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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

   Tired Tired Tired


Well, I just got done redoing my friends MyO site. Well...I changed some thing on her site but, thats it. well...oki...i changed everything but thats oki. go visit her people! She needs more visits!! XD her username is blackdragonoffire.

I also helped her change somethings on her myspace, livejournal, and xanga. And I also changed my myspace blog and profile too...and my xanga...hmm...I did a lot. oi...my username on xanga is enna_invisible same on myspace too...i think...but I have my profile set on private on myspace...

Oki! Enough rambling! So, today was basically pointless. I got up at 11:30 only to have to go out side and help lift our garage door up. Damn that thing is heavy and really heavy when you just woke up... After that I put some actually cloths on instead of my pajamas and went and cut down weeds and crap. Grr...how I hate those little hand clipper thingys... So after that I went inside and tried to play FF9 but...I'm stuck. So I'm waiting for Ema to come over and help me.

Then I tryed to put my brother's hair into a mowhawk but...didn't work to well. His hair was to heavy and long. Sooo...I was talking to him and I asked if he would want a real mowhawk. So, while I went to the library with Terra and Ema, my mom gave my brother a mowhawk. Am I even spelling that right? Mowhawk? Anyway, he looks funny now. haha.

Terra rented the 1st disc of Loveless from NetFlix. I can't wait to watch that. I've seen the first episode on youtube but ya know...you tube kinda sucks...

No picture for today cuz I'm too lazy to go find one and resize it! So...good night! even though it 5:20 in the morning...

[Edit]I lied...i did find a pic. Oki well, I drew this picture earlier this morning. Tis Dark from DNAngel....chibified-ish...And he's talking about Krad...also from DNAngel... It's more of an inside joke between me an my friends. I'll do one of Krad stating Dark's fear later... Okay really, Krad ain't an idiot but, hey, i thought it would sound funny....


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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

   Will you lookie that? I'm back!


Actually, I've been back since Sunday night. I just had a lot to do Monday. So anyway, be prepared for a long post. And pictures! Ah yes, ze pictures...Anyway, onto the story!!!

Okay so, Friday morning my dad drove me over to Ema's house around 7 and we didn't leave till noon but thats okidoki. Well, the drive up there to Minniapolis Minnesota wasn't that exciting. We had are times where someone would say something funny but, I can't remember anything really. Once we got up to the hotel, We um...took our stuff upstairs to the 5th level (top level. haha. it was so cool) and sat around for a while. Then if I remember correctly we went to the Mall of America, which was across the street from our hotel. And we stayed there till the stores were closed. I got the 2nd volume of Loveless and a Sketchbook from the Barns and Noble while Ema got the um...neh...I don't remember anymore... Then we went back to the hotel and we read our manga for a while but then I got tierd. I slept on the floor friday night because there were six of us. Ema's sister got to sleep on the cot which was more like an actual twin bed. And Ema and Terra shared one bed and Ema's parents got the other bed.

Then saturday morning I got up, took a shower then me terra and Ema waited in the room a while and then walked around while Ema's parents were in a meeting for something for the choir kids. Oh yea, we went up there becuase Ema's sister, Angela, left there to go to Europe for the Midwest Honor Choir thingy. So yeah. After that we...went to Denny's to eat. I had an omlet. nyahaha. Then after that, Angela got her own room so she left us. Then we went over to the mall once agian. Ema, Terra, and I, I swear, walked around the whole damn mall. Its so big!! We landed at a book store finally. And I got the 5th volume of Cross and the um...damn...i don't remember but I got something else. But then I got both Terra and Ema a manga because I couldn't get anything for them for there birthdays back in May. And all the books in the store were 10% off for I only needed to pay $8.99 for the regular 9.99 books. yay.

