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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

   Nebraska is crazy


It was around 70 degrees yesterday around noon ish. We even got to go outside for gym. Then after school, 3:15, I walked outside and it was freezing. It was only 41 degrees. Then today, the low it 9 degrees and guess what the high is? Anybody? 19 degrees. Eh...I like the cold and all but, I like a gradual cold and not like boo! here I am. It's crazy. But it's supposed to snow a bit today so thats good.

My agenda for the day...um, watch A league of their own in history. Do a speech about vampire bats in speech class and...thats really it for big things. So yea...exciting, isn't it?

I guess Chach, Jourdan, and Dillon (people from Scary Acres and from my school) got in a car accident the day before yesterday. They got hit in the back of the car like, really really fast. Jourdan has a bunch of bruises. I don't know about Chach but he's okay but Dillon is in the hospital with a concusion (sp?). So, that sucks.

I'd say more but I have to go pretty soon. Sorry. But oh yea, I bleached my hair...

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