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Thursday, May 24, 2007



Yes, dreaded finals. Actually, I'm not too freaked about any of them. I can basically fail all of them and still pass my classes. Haha. Except for math...I have a D in that class.

Yea, I have like, 4 A's, 3 b's and a D. It's kinda funny looking on my report card thing. it's like, A, b,a,a,b,d,b. hah... :P

Anyway...School, for me, gets out next wednesday. I hate my school district. Of all the districts around us, we go back the earliest and get out the latest. I said the other day we might as well have year round school haha. Like, next year, we're schedualed to get off June 2nd. neeehhh....

But, i'm happy because I get to go to my first anime con!! yay!!! XD dorky me...

weeeelll...thats it. For those of you guys in high school in stuffs, how did you do on finals? And who's all graduating(ed)? :D

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Monday, May 14, 2007



There is actually something else other then Naruto fan art on the featured art section!! A-mazing!!! XD

Don't get me wrong, Naruto is a great anime. or atleast...it was great till it came over to america. Its kinda too big like... Inuyasha and DBZ now. It takes the fun out of everything. Sorry for all the Naruto fans but, it's kinda true. I still like it though, just not as much as I did when I first started reading the manga. :P

I'm eating a drumstick... ya know like...the ice cream cone... It's very hard to type with one hand. XD

Yea, last time, I put "Pop and Circumstance" rather than "Pomp and Circumstance" ...oops. XD

Anyway...lifes been...interesting. Drama, school, ya know...regular teenage crap. :P How have you all been?

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Wednesday, May 9, 2007

   Roleo and Julio


We started our Romeo and Juliet unit in English the other day. And I accidently said Roleo and Julio. :| We're watching the original movie while we read the book. Actually, we're listening to a tape in class and reading a long with the book but thats besides the point. :D

I'm finally passing Algebra!!! I have a D!!! YAY!!! XD I've had an F for like...forever. So hopefully, I won't have to take algebra next year and go on to geometry. yay...

My friend Ema made Junior Varsity choir today at lunch. It kinda got me thinking that I'd like to join choir. But I'd have to change my whole schedual for next year so, I might just stick to orchestra for my only music course. (yes...I'm in orchestra... :D)

Talking about orchestra, for graduation, were playing Pirates of the Caribbean, Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King. We also are playing The Star spangled banner and Pop and Circumstance like any graduation would. 'Sept, there is 500 graduating seniors this year so we have to repaet like..160 bars of Pop and Circumstance like... 8 times. It is so annoying... >.< I'm not looking forward to that part. But I am excited to play Pirates and Lord of The Rings.

Ema is staying at my house for the rest of the week. Her mom and sister went down to Chicago to watch a Cubs game. And she doesn't want to stay at home with her dad and other sister so shes staying here. lol. I don't blame her. :D

And umm.... I got a 58/60 on my Spanish exam. which is like...a 96 or something. And we where practicing for our writing exam and my teacher was checking over what we wrote and he didn't have anything to correct on my paper of what I wrote up to that point. So hopefully, I'll do good on that. Maybe even pull my grade up from 88% to somewhere in the 90's. that would be cool. :D

I think thats it...so...bye bye! :)

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Monday, April 30, 2007

   Haha. I missed it agian.


I've been on MyOtaku for three years since this last April 17th. XD I missed it agian just like last year.

Shall I be like an old person and go on a big ol' story tellin' adventure about MyO in it's early days? XD No, I won't. I'd bore every one to death. Actually...I don't have anything to say other than its grown emensialy. ...erin can't spell... :P

So, my mom ordered me a Death Note notebook last night. Yay!! I'm gunna cosplay L at the con in June. And yea, I know...L doesn't use the Death Note but hey...it'll be fun to have. And I'd like to eventually do a Death Note group cosplay. It's be cool if I could do that with my friends later on this year. :)

Well...I think thats it. I just wanted to say Happy 3rd Anni. to me. :D

And yo...check it out... (I just uploadedthese so some of you might not to be able to see them till later...sorry.)


Hosted By theOtaku.com.