Then, saturday night Ema slept on the cot thingy and me and terra shared the bed. It was really funny because we were making fun of Ema because she has a little crush. It's a long story but, we said that we'd put her in a box with him and the box would say "Giggle" on it. We went on for about a hour with that. Then, Ema sat up and me and Terra both though she just had her hair in her face so Terra got up close to her face and when Ema looked up, scared the shit outta her. Ema says she had her hands over her eyes and when she looked up terra was right there. But anyway, she jumped back and screamed a little and she went back so far on the bed that she hit her head really hard on this glass nightstand thingy. Me and Terra couldn't stop laughin. I was so funny. Not that she got hurt but, how scared she was.

Well, sunday morning we went to church service at Central Luthern Chuch in Minniapolis to watch/listen to the Choir that Angela is in sing. I got videos of it but, I'll put them up sometime later. After that we had lunch at the mall and then went back to the hotel to get all our things packed up and put in the car. I took a pillow, a glass, and an ashtray from the hotel room. The pillow becuase it sounded good to have on the ride home, the glass cuz it looked like a glass from the western movies that they use to drink whiskey, and the ashtray becuase it looked werid and my mom and dad could use it.

The ride home was uneventful to. Though Ema's dad missed the Concil Bluffs/Omaha exit that we needed to take to get home...

Here are some pictures...There are too many to put descriptions on soo...I guess your on your own to figure them out. But just to tell you, the first ones of the plants and crap are in Iowa in a rest station. Terra is the one with blonde hair, Ema has black, and I'm the idiot hidding behind the window curtain... The other ones mostly speak for themselves. The church...actually, i think the actually title of the place is Central Luthern Cathedral. Not chuch..oh well. But anyway, all the pictures of it are the bottom ones.

Sorry for not making much sense today. It's 3:20 in the morning and I'm tierd, and not thinking straight really...

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Thursday, June 22, 2006



I usually don't like to update this late but, I don't know when I will be able to next. Tomorrow morning I'm heading over to Ema's house early because we are leaving for Minnisota! Ema's sister is going to Europe and her plane takes off up in Minniapolis so, her mother said we could come along for the little road trip. Okay, not little. It's six hours to get up there Ema said. So, yeah. I don't if we are coming home saturday night or sunday afternoon/morning but, I know for sure that I will be home monday so I'll update then and post pictures cuz I'm bringing my camera. hehehe... Hey, who all lives in Minnisota? I could come see you guys who do! just kidding. I sound like some kinda pshyco killer person...:P

Today, Ema and I went to work with my mom...agian. We had to drive all the way out to Freemont which is like, um, 45 minutes away from my house. Not that I minded but, they had road construcion everywhere! And since my mom couldn't pass anyone, we were stuck behind a guy going like, 50 mph where everyone was going are 70. Grr...but anyway, we re-did the rice and beans section of the grocery store. And Ema damned Uncle Ben. haha. I don't really know what she did but she's like, "Damn you Uncle Ben!" So, everytime we picked up the Uncle Ben rice and stuff, she'd curse at it. Then she picked up these gummy worms that were in the aile we were in and she said they were really hard like rock hard and I just look at her and start laughing my ass off. Then she called me dirty minded. I'm a little weird like that... But then we sat on the floor and rolled a can of stuff across the floor to each other. I can't even remember what it was now... Then this one lady came over to us and askes, "Do you know where the crazins are?" And I'm thinking, 'What the hell are crazins?'. But thats besides the point. Then she says, "I think they are by the rasins." ... Ema and me started laughing so hard and I'm telling her, "Shh! Be quiet!" Because it was rude even though I was laughing too. I mean, if you know that they are by the rasins...go over by the rasins. So, my mom went to go help her look for them and all the meanwhile me and Ema are still laughing.

At the end of our little working period, my mom had to have the store director come over to look and the work we did and make sure it was okay and, one of my mom's co-workers, John, I think, is walking by the end of the aile we are in with a box of chicken strips from the deli in his hands and Ema yells out "Chicken!" XD Then John motions for us to come over to him and he's like, in a joking but true way, "You have to act more mature when your mom is talking to the store director!" Then I cross my arms over my chest and stand up straight and close my eyes and Ema did the same to try to look, 'mature', but then I started laughing and so did Ema. Then we made John laugh so, that was good.

