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Hi!i love the yaoi stuff so if you find that stuff offencive then please keep it to yourself. i do not wish to deal with flames or anything else so that's a fair warning to all of you that don't like that stuff.Anyway I am always looking for request! ^^

Thursday, July 31, 2008

^^ just checking up on you guys and posting so you all know that i'm still alive ^^

i have nothing really new to tell yall...oooooh right ^^; i haen't told ya'll about myspace yet ^^ i just got a myspace so if you want to add me there my url is http://myspace.com/natsusama
anywaaaaaay... please enjoy the vid! ^^

yay for hitting people with cars! ^^; i kinda want to see somthing like that to >>;

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Friday, July 4, 2008

Hi peoples! ^^
i have posted a new pic, it's that little garra pic that i had in line art but i have finally colored it ^^; i know that there are stil white squares and stuff and i did have one without that but i acidentally deleted it. so this one will have to do for now until then this one will have to do.


if you want to color the black and white one i have and post your version then just pm me so that i'll know your not stealing it. ^^
please enjoy the following vid!

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