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Thursday, August 2, 2007

   ooh...eem...tee!!! XD


So, at 9:24 this morning I heard the doorbell ring and I go up to the door and the mail man was there. And he had a package!

And instead of just getting the one costume that I thought I was getting in that package, I got all 3!! :D I was sooooo excited!! So, I was up for about an hour and a half messing with them. Then, at like, 11 I went back to sleep and woke back up at 2:30. XP

But yea! I am so excited! :D All I need to do is make some gloves and fishnet leg thingys and I'm set! Well, i need to get my hair done but I'm not doing that till like...a couple days before the convention.

For those who don't know(even though I think you all know because I've been talking so much about it. XD) I'm cosplaying Temari from Naruto. I have her first outfit and her time skip one. Then I also got a school girl one for the last day of the con so I can match my friend whos also going in a school uniform. weeeee...!

Pictures will come soon! :D Becuase I'm probably gunna go out with my friend and take pictures. yay! So yea...Pictures. Soon. lol

well...thats all I wanted to say...bye bye! and have a nice day! lol

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007



Orientation for school is this friday. Yay...? Haha. I'm not that worried about school starting or anything. I just am gunna have a hard time waking up early and going to sleep early since I've been staying up till like 4 every night. Haha.

Well, one of my costumes shipped 2 days ago! Yay! I'm happy! But, unfortunatly, it's the school one I ordered and not the other two which are the ones I really want soon! But they're still making them or something like that. haha. But, I should have the one by this friday. Yay! Happy happy! :D

I read chapter 364 of Naruto earlier. It sucks cuz, I've been reading all the volumes and if I have to get off because my mom wants on or something, I don't need to worry about not having the next chapter or volume to read. But now I have to wait till it gets translated. haha. :P

Well, I guess that really it for now. Have a nice day everyone!! :D

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007



Okay so, I was looking around cosplaylab.com and stuff and I was wondering to myself, why does the sand teams have such god damn big props??!! I mean, like, no other naruto character has big props like that!! god damn you Terra for picking Gaara!! It's all your fault!! haha. just kidding!

I mean...jeez. We arn't gunna have much room in the car with my friend's gourd and my fan. XD It's a good thing that we don't have anybody going as Kankuro; we'd have to stuff somebody in the trunk!! (Gaara's hourd won't fit in the trunks of any of our cars. we'ce tried in like...3 different cars XD) Well, I guess it's not that good that we don't have a Kankuro cuz...it's just not right going as gaara and temari if you have no kankuro!!! XD

Annnyway...yesterday, I was cleaning at my grama's house. I hate cleaning bathrooms. Actually, I just hate cleaning toliets. ...hah, i just remembered something, I didn't flush the toliet after I was done cleaning it with the cleaner. ...oops. it was like, scrubbing bubbles or something so, it was all foamy and whatnot. XDD Weird thing to see in the toliet when you need it, i guess. :P

My mom was doing paperwork for my grama and grandpa earlier. It took her around 6 hours to complete everything. It was crazy! It was something for social security or something like that. :P

Well, it's like, 2 in the morning and I supposed to be getting up around 10 to go to Scary Acres at 11 to help with construction and painting and crap. But I swear, if they make me sweep both haunted houses again, I'm gunna tell them to shove their brooms up their asses. naaaahhh... I got soooo many blisters from sweeping last year. It sucked. My dad said I should just bring gloves with me. :/ But yea. Supposedly, the higher up people are saying that the Core Managers are suppoesed to be there helping. The core managers arn't really that special. We just help train and fix things. 'Sept, we get more money then regular voulenteers. XD Well, Angela, my "manager" said she'd call me when they needed help. but, she never called. And a couple girls that worked there last year called my friend and said they have been working there like, every day this summer. And they were told by someone else there. I'm beginning to think that no one there likes me. :/ Because...they never tell me anything. blehh...but, whatever. If I go and help build and paint and stuff, I'm gaurenteed more money. Yea, I sound greedy but, I need it to may my parents back for those costumes and other things.

that must have been confusing for some of you guys. if you really want to know what I'm talking about, just pm me. :P

Have a nice day everybody!!!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

   mmm...maybe if I use my brain powers enough, he'll go away.


It's like...1 in the morning...and I'm so stoked about my Temari costumes. XD I think my friend's are getting annoyed because thats all I've been talking about since my parents ordered me the costumes this past friday.

I just hate waiting for things for me to come in the mail. :/ But, everything will be good when they come because I will be happy and I won't be annoying my friend or anybody else about wanting them to come faster. :D

In...other news...don't pay attention to the subject line. ...It just sounded cool to me at the moment. ...Mmmhmm... I need sleep.

Um...nothing really interesting has been happening. I've just been sitting at home, on the computer, reading Naruto manga and stuff.