So overall, we had fun. Though I was unusually hyper today. hmm...

Anyway, I finished the 2nd disc of Final Fantasy 9 yesterday. And I started the 3rd. ...Exciting, isn't it?

I drew two new picture and I have them up. One is of Fayt and Sophia from the rpg Star Ocean and one is of Vivi from final Fantasy 9. I would like it if you guys go and vote on them. Either yes or no! I just want to hear/see your opinions!!

Once agian, this was taking by me at Wherspann Lake located not to far from my house.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

   Ooh...short post today


Terra and Emily spent the night last night. And right now Terra is showing Emily the aeons in final fantasy 10 since she hasn't seen them in action. And talking about final fantasy, dbzFreak93, to answer your question, there are like, 11 final fantasys i think. And another crystal cronalgies thingy ma jig that is also a final fantasy...but yeah...whatever...

Terra dyed my hair last night. We just got a dark blonde color, but, it didn't cover up the black in my hair to well but it did cover the lighter color on the top part of my hair. I got it two-toned black and red a while ago just for ya'lls infromation...

I was going through my friends list again and deleting a few that I haven't heard from in like...5 months soo...yeah. I think it sounds kinda rude but funny when you delet a person from your list and at the top of the page it says, "You friend has been deleted".

Thank you guys for all the nice comments about my amv! I feel good now!! ^^ Oh and I guess I should say also thanks for 14 comments! Thats a lot for me! ^^

I should get off now since Terra and Emily are upstairs and I've been down here on the computer for a while now...So, bye bye all!! ^^

I got my pictures to work! Yay!!! This was taken by me at Wherspann Lake by my house. ...even though it's not a picture of the lake...haha

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Monday, June 19, 2006

   Is this the chemeleon boy I swear I'd never become?


Did everyone have a good day? Have a good day yesterday? I hope so.

Saturday Ema and Terra came over. And I played Final Fantasy 9 all night ... while Ema tried telling me where to go and Terra made fun of me ...

Then yesterday, sunday, Ema had to be home by 12 so my mom and dad dropped her off then came back and got me, my brother, and Terra and we went over the my grama's house. We celebrated my grama's and brother's birthday. Their birthdays were both this last friday, the 16th but, since we get together on sundays, we just celebrated it then. My brother got a basketball, a baseball cap, The All American Rejects Move Along cd, um...can't remember the rest. He only got two other things besides that though.

Then, after we got done with all that fun stuff at my grama's house, we went home and then we went to my brothers baseball game. They lost agian but not as bad as their last game. The last game they lost 25 to 0 but this game they lost 11 to 7 I think so its not that bad.

Then we dropped Terra off and I got on the computer and the rest is history I guess...

I have come to the conclusion that my music is never going to work...grr. Sooo....anyways, I'll be putting random amvs I've made up for a while. I'm havong problems with those pictures I took so untill I figure out the problem...i'm posting my amvs. Sorry for you guys with low speed conection or what not.

This is an AMV I made for my friend's birthday last year. Uploading it to youtube made the music kind of a bad quality so, excuse that please.

Anime: DNAngel by Yukiru Sugisaki
Song: Chameleon Boy by Blue October

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Friday, June 16, 2006

   Oh will you look at the time?


Yea, at this moment, it is 3:06 am central time. Woohoo.

I'm talking to Ema right now on a gmail chat and she says she knows what a turtle sounds like. It's like, lay off the crack there Ema. It's bad for you. You know I'm just kidding Ema-chan! ^^

Well, as you can see, I have changed my theme once agian. I did like my other one and I had it up for a good chunk of time but, i found this wallpaper which i absolutly love! I hope the music works...I really really do. I need to find a better way to play it...It keeps stopping as I listen to it. Maybe it's because I uploaded it to my freewebs account and yea...I'm confused. It's too late to be questining the computer...neh....i can't spell.

Ema brought over the first disc of Final Fantasy 9 yesterday. And then this afternoon I beat the 1st disc. Now next time I see her which will probably be in a day or two, she'll give me the 2nd disc. Yay!