Emo Dude Practice. Xd

Hosted By theOtaku.com.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

   New computer and Algebra


So, my computer was having some major problems the last couple weeks. So, my parents ordered a new one. A $2,300 one. ...yea, I think it was completly unneccisary to get one that cost that much but, it's really nice. A not to mention big. The tower stands like, right about to my knees and it like i don't know...huge... :P

Today I was happy. I don't know why. Probably cuz I got my math homework done for once and I actually know what I'm doing. My homeroom teacher set me up with a tutor yesterday. And I really didn't like the guy that was trying to teach me. He kinda freaks me out. But, he didn't know how to do anything so we went up to his geometry teacher and he taught me. And now, I understand almost everything. So...I'm happy. :D

I think I might go to and anime convention with my freind Terra. My mom said she might be able to pay for the 3-day pass. So...yay!! Haha. Terra is going to be Gaara. And I think I'm gunna help her make the gourd thingy when she gets the material. And then at the convention, I'm going to probably carry the thi9ng the whole time, (so says terra. Haha) so I'm gunna wear a name tag that says "Official Gourd Carrier". XD I'm going to be L from Death Note because I'm lazy and poor. XD

A lot of my art projects have been put up on display in the library. So has Terra's and Kelsey's. Yay! haha...

Nothing else has really been happening. so...bye bye.. :)

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Friday, April 13, 2007

   Sports Authority fun


My brother had to get his pants and things for baseball, and my neighboor came with. And while my brother was trying on different sizes of pants and stuff, me and Nick were playing on the tread mills, the little bike things, and the weight machines. Nick fell off one of the tread mills. Like, you know how if you stop you go backwards and slip off? Thats what he did. It was really funny.

Then I found a dumbbell that weighed 45 pounds and I was like...oh my god... it's heavy! So I gave it to Nick to hold. He almost dropped it. (The dumbell was about half of what he weighes! He only weighs like, 80 pounds. XD)

All my brothers stuff ended up costing $149. Freakin' crazy. I asked my mom if we could go to the mall so I could get a shirt with my money from easter and she was like, no. Connor's already going to be late for practice. sooo...i didn't go. :P

But we did go to Kmart cuz my mom needed to get a perscription and stuffs. So me and nick and connor were jackin' around. Like, I found this plaid hat and I was running around the store. XD

And I got grillz. XD Okay so, I asked my mom if I could whiten my teeth and she said we could try so I got the little tray thingys but, it's the off-brand kind so they arn't clear. They're blue so when I put them on I walked out of the bathroom and said, "I got myself some grillz!" XD

And then right after I had those in I had chinese. XD Sept the stuff I got was really plain tasting and gross so I stole some of my dad's food. XD

Anyway...My computer at home is completley toast. I couldn't even run it for 5 minutes this morning without some blue screen coming up that says something like, Windows has shut down. There was a potential error and yadda yadda... It's gay. :P

So I don't know if I'll be able to update for a while or not. Sometimes it lets me on, sometimes not. But I'll try everyother day when I'm in this computer class. :)

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

   In computer class agian...


It is so cold in this room. It kind of weird. All the other parts of the school are hot and yea.

Nothing much going on. Just spring break next week and then districts for orchestra in a couple weeks.

Talking about orchestra, at our last concert, we're playing an American Symphony from Mr. Holland's Opus and we're also playing the theme to Halo. We sight read the theme to Halo this morning. It's fun to play. And it's kinda easy.

Anyway, I'm sorry that I'm not commenting on anybodys sites. I just haven't had the time at home to get on and stuff. So yea. Thats about all for today.

Bye bye.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

   computer class is so boring...


Yea, I'm here in my computer class and I'm about to die...It is soo boring. I think right now my teacher is giving everybody time to finish the assignment from last time. And she said five minutes to work on it but it's been like...10. :P

Anyway, yea, that question last time was seriously silly. And the answer was Don was in the kitchen. Yea, silly. whatever. :P

My Gran broke her ankle the other day and me and my dad went to go help her clean and stuff last night. And oh...my god. My aunt thinks for whatever reason, it's a good idea to take my little cousins over for her to watch. And those kids are like a hurricane. The kitchen had mud on the floor, there was cat little from the cat litter bag in the living room. And outside there was chalk sticks laying all over the back patio and they broke one of my gran's flower pots so there was pot pieces everywhere.

I ended up vacumming the cat litter up. And then I did the dishes because they were plilling up pretty bad. Then I made the kids help me pick up the back yard. The older one, Collin, who's like...5, helped me pick up everything. But, the little one, Ireland, who's 3 was yelling at me that I was "Taking her gold away" when I was picking up the pieces from the broken pot. ... I don't understand little kids.

