

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good christmas or what ever holiday you celebrate. :) Mine was okay. My grama and papa came over christmas eve and we opened our presents from them and from my parents. For my grama and papa I blew up a picture from my mom and dads wedding of them. It was a picture before my grama got sick with breast cancer and before all her kemo. She liked it. She cried a lot too. So that made me feel happy.

I got a couple manga, a cd, a new sketch book, and copic markers! yay! hah...now if I can only get what I color with them to look good....Then I got two dvds. The original Omen and The Exorcist.

My brother got an ipod. :/ But its pre-used so haha! :P he got a bunch of other crap but yea...

I got ema the complete 1st and 2nd season of saiyuki for christmas and me and her just watched it over these past two days. We must of sat there tuesday for, almost 10 hours I'm guessing. We started at about 10 and finished around 8. But, it's a great anime so, why not? I love the voice actors!! love them love them! haha...

I added more art over the past week or so, wanna go check it out?

Thanks for all the pretty christmas cards by the way!!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006



Lets see...my past three days has been comprised of watching Ouran High School Host Club...cuz it just freaking rocks. Anyway, I just got done watching it. I liked it. It was a good anime.

Besides watching anime...my life has been rather boring. School, homework, you know, all that fun stuff. Everyone's complaining that they have so much stuff to do before finals, but, I'm not that overloaded with things. I really don't have any big projects due in any classes and all I have to worry about is my homework right now. It's weird. But, oh well I guess.

It seems kind of weird that I almost halfway through my freshman year in high school. Kinda...scary in a way. If I think about it really, it's going way to fast.

Hah...I sound like an old woman reminicing on her childhood. I guess that isn't too good, eh?

I have a Orchestra concert on Thursday. It's going to be huge! We have both philhermonic and symphonic orchestra groups playing with brass, woodwinds, and percussion, and also the choir on a couple songs! It's my first big holiday concert with this school so it should be rather interesting.

Eh...I sound weird. Well, my wording is funny today. Does anybody else think that? Or is it just me being weird?

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Wednesday, December 6, 2006



A lot has happerned since last post. It turns out, i guess, that Dillon (the one that got in the car accident) has to learn how to walk agian. It really really sucks.

Um, it's been cold. This last week it's been around 5-20 degrees. It was nice today. about 40. Tomorrow is supposed to be 23. so yea...cold.

Yesterday the school had our teachers anounce that there was a bomb threat in the history classroom bathrooms. So yea...It said they were going to blow up the school today at like, 11:20 or something like that. I can not tell you how many people were gone today. It was crazy. We had about half of the people in my spanish class. crazy, crazy...

uh...thats about it I guess...i guess not a lot has happend. :P oh well. have a nice day everyone.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

   Nebraska is crazy


It was around 70 degrees yesterday around noon ish. We even got to go outside for gym. Then after school, 3:15, I walked outside and it was freezing. It was only 41 degrees. Then today, the low it 9 degrees and guess what the high is? Anybody? 19 degrees. Eh...I like the cold and all but, I like a gradual cold and not like boo! here I am. It's crazy. But it's supposed to snow a bit today so thats good.

My agenda for the day...um, watch A league of their own in history. Do a speech about vampire bats in speech class and...thats really it for big things. So yea...exciting, isn't it?

I guess Chach, Jourdan, and Dillon (people from Scary Acres and from my school) got in a car accident the day before yesterday. They got hit in the back of the car like, really really fast. Jourdan has a bunch of bruises. I don't know about Chach but he's okay but Dillon is in the hospital with a concusion (sp?). So, that sucks.

I'd say more but I have to go pretty soon. Sorry. But oh yea, I bleached my hair...

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Saturday, November 18, 2006



A lot has happened with my week off from here...

Sunday was my 15th birthday.
Wednesday I got my drivers permit.
wednesday I also went and go some pants from hot topic. :P
Thursday I went to Gordmans and got a shirt and a jacket...
Friday I was banned from leaving my house. But I went driving around the neighboor hood. Only my third time driving. X{

So yea. Sunday, I got three things from my grama and papa. I got a cd by Muse. The first volume of Vampire Hunter D. And the special edition cd of My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade. It can with pictures and a book about the songs an everything. I think i listened to it about 3 times when I first put it in. :D

And yes, I got my drivers permit. Sept I really hated the people that were working at the place that day. They were really mean and grouchy. But whatever... I look stoned in my picture though. It's funny...

