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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

   Haha...late night once agian!


It tis .... 4:17 am! yay!! :D

Anyway, I'm talking to ema on a chat right now... And I'm confusing her. I think... anyway, earlier I said 'I think I'm creepy like...freaky creepy.' And before that she was talking about dnangel or something. And shes like...'how are you creepy?' And I said...'i dunno'. And she asked agian. And then I changed the subject and said...'ah! run away...the children are comming!'

Ema's like....wtf? And I said, 'It's Dark's fault' because of the previous subject and then I'm kinda like...ooh...that sounds bad. And ema's like 'yea, it does'

Sooo...yea. Thats what I've been doing all night. She's been makin fun of me, I've been making fun of her.

I'm also working on a dnangel fanficton. I'm quite into this one though. To think...I'm more into writing my angsty, sad one them I am in my humorous funny one.....sad.... Anyway, I titled it Hard Promises, Easy Lies cuz I could think of nothing else. Heres the summaries I have up for it on fanfiction.net...

Moving to a new place isn't easy. And it's not easy either when your mother disowns you right after you move in. Ontop of that, it's hard dealing with making new friends and keeping them. Eventually darkxkrad R&R please?

Weee...ain't that fun...Heres a link if ya wanna go read it. Sorry for ya'll who don't read/watch dnangel...And yea...it's yaoi...so if ya don't like, don't read.

Okay well...thats...about it...Oh, wanna see a picture of my kitty cat?? Her name is Chloe. Just click on the picture to see a better version of it...


Have a great day everone.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

   Hello all!


Last night, I talked to Emily on a gmail chat for a while. And all the while I was workin on my picture. I wanted to redo one of my many pictures of Dark and Krad. Sooo....I redid it. heres a link to my picture. Votes? comments??

Besides that, I didn't have much of an exciting day yesterday. I went to my grama's house and cleaned her bathroom and read the next chapter of a DNAngel fanfiction but thats about it. I asked my mom if I could go to Barns and Noble to go get a book but she didn't wanna drive all the way out to the mall because it was too hot. Sure, it was 100 degrees out but, by the time we drove home, the car would be cooled down. And plus, the book store is only about 15 minutes away from our house...in a car. If yu were to walk, it'd take you about 45 minutes cuz they are doing a bunch of road construction and stuffs...

Rambling rambling.... Today I might go see the pirates of the caribbean 2 with Emily and Terra. I dunno when though. Because I totally spaced when my dad said yesterday that we were going over to my gran's house. So, we can't go to a day/afternoon showing cuz I screwed up and frgot to tell my dad that we were going. But it's all good. And the movie theathre is right across from Barns and Noble so I'll get my book then. Bwaha. I win. :P

Anyway, thats about it. I can't get to commenting right now cuz I have to go over to my aunt and uncles house to change a tire on my uncle's car...cuz he doesn't know how. XD Anyway, I might get around to your guys' sites later on tonight. So yea...Have a great day everybody!! Bye bye!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

   Hey ya'll


Another late night for me! It's...3:09! in the morning! I'm going to be so screwed when school comes around with the way my sleeping habits are right now. Haha...

Anyway, it stormed yesterday. It was quite cool. The were surges/gushes of wind up to 74 mph. I went outside to take some pictures too. My pants and hair got completly soaked. I took my dad jacket cuz I was wearing a white shirt and yea...The jacket didn't do much. The shoulders of my shirt were soaked. But thats okay. I had fun. After I put the camera inside, I stood by the end of the driveway for a bit. My brother and my friend were behind me on our front porch out of the rain. I was looking around, and I saw Aj come running from his house. He stops when he gets to the drive way and stands next to me and says... "It's raining...I'm wet now" ...um, duh? It was funny though. Then I went inside...and changed cloths.

The pictures I took a too big to put here. It'll mess up the transparent thing the text is on...soo...here is a link to my xanga where I have them up.

Um...yea. I know I only had that other theme for like...three days but, I couldn't resist this picture thats in my background!! The original picture I found here on theO in the wallpaper section. But, Instead of the white background and stuff, if was black. And the cross and wings in the middle were white. I went and changed it in MSpaint. >.< It took forever to do...And it's still not quite right. I'm debating wether or not to put it up in the wallpaper section because someone else put the black version of it up. What do you guys say? Should I put it up or not??