The only really thing thats interesting is that I should be getting my school schedual in the mail soon.:/ Fun fun. ...I'm taking two gym classes this year...ugh...I'm gunna die! >_<

Weeeeelll, everybody have a nice day!!!

...I added something in the fan manga section...its naruto....just because i was joking with my brother and his friend earlier and thats what came out of the conversation. :P

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

   ha ha ha ...ah...


it's 3 am...and I was playing with paintshop...and this is what came out...

...For some reason, I have an obsesson wih Deidara. XD I wanna cosplay him sometime...

My friend Ema, she absolutly hates Naruto. And she's probably going to kill me for this. haha. I was talking to her earlier and I said she should cosplay as Kisame so I could paint her skin blue. XD So, I was going to make her Kisame in this pic but it didn't work...So I made her Tobi!!! :D I would have made her sasori but, sasori is claimed by terra for cosplaying. XD

so yea...Naruto is my current anime obsession. or...the Akatsuki group is. XD

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007



So, my friend and I went out to a lake last night and I took pictures of her in her Gaara cosplay. Yea, don't ask why we went to a lake. It was the best backdrop I could think of that was close to our houses. :P I was going to upload them to photobucket last night so she could have them to like, put up in the cosplay section on theO and stuff but...photobucket was down for maintenence till like...2 am. o.0

Anyway...um yea so...I'm gunna make her put up those pictures in the cosplay section later so, be looking for them! :D ...but, it probabaly won't be till like, late this afternoon/evening because she stays up forever and then doesn't wake uptill after noon. :P

yea...so! My mom and dad are going to buy me my Temari costumes this week! I am soooooo excited!!

Originally, they were going to pay off the credit card first and then buy them but, my dad was like, "Well, those things take a long time to ship so you better do it now." (They're coming from China)

So, my mom is going to take me to go get myself measured today or tommorow becuase we don't want to do it ourselves and screw up. Haha. And then we're gunna order then!

I drew a picture... :P

Old Memories [deidara And Sasori]

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

so..thats it... bye byyyyye

OHHH! and you guys should go check out my friend's Gaara cosplay!!! Click here to go see it in the cosplay section on here!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

   Second post today but, what ever. be sure to read the other post though!!


I found this kinda funny...

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I went to the bookstore earlier with my friend Terra is obsesed with red haired anime/game characters.

We were talking about different cosplays we want to do and stuff and we were looking at manga and stuff and she was talking about Reno from FF7, Renji from Bleach, and Axel from kindom hearts. ...and when we do n akatsuki group cosplay, she wants to be Sasori. ... XD so...yea... Red haired peoples....

But yea, we were talking about doing a Naruto group cosplay again next year or something. and I thought it would be cool to get a bunch of people together and cosplay as the Akatsuki members. And since her cousin is already getting a Itachi costume, he'll be Itachi, Terra will be Sasori, and I'm gunna be Deidara. because...I have a resent obsession with him. XD

Anyway...thats really all I wanted to say...nothing too important...Have a nice day everybody!! :D

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Friday, July 13, 2007



Well, a couple days ago, I wanted to pierce my carteledge again. So, I was going to get a needle out and do it myself. But my mom was like, “No! You can’t!”. I didn’t want her to pay for another one since it’s like, 45$. But, yea. She took me to a tattoo/piercing shop. But, before we went, I told her that I didn’t want her to spend that much on something as small as that. So, she asked me what I wanted done and I told her I wanted my lip pierced.

But, that was a plan no. :P So, I go my tragus pierced. It’s a funny word for something so simple. But, if you don’t know what it is, just look at the picture below. :D

I didn’t hurt much when the girl pierced it but, she couldn’t get the hoop thingy in so, she was pulling on it and pulling on it forever. So it kinda gave me a headache. :P It still hurts a little now but, not as bad. I only have a lot of pain when I hit it with the phone. …which I have done a butt load of times already… :P

My next plan is getting an industrial piercing because…it looks kinda cool. And my mom will only let me get my ears pierced. :P but, I won’t do that probably until next year when I get a job and I can pay for it myself. Haha.

Here’s a picture like I said. Just excuse my fat cheek. XD

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Sunday, July 1, 2007

   This place makes me feel special...


Yes, myO makes me feel happy. I was looking thru fan art and decided to see who has the most votes andstuff and then I wanted to see where I rank. And I'm I think the 3rd page of like...408. 0.0 and I'm ranked in populatrity 149 out of god knows how many.

I feel so loved. Thank you guys.

So, I've decided to comment on everything from now one. Well, there's quite a lot of art to comment on here but, I'm gunna try my hardest to comment on every site. I'm also doing this on my sheezyart account and my deviantart account so...yea

Well, I'm going to go take a shower and then go firework shopping with my mom. So, thank you all agian. :)

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