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Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Tuesday September 5, 2006

I have come to the conclusion that I can’t type well. Ehehe… Cuz I re-read my post from last time and oh so many mistakes… So I’m typing this up in a Word Document. :D

Well, today I had to get to school by 7 am. >.< I had full Orchestra rehearsal. That went pretty well. In first period it was more violin playing… Weee…. Mr. Frey gave us seating arrangement for how he wants us to sit in class today. I have to site next to this girl named Hali and she is so obnoxious. Neh… But she said shes probably going to drop the class because she doesn’t like how Frey yells at her. And in all actuality, he just gets angry because she just sits there while were trying to play. So it’s just her fault.

Then in homeroom, (yea I know, it’s weird having it after 1st period) we had a moment of silence for “Steve the Crocodile Dude”. Well, at least the weird people from my middle school did. They seriously creep me out sometimes. And then they yelled at someone who asked what we were doing. o.0

Lets see… In history, it was another boring day of note taking, reviewing, and watching All quiet on the western front. It was a good movie but it was just annoying because we had a viewing guide to go with it. Then in speech we had a test. And we went over what we are. Yea… Kinda weird. I have a mock interview on the 5th of October. I don’t want to do it… But I have to pass this speech class to graduate. How I despise Millard…

In English it was…kinda fun. Kinda boring. But it was funny because my student teacher…person was trying to go over the title for the Butterfly Effect. And then she asked us what the moral to the story was for that story. And a bunch of kids say different things and this kid that sits a couple desks away from me goes, “Don’t butter your flies.” XD And oh my god…he got the whole class laughing. Even my teacher laughed and she doesn’t laugh at much.

On Monday I went with Ema and her Aunt to the mall. We went to Hot Topic first and when we went in there, there was like…heavy metal music playing. And the funny thing was, her aunts like…really religious. Her face was rather ammusing to see. But then we went to a shoe store for our over all goal; To get Ema new shoes. :D She got white and orange Etnies. And they’re like…white. :D Then we went to the book store…And I got the 11th volume of DNAngel! Finally!! X3 I also got a book call Montmorency: Thief liar gentleman?. It’s a good book. Besides it being a scholastic book and having no like…detail on the violent parts or any romance of any kind in it. It’s about a thief that falls thru a window on a roof while he’s running away from the crime scene and then he goes to prison but a doctor saved his life first and yadda yadda yadda… :P Then me and Ema got this book called Twightlight… I think. I dunno, Ema has it cuz it’s like 400 some pages and she reads faster then me. So after she reads it, I’m going to. It’s about vampires and such…fun fun.

Well, I think I am going to go watch House. Cuz that show rocks. :D

Question time!!
Have any idea what you’re going to do this Halloween season?

I’m going to be working at Scary Acres yet again…but I dunno…I might find something fun to do after that night.

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Sunday, September 3, 2006


Sunday September 3, 2006

Haha. A lot of you said that you miss the dnangel layouts. Well, I'm gunna keep this one up for the month of september and I'll have a dnangel one for october. I promise!! lol

Well, last night around 6 I wanted to go see a movie. What movie? I didn't know at the time. So, I called Ema and she said sure she'd go but she had to go to dinner with her family so we had to go the a later show. And then we decided on The Descent. After a while, I called Terra to see if she wanted to come. Then when we finally got everone together we went to the theathre and my mom bought the tickets. (It's rater R so we couldn't buy our own tickets. :P) We were a couple minutes late but the movie just started when we walked in.

We ended up sitting in the second to front row. >.< And oh my god... That movie was the scariest horror movie I've seen since like...well, forever. But now that I think about it, it really wan't all that scary. Cuz like me and terra and ema agreed, the monsters wern't scary looking at all but the way they made the monsters apper was scary. With every thing as dark as it was and they never flipped to a nother scene. It was always in the cave. But yea... Terra says I'm not allowed to pick what movies we go to anymore cuz it really freaked her out. Haha...

Other than that, my weekends been pretty boring. Me and my mom went shopping Saturday morning. We went to Nobbies, a local costume, party supplie store, and then Target, then Big Lots, and then...um...oh yea, we went to eat. And then we went to the thrift store. I got two pairs of tights and some nail polish from nobbies. We originaly went there to look for halloween costumes but the one I wanted was $35 so...were waiting till the price goes down a bit. Then at Big Lots I got the computer program thats kinda like photoshop. It only cost us $3. X3 I still needa figure out how to owkr most of it though. :P But at Target my mom got me a new dc!! Yay! IT was only $13. It's AFI's Decemberunderground. I wuuv it. X3

I dont know why, but I wanna start asking you guys questions. Just because other people do and they get fun answers. :D

So, that being said, whats your favorite non-animated movie(s)??