Oki guys...I have a question to ask of you. Would you be so kind as to vote on which one you like?? It's for my extension/help site. You can click on the image to see a bigger size of it... And you can vote on as many as you want...well...keep it to around 3 or 4 oki? Just tell me the number(s) of the one(s) you like. And all I did was take images or wallpapers and put the boxes in on mspaint...I'm not very good with makin my own wallpapers since i only have mspaint...it sucks... I dunno who'd want to but, I ask of you not to take them unless you ask, oki??

1. Goku from Saiyuki...

2. Shuichi from Gravitation...

3. Kyo from the jrock band, Dir en grey...

4. Dark and Daisuke from DNAngel...

5. Dark and Daisuke...agian...

6. A random anime girl...i think...

7. Lain from Serial Experiments Lain

8. Another random anime girl...i think...

9. The band Dir en grey...

That last one...number 9, there was the drummer standing right next to the guy on the far right...but, I didn't notice that he was there till I finised when I went back and looked at the original picture. >.< So...oops. But hes up in the top right ish...

My foot is asleep...Arn't you glad you know that??

This post has be long enough.... that...didn't make sense...oh well. I'll get to you guys that have updated this up till now and then, I'm going to sleep. Sooo...bye bye everyone and have a good day!

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

   I'm excited!!


So, I was gunna put a post up for you guys to vote for these different layouts I made for my extension/help site and then have a link to a quiz me and ema maid around 1:30 in the morning but, I shall do that tomorrow! Because I have far better news!!

At least I think it's better!!!! I was/am talkin to ema about anime conventions and how I'm growin' my hair out so I can cosplay Krad from dnangel and K from gravitation. Thats in a couple years but... I asked Ema who she would like to cosplay as and she said Sanzo from the anime Saiyuki. Which is a damn good series so if you haven't seen/read it, I suggest you do! That is, if you like anime and manga with demons and fighting and all that happy crap.

I'm getting off topic!! After she said that, I said something about one more person and we could have the whole sanzo party! XD Because since my favorite character from saiyuki is Gojyo, I'd be him and Ema said Terra would be Goku. Then Ema said something like, "Yeah, The female version of the sanzo team." But we have no other person to do Hakkai...which sucks total ass. But we'll find someone. ...I hope... I mean...We need a Hakkai. You never see an hakkai cosplay. Atleast...I haven't anyway.

I'm sorry to all ya'll who haven't see saiyuki before! Because you are all prolly lost as all hall right now... well, heres a link to the saiyuki cosplay here at TheO to give you at least a little info on what I'm talking about. Saiyuki Cosplay

Thats about it for today. Sorry....very uninteresting, confusing post. I'll make sure it's better tomorrow. It's 5:30 in the morning so sorry if any of it's really confusing. I've been up all night...

[EDIT] I've been up all night and I'm so tired... My mom just left for work and she asked me if I stayed up all night and I'm like, yea... She tells me what me and my brother need to do today around the house and she's like, You're not going to sleep at all today. It's like...WTF?! So I'm tryin despratly to keep myself awake... But myo is startin to bore me today sine I've been on sine like 11:30 last night. >.< Wish me luck...[/EDIT]

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Monday, July 10, 2006

   Day 2


The theme that I put up yesterday is one a conjured up from the dead. :P I had it up a long time ago and when I heard this song that I have up now, I wanted to do a daiXriku theme...and this is the only wallpaper I had for it on my computer. And I was too lazy to go find one. Then I remembered that I made a theme to go a long with it. So I just fixed a couple things that didn't look quite right and changed some of the colors. Woo hoo....

So, yesterday... We were actually insode with air conditoning. Which was really good because it was really hot outside. Our dinner was really good. I had two plate fulls done before my grama and Emily had their first ones done. XD I eat really fast... Anyway, yeah, Ema came a long yesterday. I made her go play mini golf. I don't look as bad as I am when I'm playing with her. XD Actually, she has never played mini golf before. My grama would of gave us money to go horseback riding but, Ema had a skirt on thus makin it impossible for her. Cuz they do'nt let you ride side saddle or...whatever you call it. I got a black and a red golf ball this time! :P

I was talkin to Ema on a chat last night and my brother wanted to get on at 10:45 so I let him. So, I grabbed my Gravitation novel and went upstairs to read it. Though...I fell asleep while reading. >.< And I told Ema I'd get back on after connor got off. Oops...

