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Wednesday, December 6, 2006



A lot has happerned since last post. It turns out, i guess, that Dillon (the one that got in the car accident) has to learn how to walk agian. It really really sucks.

Um, it's been cold. This last week it's been around 5-20 degrees. It was nice today. about 40. Tomorrow is supposed to be 23. so yea...cold.

Yesterday the school had our teachers anounce that there was a bomb threat in the history classroom bathrooms. So yea...It said they were going to blow up the school today at like, 11:20 or something like that. I can not tell you how many people were gone today. It was crazy. We had about half of the people in my spanish class. crazy, crazy...

uh...thats about it I guess...i guess not a lot has happend. :P oh well. have a nice day everyone.

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