My answer- Sleepy Hollow...and Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. (I can't make up my mind on the two. :P)

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Friday, September 1, 2006


Friday September 01, 2006

Zomg! I got a muffin!!!! X3 See? look to your right. lol

It's friday morning...I have about 20 minutes before I leave for school....and I look like trash. XD But really, I have the pants I wore when I painted my room and an old t-shrit and an old zip-up hoodie. Life is good. :D

Ah yes, I tottaly forgot about my layout with my post last night. Ehehe.... Anyway, I made it really fast...And keept some of the things from my last layout. like the scroll bar of the page is the same and the link effect thing is the same. Overall is only took me an hour over about 2 days. 2 days because I don't have enough time on this computer every night. T.T I get on and then my brother mysetiously forgot his history book so he has to look at the book they have online. Yea....*grumble*

Um...I guess, thats about it. I really don't have anything else to talk about...cuz I really only wanted to talk about my snazzy muffin I got.... :D

So yea, short, meaninlass post....

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Thursday, August 31, 2006


Thursday August 31st 2006

So, my day was fairly good from the rest of this week. This week was just terrible...but, I won't get into that right now.

Anyway, today in orchestra was really fun. We worked on our scales, listened to some Pink Floyd, played a couple songs....and listened to more Pink Floyd!!! X3 It was so fun. We didn't have to do much of anything. Then in history class...gah...so.boring. Except we put the desks up like trenchs because we were reienacting WWI with the central and Allies groups. I was part of the Central powers. And our ammo...was paper balls!! XD That was fun though. We got to throw crap at each other.

I was all really fine and dandy till I came across this poem thing on sheezyart that basically was just talking about how these kids now a days walk into hot topic and come out with things and suddenly start calling themselves gothic, and they hate the world, and they think it's oh so cool to cut yourself. And the person who made it made it sound like anybody who buys stuff from there does that. Now...the picture said, "HotTopic is for posers" and then everyone commented like, "yea right on with you there! it is for posers." 0.o Wtf?? I get cloths from there, i don't cut myself, I don't hate the world, and I dont consider my self gothic. I've went on this kinda rant before...so...I'm sorry but I mean, just because you wear black cloths and eyeliner does not mean your gothic. It's just a frigin clothing style.... But it is true that these kids, younger than me even, go and get these cloths and say, "Oh look I'm gothic" or, "Oh look I cut myself, Ain't I cool." theres no reason to cut yourself...It's only messing your life up...It's not cool no matter what the new fad of these years are...

Okay...I'm ending that rant because I'm probably going to end up making some big debate that'll piss somebody off. >.<

Anyway, heh...this is going to sound really stupid since I'm saying it right after the rant I just said..typed whatever but, I was on Hottopic.com the other night and I noticed the hoodies and pants in the clearence section were only $12.99. I'm like, o.0. Since when?! So, I talked to my mom and we agreed that I could get three things because I like...barley got any new school cloths. A shirt and two pairs of pants from Thrift World is all I got for school... Anyway, I ended up only getting two things because the two pairs of pants I wanted...only had sizes 0-2. Yea...like I'm gunna fit that. XD But I ended up finding another pair that actually had size 11 avalible. yay!! Sept...me and my mom had to think awhile because some of my pants are 11 and some are 13...so yea...My body is just plain weird...o.0. Yea, I just blurted out what size I wore to everyone.... XD Anyway, I got a black pair of pants with little silver design...things... and an My Chemical Romace Hoodie. Weeeeoo....

Well, I've talked to much...I always talk to much. Oki...so, ya'll have a nice eveining. bye bey!

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006


August 23, 2006

Hah... So, my weekend a couple days ago consisted of this....

Saturday/ Went out to Scary Acres and sorted pants and shirts. And also cleaned off the water on the desk in the prop room. There was a water leak right above the desk and it got all over toe computer, and printer. >.< And then that was mostly it...

Sunday/ Went back out to Scary Acres...at 10 in the morning... and helped Kelc spray paint some styrofoam. And half thru I remembered...Spray paint desolves styrofoam... -_- So yea...that sucked. Then after that Emily came and then we started to scrub down these walls they put up in one of the new rooms for this year. And my.god. It was sooo hard. There was like this...putty sticky stuff that would not come off. >.< So, Emily ran back to the prop room and got some bleach. And that worked wonderfully!!! Just it stunk...really bad... Then we were going to take a break from cleaning those and go sweep the clown room floors because they are going to be painted and then one of the managers asked Kelc over to radio if she could send one of us up to go sweep the new "House on the hill". And I said I'd do it. ...I swept for an hour and a half.... *twitch* I have a blister on my thumb now to. :P

My week at school has gone...alright. Just kinda hard because they didn't give us our planners till today. >:| I reely on that think like a fricken fish does to water. It helps me a lot. And everyone thought I was crazy because I filled out mine everyday last year. Yea...who's the one that passed all their classes?? So... I also got me student id um...yesterday. I look funny. :P I would put the picture up but ya know...my scanner is being a tard...