So, today I am...sitting down on my ass on the computer all day. :P I have nothing better to do. Ema is babysitting and Terra is still out in Wahoo helpin her...cousin, i think...move. And they have no computer so I can't talk to either of them. So...du do do... Oh yea, you wanna see some freakish little drawin's me and Ema drew yesterday?? Well even if you don't, too bad...:P

Lets see...The little chibi dude is mine...and the big circular fuzzy 'wolf' thing is mine... and the rest is ema's...It opens in a new window so just click on the thumbnail...

The back of that paper...

Haha...I love this one. I took over to paper...so ema didn't put much on it. I saw something on an avater here on myo with the saiyuki characers like chibi...freakish...ish. So, I took my hand at drawing them... So they are sown in the left hand corner...

So, thats about it for today....bye bye. I've got a bunch of new art btw...wanna go vote?

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Sunday, July 9, 2006

   Day 1 of the madness...and one still yet to go


So, my great uncle from greece decided to hold a reunion for my grandpa's, his brothers, side of the family. And the park that its in...is 30 minutes away from our house ... Uh...hello? You live how many hundreds of miles away and you plan out the reunion? Scary... Anyway, yesterday was the frist day of it.

My grama asked me and my mom to be the first ones out there to represent her since she couldn't come yesterday because it was out side and all her health problems wouldn't allow her to enjoy herself. So, me and my mom got to the state park at 8:30 in the morning. It was raining on the interstate to get up there and by the time we got to the park, it had stopped but it was so cold outside. Shiver shiver... But then it warmed up.

My day consisted of, introductions galore, listing to old people talk, drawing(once), listening to music(three songs), taking pictures, paddle boatin', and mini golf. Exciting, isn't it?

I went paddle boatin' with my mom and her..um...cousin I think. And my mom and her wanted to switch places in the boat when we were out in the water away from the dock. I was like, "If you fall out, I am going to leave you, go back to the dock, and watch you swim back." Since they were the idiots trying to get the person in back upfront and the person up front in back...

When my dad and brother came, we ate becuase the food came around the same time, and then we went and played a game of Mini Golf. Pretty much...I suck. But I got to use a black golf ball so I 'm happy. :P After we finished that game, after what seemed like hours appon hours...we went paddle boatin'. Just my brother, my dad and me. But...we had 30 minutes to go ride out on the very small lake but we only used like 15. my dad was complaining that his legs hurt and that he was too hot. Oh bull crap. But, whatever. He just wasted his own $8 we had to spend... and guess what we did after that?! Another round of mini golf!!

This time around it wasn't so bad. I still lost....but what ever. I had my black golf ball so I was happy. My brother got my dad a pink golf ball for the second round...and since forgot that the last hole takes the ball under the green and into the basket, I didn't get to take my black golf ball that I wanted, so I took my dads pink one.

We ended up headin for home around 9:20. Which means....we were there for 12 and a half hours!! Thats crazy man!!! But today me and my mom are leaving around 10 instead of 8. Thank god...

Emily is comming with today! Yay! I woulda wanted Terra to come becuase there is a real cool observation tower that I'm going to spend my whole day on and yea... But terra is at her...cousins house I think helpin' her move out. But yea, I'm going to bring my violin and Emilys going to bring her poems and we are going to attempt to write some lyrics.

And wanna hear my new idea?? I wanna learn how to play the drums. Yup. The drums. Dunno how we'll pull it off money wise but, I'll find a way somehow. Emily said she'll come with me to talk to the band director at the high school and see if I can like, get extra lessons from him/her or if they'd recomend me some people that do lessons. Cuz I think it'd be cool to be in the band also. but...that'd be a problem cuz I'm not signed up for that class. Hmm...I'll figure something out.

Well, I think I should go to sleep soon. Cuz it's 3:24....and I have to get up in 6 hours. Haha. Well, have a great day anyone! I'll try to come and comment around 9 or 10 tonight. If I don't, just know the reunion held over past 11. Haha. Well, bye bye now!!

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Thursday, July 6, 2006



I got my photo manager to start working agian! Yesh! I've been waiting forever for it to open. I was going to upload my pictures from the forth on the fifth but, when I clicked on my Kodak easy share program, it wouldn't open. It'd think a while about it, like, have the little hour glass next to the pointer, then...nothing would happen. But I am so happy now cuz it opened! And I shall shower you guys with the silliness that is my friends...yea. I took most of them when it was really dark and the flash made everyone blink....except Vicki but thats besides the point.... I didn't get any pictures of the actually firworks from the 4th...but, I got some pictures of some fireworks from the elementary school's display from the 1st which can be found here on my photobucket account... They were taken by my mom and me.

