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Hey! Welcome to my site! I’m too lazy right now to make a full blown layout so, in the mean time, you get Deidara! Yay!

More about me...
When I was little I ate strawberrys dipped in ketcup
I bite my nails.
I hate summer.
I can't stand the smell of Oxy carpet cleaner.
I love strawberry flavored pocky.
I can't say jewelry right.
My parents wake me up in the morning for school.
I suck at math.
I don't like oranges.
I like yaoi but absolutly no yuri.
I love horror movies.
I have dreams that I loose my teeth almost every night.

And I love you all! <3

Friday, November 14, 2008



I've really stopped comming to theOtaku/myOtaku since they changed theO. I think it's jsut confusing to me. Haha. Though, it's studied that people usually are uncomfortable with change. ...Yay for Sociology class!

Anime Nebraskon is tonight! And I have seven hours to get three Pokemon hoodies done. :D I already have two almost done, and one I have yet to start. And last night I tried to sew my finger with the machine so, it's all good. XD

Hmm...I don't know what to talk about...life's been kinda uneventful for a couple months. Hmm...So, how about, how are you? >.>

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