My grama gave me $50 to go to hot topic as another birthday present. So I got three pairs of pants. And it only came to $36 something. So I did good!!

Gordmans thursday was...interesting. Sept I LOVE my jacket...it's cool. :)

Emaily said I couldn't go to the mall or an anything friday because her and terra were going to go shopping for my birthday present. So I drove around the neighboor hood. My mom said I did good for only my third time driving. I've been driving in a school parking lot and around a reservation/park thing. But the only bad thing I did yesterday was...well, I blew a stop sigh. XD I totally didn't see it.

Today I went driving agian. I actually went on the busy streets today. Kinda scared the shit outta me though. And it doesn't help that our car is big as a friggen bus. It's kinda freaky... My dad decided to come this time though. So...that made me nervous also.

So leaves me waiting here...on the computer...eating dinner...waiting for Emily to call me to tell me when I can come over to her house. I swear to god...they are planning something...I just don't know what...

Well, all of you have a good rest of the day. bye bye

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

   i'm excited!


Last night, I went to go get Ema's Chirstmas present and on the way to Best Buy my mom said in 2008, my family gets to go up to Alaska. My uncle is retiering from the Coast Guard like, february, march, april-ish of that year so, my aunt is saving up for all 5 of us (my mom, dad, brother, grandpa, and me) to go. When we get there, we have to stay in hotel for the first night because in the morning, we're going to surprise him at his ceremony. Then were going to stay there for about a week. So, yes, I'm excited about that a lot.

When we got to best buy, my mom was looking at Ipod nanos for my brothers christmas present. Me and Terra were messing around with buttons and stuff. XD Oh how fun best buy is. But anyway, then my mom was looking at video cameras for my birthday/christmas present. So, I got to pick out one that I liked and the one I picked I can hook it up to the computer and transfer the video to the computer. ...i think... I dunno, the lady that was helping us said that we wouldn't need a cassest for it but, it ends up we do need one so yea... I have to go get one. :P But its all mine...my video camera.... bwahaha...

I'd say what I got ema for christmas but I won't chance it for the odd event that she may get on myotaku... :P

Then we went to walmart and my mom got my a comforter for my bed. finally! Yea, I've been using a unzipped aleeping bag for my blanket. I actually stayed warm last night. :) I bought myself a case for the video camera and the digital camera. It's big enough to fit the both so yea...

The other day in speech class, we were doing group presentations and we had to take notes about the topics and I took a couple notes for group one. then for group two and three there was nothing and then for group four there was one little line. I started drawing on the opposite page because I was bored and this is what came....

I did it from memory of the movie in what little time he was in it and then like memory of looking at cosplay pictures...so yea...doesn't exactly look like him...

Then in biology yesterday, my teacher was going over notes...that we already took and I drew this in my planner...

I guess this would make more sense if I say, at the bottome of the pages, theres announcments and that the left side is the left page, the right side is the right page. the whole thing couldn't fit on my scanner. ....well, you guys are smart people...I guess you could have figured it out on your own... :P

well, thats all for today. have a nice day everybody.

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Thursday, November 9, 2006

   wee....4 more days


Yup....four more days till sunday. Till my birthday. wee....

Anyway, tuesday night I went to the mall with Ema and Terra. Well, first we went to deparmtment store because I needed new shoes. And buying Chuck Taylors there is a hell of a lot less expensive than going to hot topic and buying them there.

So...I got my self some new chucks...that are very...very...white. :D At the mall I got volumes 7, 8, and 10 of gravitation and Loveless 3. Yea, they didn't have volume 9 of gravitation so what the hell! Just get 10 and read that! :P Ema got the 3rd volume of Diabolo and the 5th volume of Saiyuki reload. I hope she reads them fast...cuz I wanna read them. haha.

We walked across to Barns and Noble a little bit after to check out there manga section. They didn't have the 9th volume of gravitation either. Which irked me a bit. So, I'm like, I'll just not get anything here. I've already spent close to a hundred.... hehe...yea. Then me and Terra are looking around a nother section of the store while Ema's off looking at the cds and in the teen reading stuff, theres a bunch of manga in thet section. So I'm looking at that and I find Ouran High School Host Club volume 1. I'm like, Oh!! me getty!! XD

I'm surpised though, cuz the manga and anime follow each other like, exactly. Well, atleast with the first volume.

Anyway, I'll visit when I get home from school. Ema should be here any minute to take me to school. You all have a good day!!

...oh no...I have a presentation in speech class today...crap...

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