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Thursday, November 9, 2006

   wee....4 more days


Yup....four more days till sunday. Till my birthday. wee....

Anyway, tuesday night I went to the mall with Ema and Terra. Well, first we went to deparmtment store because I needed new shoes. And buying Chuck Taylors there is a hell of a lot less expensive than going to hot topic and buying them there.

So...I got my self some new chucks...that are very...very...white. :D At the mall I got volumes 7, 8, and 10 of gravitation and Loveless 3. Yea, they didn't have volume 9 of gravitation so what the hell! Just get 10 and read that! :P Ema got the 3rd volume of Diabolo and the 5th volume of Saiyuki reload. I hope she reads them fast...cuz I wanna read them. haha.

We walked across to Barns and Noble a little bit after to check out there manga section. They didn't have the 9th volume of gravitation either. Which irked me a bit. So, I'm like, I'll just not get anything here. I've already spent close to a hundred.... hehe...yea. Then me and Terra are looking around a nother section of the store while Ema's off looking at the cds and in the teen reading stuff, theres a bunch of manga in thet section. So I'm looking at that and I find Ouran High School Host Club volume 1. I'm like, Oh!! me getty!! XD

I'm surpised though, cuz the manga and anime follow each other like, exactly. Well, atleast with the first volume.

Anyway, I'll visit when I get home from school. Ema should be here any minute to take me to school. You all have a good day!!

...oh no...I have a presentation in speech class today...crap...

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