Anyways, it took forever and a day to get dark outside. I swear... But once it did it was fun. We didn't have that much fireworks. We only spent $52 on all of it. But we had three boxes of artillery shells which were gone in about 10 minutes. It was cool cuz one time, like, three of us went out and light off artillery shells at once. I didn't get mine light once and for the rest of the time we were doing it, Aj was making fun of me for it. But, whatever. Those whicks go down fast on it and the other shell was too close for me to try to sit there and light mine. So...it was either see the pretty lights and seeing my head fall off or let the other two go off while i run for safety.

Sorry that they are kinda small...I had to do this so they wouldn't totally stretch out my page and yea... All pictures were taken by me unless stated otherwise. They are all in order of when they were taken.

Oh look! It's my brother lighting firecrackers...woohoo...

I don't remember what they were trying to do...but i know they wern't lighting firecracckers...maybe burning the box? I don't remember if they started doing that in this picture...Anyway, It's my brother in the..pinkish color shirt and Aj in the black...

Now here they are burning the box with the little punk thingys they give to you to light off fireworks. It's Connor, Aj, and Nick in the background.

I think this one is funny cuz it looks like aj is glaring at the punk...wierd wierd wierd

Jake is the one climbing on the truck and Ema's over on the left side of the pic. It looks like Jake has smoke comin outta his head. The people across the street were lighting off firecrackers...

Ema burning her hair...take 2. Haha. The first picture I took I forgot i was on zoom and it was all blurry and crap. So yea...take 2. She looks oddly happy though...

It's Jake agian! I was laying on the ground and actually took this upside down so I had to switch it around but anyway...He was actually annoying to crap outta me with a little voice changer thing I have but, this picture makes him look calm and stuff. So yea...

I was still layin on the ground and I told Ema to turn around an I snapped the picture. Thats all

Ema took this one. It's of Jake...lookin kinda stupifide...I think he was actually lookin at some fireworks that someone was lighting off.

Heh, I like this picture. It makes me seem tall. Actually all I did was put my arm up in the air and press the button to take the picture. Nothing really much else to say here. But, the lady in the blue shirt is Aj, jake, and nick's mom and the lady in the pink shirt is my mom.

Hmm...no comment on this one.

This is one of those..."Hey mom!" get attention...snap picture. Haha...This started my takin pictures of everyone that way. hehehe... But yes, tis my mom and my brother in the background stuffing his face full of food...

Tis nick...

Tis Jake...he looks like he got beaten up.

See! I told you! The "Hey! Turn around!" snap picture thing didn't work on Vicki!! lol. Ema just happened to sneak into the picture...Actually, I was holding the camera off center.

It tis my brother...He was actually talkin to aj wjem he turned to face me.

After I took connor's picture, aj said, "Wheres my picture?" and if my camera didn't take forever and a day to get of the review of the resently taken picture I would have just snapped the picture right after he said it but no...stupid camera. But whatever.

Nick was messing with sparklers and I thought it would be cool to take a picture. I used the firework option in my camera so thats why nick's face looks distorted and stuff. But, I actually like how this turned out. It's neat looking.

It may seem like he's actually trying to do something here but...in all reality...hes just falling on his ass. Haha...

Oki, so...aj took connor's hat...and started dancing around like an idiot. And in other news, Connor looks like a freak...

Tim, who is aj, nick, and jake's dad, was a little late in coming out when I took everybody's picture so I took it a bit later...

I like this picture of nick for some reason. Dunno why. Just looks cool.

It was Ema's turn for the all dreaded, "Hey! Turn around!" then snap, picture. She wouldn't let me take any of her sept for the ones I got when she wasn't looking...soo yea. Tis Ema

Aj picked up Jake...woo hoo...poor Jake.

Connor took this one. I went inside a bit before that and then spilt crap all over me and I had to change...XP. Anyway, Jake looks rather ammused in this picture...

Connor took this one too. I have absolutly no clue why hes on the ground like that...

Connor also took this one. Not much to say about this but...poor Jake yet agian.

This is the last one connor took before I came back out. Just a picture of Jake.

All fear mighty Jake. :P

Ema is red!! Haha. Want to know the secret to my madness?? Hold your finger over the flash. hahahaha...:P It makes a pretty cool effect though.

My brother agian...

Aj and Jake...

Now...to me, this looks a little creepy...Aj looks kinda weird...

What the hell'd you do to my shoes man?? I dunno...don't ask. I think Aj took jake's shoes off...