In other news...my Orchestra teacher was talking today about this spring play we have this year. It's Titanic. And he said that the auditions for the pit orchestra is sometime around december. So, I'm going to try out for that because he said it's a whole lot of fun to be in the pit. So yea...and I think it'll be a good experience.

I think thats it... yea...thats it. so..bye bye. I'll update when I can by the way. I don't know how but I'll try to update atleast every other day.

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Friday, August 18, 2006


Friday August 18, 2006

Gah...I don't like my algebra teacher. She messed up our homework assignment so bad... On her A day classes, she assigned everybody page 58 then problems 1-10. Well, The problems started on 57. So she went to go change it in her lesson planner and instead of changing the 8 in 58 to a 7, she change the 5 to a 7. So she assigned my class page 78. I looked at it last night and I'm like...wtf? o.0 I don't know how to do this at all. So I tried looking up on the internet if it was even the right assignment but, it wasn't on anything. It got me so frusterated it's not even funny. She told everybody to turn in the paper no matter what page the did. Needless to say, I didn't turn in anything today. Cuz yea....Nice big fat zero for my first homework assignment. Yea...nice.

Other than that...my day went pretty well. Wel, besides in gym... After I changed my hair was like a big poof ball. Usually I don't worroy about my hair but jeez... So yea. I'm bring a brush to keep in my locker last time. I'm happy thought cuz on B days, I get to sit with Emily at lunch. Yay! Well, Terra sits with us for about 10 minutes and then she has to go back to class. But anyway...we all three agree that they used artificial cows to make their cheesburgers. o.0 Thats like...the only thing we have to choose from being last lunch. >.< It sucks. But, atleast it's food...

I'm working on finding a new song to put on my site. Because...the song I have up now...really doesn't fit. ehehe.... At the moment a while ago when I was trying to find a song to put up...like sometime last week.... It actually sounded like it fot. But yea...It doesn't. So mamybe tomorrow I'll put a different song up. Yup... That shall be my goal for tonight/tomorrow. Find a better song and put it up! Hell yea...

Um...thats it. Nothing much else to talk about...Soo...I shall go visit sites and...do something... dunno what though... Everyone have a good night! bye bye!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Wednesday, August 16, 2006,

Oh my god! Look! I live....

Umm so...i guess I should start with the layout. Kokuyoku on Deviantart.com(she's also here on myotaku...) drew this awsome awsome picture with I wanted to use super bad for a layout. So, I got permison from her to use the image. And once agian...since the only program I have is MSPaint...it's a very simplistic looking layout and I only altered the image a tiny bit....so yea...

So, I started school monday. Well, tuesday we went to our actually A day classes. Anyway, monday I was like, freaking out all morning before we got to school and I was telling myself, "Erin...just chill...no one else here knows what they are doing so...just chill". Yea...it didn't help much. Atleat monday only us little 9th graders went... I think I woulda really got lost if everyone else in school was there. >.< neh...I don't like this one girl in my homeroom...she's a bitch...for lack of a nicer word. :P. Otherwise...I have no ocmplaints about my classes...

I went to Scary Acres last night to help with some projects. It opens in 38 days and they only have the frame work done in the new attraction. Oh yea...If anybody doesn't know...I don't know why you wouldn't...I've said it 5 million times. XD but anyway, Scary Acres is the haunted house I voulenter at in october. It's fun...Anyway, so yea... They still need to put all the plywood up for the walls in the new attraction and then get all the props in and working. How they are going to get it all done in a month...I dunno. But, they said they were. I'd help put the wood up and stuff but...I don't think they'd trust me with a nail gun. ehehe...

I just wanted to update to say I'm still here and I haven't wandered off too far...I usually don't update this late but I thought, what the heck. So yea...have a nice night everybody.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


|Thursday August 10, 2006|

I have no where to sleep. >.< I can't sleep in my room because theres paint and crap everywhere...my dad and brother are up on the couches...theres no room down in the basement...thus, I cannot sleep.

Terra and Emily came over...um...Tuesday I think to help me paint my room. And gah...me a Terra just finished it yesterday afternoon. :P It took forever. We had to take the stupid little duck border off and fill in the holes with putty...stuff. and then sand the putty. >.< But yea. It tis done. A couple more tuchups and it should be done! yay....