Then my uncle came and picked them up and I cleaned the kitchen floor and then watered all my Gran's plants. And my god...she has a butt load of plants. I filled up a huge hawaian punch bottle thingy three times before I was done. Geesh...

I was talking to my Gran and she said that a bunch of people are going to come and replace her front porch and clean the carpet in the downstairs. Now, you got to understand something before you get why I feel bad for the people from the church. My gran's cats don't go in the litter box usually. And a couple of them have claimed the downstairs as their bathroom. And they have been doing this for so long that everything has soaked into and through the carpet to the baseboards. And it smells horrible down there.

So, I feel really bad for who ever is going to clean the carpet.

Hopefully, if I need to go back tonight, my cousins arn't going to be there. I think I'd die if they were there and I had to pick up another mess.

Well, I think I'm done for today. If I don't comment today, I'll get back on tonight and do it unless I have to go to my gran's house and help out.

Soooo...bye bye. :)

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Sunday, March 25, 2007



I haven't updated in a while have I? Haha.

So, this last week has been kinda boring. I had to dress up for yearbook pictures for orchestra on tuesday morning. The lady was supposed to come to the school at 7:30. She ended up not coming till 7:50. And we took like, 20 minutes to set up and eerything and she took 3 pictures and was done... :P

Then on Thursday and Friday, we had testing. We had to take the Terra Nova. I don't know if any body else takes that but, it is sooo boring and not to mention easy. Like, one of the questions in the Cognative Skills part was...

The chair is in the Kitchen.
Don is sitting in the chair.
Where is Don?

...Now, I don't know if anybody else finds that kinda a silly question for a test like that but, yea...

Anyway, I got off from school at 1 on Thursday and then 12:05 in Friday. ..yes... 12:05. I don't know why they couldn't just make it 12. But oh well.

My back hurt a lot from being slumped over in the desk all day. :P

I went over to my friend's house on friday. And we left for Kearny at 2 in the morning. Why? The watch some stupid birds take off. -__-

Yea, in Kearny Nebraska, around this time of year, these cranes come in and yada yada. And at around 6-7 in the morning they awake from their sleep and take flight. ...

And it just so happened at 6:30 in the morning, it started raining. So, we were soaked, cold, and it sucked total ass. So we rented a hotel room and went to sleep while our cloths were in the dryer. Then when we got up, we drove around and saw the cranes in the fields and then watched them land and geh... It was really boring.

And I swear, those birds were laughing at us. I bet they were like, "Oh look at you stupid people standing in the rain. You know where not going to take off right? So haha, you're standing there getting soaked for nothing! Hah!"

Oh oh oh!! There was this ground of people that all had umbrellas and I thought it looked so funny so I told my friend, "Hey look, it's the umbrella mafia!" And I thought if we ever made a band, we should name our band The Umbrella Mafia. XD

Okay, now Im done making you all read alot. haha. Bye bye.

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Friday, March 16, 2007



Today is going to be bad and boring..

I guess it started last night when I wanted to go out with my mom after she dropped my brother off for this school thing. But my neighboor was like, lets go to the bar! So, I didn't get to hang out with my mom.

Not that I usually want to hang out with her but, I had this dream the other day that really freaked me out. Usually, my dreams don't bother me that much but I don't know... It was basically my whole family died and I was the only one left. I don't know why it freaked me out so much but it did.

My mom is supposedly going to take me to the music store today to get my amp for my electric violin. My dad actually keeps asking me when my mom is going to take me to get it. haha. It's funny.

I found an old friend on myspace the other day too! Well, he found me but whatever. He says he's popular now. Yea...I'm glad someone out of us is. So, that got me thinking of why everyone at my school doesn't like me. I'm really really shy so I really don't know how to talk to people I don't know. It's just really uncomfortable. So...since I don't respond to people the way they want, they think I'm a bitch. And then they tell everybody else that and just like any normal person on this earth, they just believe them without getting to know me. So...yea. It makes me sad to hear him say that he's popular. And it hurts to. He won't notice it ever but little comments like "It's really weird to think I was unpopular once." ...It really hurts.

Well...eh..I sound really...I don't know.

I guess it shouldn't matter if your popular or not. It's kinda hard not to worry sometimes.

Anybody else have this problem?

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