Aj took Ema's hat that I was wearin and put it on himself...Did I confuse any one there? Cuz I kinda confused myself...neh...But yea. Thats it for pictures then!!

Picture pictures pictures!!! lol Too bad Terra had to go over to her aunts house it woulda been even funner. Even funner....I;m like a two year old agian!!! hahaha!!!

Have a nice day everyone!!!

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Tuesday, July 4, 2006

   I'm sorry!!


I am soooo sorry I left you guys like that last post. It wasn't really my feelings at that moment. It was just reflection of the past and how some people find themselves. Anyway...Sorry that i left you guys worried/annoyed....whatever soooo yea. Um....thats it really on that subject.

Yesterday well...it's was just a couple hours ago but yea...we set off some fire works. I like...burnt my thumbs a little cuz I was using a lighter instead of the little punk thingys that they give you. Cuz lighters are way cooler man...Um yea....That was all good. I had fun.

Today Ema and Terra are coming over and my neighboors and my family are all getting together...so, lots of people!!! yay! Actually, there will only be...11 people... At least I know everybody. My mom and dad got like, a bunch of hotdogs and hamburgers and chips. They also got chicken wings and they got some spicy barbeque to put on them. My mom's going to work on grillin those and then putting them in the crock pot....yea. I'd help but...i can't cook worth crap. haha...well........Thats about it.

I'll take some pictures later today while everyone gets together and I'll post them...sooooo thats it. Sorry for the lame post. I don't have much to talk about...

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Monday, July 3, 2006

I'm having an off day. Please excuse me of that


Who's the one that said being nice would make you feel good? It's just shit, why should I follow it?

I do believe that was you my friend.

Tell others to follow my advice when I don't even do it myself. How fucked up is that?

You'll feel better in a while.

No I won't. Why do you lie?

Why do you hate then?

I don't hate. I just don't love. I receive no love for there I give none.

You shouldn't do that.

Oh? You think so? Then should I beg for forgiveness at there feet?

You shouldn't do that either. And I don't lie

Yes you do.

To you it might be lying. But, I meant in a couple weeks...months...even years, you'll be okay again. Not right away.

Or so you say.

Why don't you trust?

Because others don't trust in me.

Name a few then, will you?

One would be you.

So you think nobody trusts you? I think you don't trust in yourself.

And who are you to tell me this?

I'm only telling you this for your own safety.

Since when have you cared?

I've always cared. You just haven't opened up your eyes from this darkness you've been in for so long to notice. You're blind beyond reality.

No you haven't. I've always been aware of things and people around me. And I know no one cares.

You're only seeing the world you've created for your own self-pity.

Shut your mouth. You don't know what you're talking about

Okay. If you're tired of hearing me talk about how you could get better, I'll stop. Just try to remember my words. And don't wallow in your own misery for too long.

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Sunday, July 2, 2006

   Oh god do I hate the heat


I hate it I hate it I hate it...Summer has got to be the worst time of the year. Well, just the heat part. I can't stand the heat. I had to go to my brother's baseball game yesterday afternoon and was flipping 96 degrees out side. Gah... And the only cloths that are relativly cool, are black. Neh...So yeah...my shorts were black and the wife beater thingy i was wearing was black... And my face is burnt and yada yada yada....

The grade school I went to a couple years back holds a firework show every begining of July for our independence day. And, they had one last night. I can't say it was all to thrilling. I was paying more attention to the bats flying around in our backyard then the fireworks. But yea! I am soooo happy! We have bats living around our house! Like, ya know, the little furry nocturnal things! I love them! Though it freaked the hell outta my mom.

Talking about animals and stuff, I totally forgot to say something last post. On our drive home from Minneapolis, I called my mom to tell her we were coming home and after we got that all settled she told me my rat died. We don't know how either. It kinda sucks that it died while I was away but, I'm fine with it. I didn't have her for very long and I wasn't really all that attatched to it. I might get another one, I might not. I don't know yet. I'll wait for a while if I want another one though.

You know whats very scary? School starts next month for me. And that means my first day of high school. Yea...not really all too thrilled at this. I have orchestra first thing in the morning though soo...thats good. The orchestra teacher from the high school came and talked to us last year and told us that orchestra is always first in the day. So yea....whatever. I guess I should be getting my schedual and stuff pretty soon. Scary scary...

Thats really all I have to say for today...Soo...yea. Oh wait! Thanks for all the great comments on my picture last post! I know! so cute! lol

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