I was thinking of putting up a different layout...but...i'm too lazy too. I seriously cannot keep my mind on one thing for too long. :P I mean...I change my site a lot...I change my hair color alot....neh...Hopefully I don't get a wild hair to go paint my room agian. I think Terra would kill me.

Well, tomorrow....or today....whatever, I am leaving with Terra to go to Worlds of fun and Oceans of fun in kansas city. So yea...I won't post till like...sunday because when Terra and I get back Saturday, Emily wants to do something. So yea...If I don't post all weekend, I'll probably end up posting Monday night...monday night after school. Damn you you evil thing..... soo...i guess...wish me luck at school just in case I don't update till then? ...first day of high school.... weeeoooo.....

short post but....i dunno what to talk about but I wanted to post....i won't be able to visit sites because my dad wants on right after this.... :P Oh and ghettostar0492, sorry I won't be able to get you that code till monday ish... sorry! Hopefully I can get a hold of a computer relitivily soon so I can send you it! sorry agian!

Have a great day everybody. Talk to ya'll later. bye bye

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Monday, August 7, 2006


|Monday August 07, 2006|

I'm cold...I'm tierd...and I need to clean the bathroom. >.<

Last night, I cleared out my room so we can paint it. It didn't take me very long but boy...it my dresser fricken heavy! And I even had the drawers out of the thing. :P

This is my room...as of now. Minus the desk and bookshelf still in my bedroom...

And this is my actual bedroom...If you look closely, I have a pickachu plushie in my window. XD I love that little thing.

Dunno why i posted those pictures...I just felt like it... Yes, my room is small. :P And guess what? My words echo now that there is close to nothing in my room. That amused me till no end last night. :D Then I remembered the line from Dead Man's Chest and I said it over and over and over and with all the echoy stuff...it sounded cool. But, I think I was annoying my brother. If someone was saying, "I got a jar of di-rt" over and over....would you get annoyed? XD

I went "school cloths shopping" last night. If you can call getting two zip up hoodies and a tshirt school cloths shopping. :P My brother got like...6 shirts and 4 pairs of jeans. 0.o I already got jeans earlier this month...last month...whatever. But yea...I forever hate Kmart for it has nothing I like. It sucks that hottopic is so expensive... :P Yes, I'm a dork. I want cloths from hot topic and I go to Kmart! :D

Oh, yea, my dad fixed my computer. yay! He just restored it the way it was back on August 1st. And that meant the layout I was working on for a friend went bye bye... T.T but thats oki! I still had the images so all I needed to do was redo the coding. :P So I did that, and then I made another layout for another friend. Emily has hers up. When I showed her screenshots of it thru email shes like, "Holy shit Rin chan!" and I forgot that i sent her them and I'm kinda like "...what?" then she says, "you didnt have to do that. thats fricken cool"

but yea...so um...thats it for now. I was in the midst of visiting sites last night but MyO was being a turd...sooo, i didn't finish. I got to like....4 people's sites outta like...10. So yea. Me off to go do that... then clean my bathroom...and hopefully paint some of my room later on today.

pweeshaw! watch me dissapear!

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Sunday, August 6, 2006


|Sunday August 06, 2006|

Well, I am very sorry but, I may not be on for a while. My brother did something to our computer last night and whenever we try to open anything, these little windows of something pop up and we can't open the program we wanted to. I don't really know whats wrong; I was just listening to my dad talk to my mom earlier this morning. My dad did a scan and it found 99 things wrong. Neh... The only reason that I'm able to post now is because I'm on my grama and grandpa's computer. And their keyboard is being a turd... It's a wireless keyboard and it keeps cutting out and it won't type for a little while. :P

My mom and dad went to go babysit my cousins last night. I guess the little 5 year old, Collin, starting to tick my mom off. I dont blame her though. That kid is so annoying. But, anyway, she went outside to have a ciggerette, (that word is had to spell....) because my aunt and uncle don't smoke. Thats the polite thing to do. Actually, it would be good if they didn't smoke at all. But anyway, she went out side and Collin followed her. And he said, "You shouldn't smoke around me," so my moms like, "You followed me out here. And besides, we're outside." and he's like, "Well, you arn't supposed to smoke around little kids. Espessially me." So my mom says agian, "You followed me out here." Then collin says, "Well it'll get into my lungs. I can get second hand smoke." And keep in mind, this is a 5 year old saying this. What 5 year old knows this? Everything he said is true but my god kid. She went outside and you followed her. That kid is the biggest brat in the world. :P

Um, I think I'm gunna wrap this up. Because this keyboard is really starting to tick me off. So, bye bye all!

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