Thats about all I have to say since I was playing ff9 all morning. So...I guess this is my leave.

And as I said in my last post, I'm posting pictures that I took when me and my mom and Ema went to the nature park/lake thingy by my house. Here is anothing one of the many I took:

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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

   Hello all


Well, this morning, me and Ema went to work with my mom. We got up at 6 and we left at 6:30. And, we got home exaclty at noon. And this is after we went to Bakers, redid the cheese section, then went to Wal MArt and then stopped at Burger king. Yea...so after that...we went home and ate our stuff from burger king. Then...i went to sleep. i slept from 1 too neh...5? yea. 5. And then I um...dunno what I did...

I'm really surprised i got 13 comments yesterday. and i didn't even visit anyone. thank you guys.

Heres one of my amvs I've made. You'll have to turn off my background music. To turn off my background music, press the red x on the top of you web browser by the forword arrow.


I went to the nature park thingy by my house with my mom and Ema last night. And I took a lot of pictures. I'll post them instead of anime pictures for a while so, here is one of the many I took:

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Monday, June 12, 2006

You left me in the dark see after I offered to help. You left me to fend for myself in the world of hate.


Jeesh...It took me three tries to get the add post page to appear.

Anyway....It is now, 12:13 am central time. And I am reading DNAngel fanfictions. I've read so many the past couple weeks I can't keep straight which story goes to what title. But yea...I'm having fun.

Oh my god...Ze funniest zing happend ze ozer day at Emily'z houze. hahaha...I'm having fun wiz ze z's. nya....Anyway, yea, The funniest thing. Well, oki. To me and her that is. We were sitting at her kitchen table and it was around midnight or whatnot and she has a bit window by the table and since it was dark outside, when you looked out the window, all you saw was your own reflection, like a mirror. So, I took a pen and 'poked' her with it. I was sitting a far amount of way from her and I just made it look like it thru the window. And then, there was a moth on the window so Ema like, was flapping her hands around and ran up to the window and slammed into it...like a moth. So then I'm like, "Imagine what someone would think if they were to walk past and see what we were doing. They's be like...what the fuck are they on?"

Sooo...I went out side with my camera and recorded this little thingy...it's Ema's version of the moth man. nya...i'm kinda stupid sometimes.

Nyaha...Ema's such a dork. But, thats oki doki.

Owee....I just bit my lip...don't ask me how...I just did...

And from now on, Dark, from DNAngel...is afriad of spiders! bwuahahahaahahah........umm...hello!

Okay...I think I'm done now. bye bye all.

Blue October my myotaku peepers. yea...I'm tierd and when I'm tierd...I talk weird...or would that be type...hmmm

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Sunday, June 11, 2006



Um...yea...I was over at Ema's house last night. And she was over at my house the night before that and the night before and um...I think the night before that.

Well, we went to the mall the other day. I think it was friday...so yea...She got me that Dir en grey t-shirt at Hot topic along with some braclets with six cross charms on it and a cross necklace that I figured out will work, i think, really well if I have the same costume for scary acres that I had last year. She also bought me the 1st volume of Gravitation and the 2nd volume of The Candidate for Goddess. So yeah...that was fun...I still haven't got anything for her birthday though...i feel kinda bad. But, she said she wasn't going to spend her left over money from her trip on herself. mou...

Anyway, me and emily are going to go up to scary acres which is the haunted house we volentered at last year to help rebuild and paint and such. Sooo...yea. I guess I'll tell how that went later...

I had to go to my brother's baseball game today. the lost...25 to zero. Yeah, they quite the game in the 3rd inning...They suck...But, my brother played catcher and pitcher. He has only catched two other time and he has never pitched before. neh...

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Friday, June 9, 2006


Only a day missed. Not that bad, ne? It's better than someother times I've been gone. But, whatever.

Lets see, today I'm going to the mall with Ema. She has over $300 from her D.C. Trip that she didn't use. And she says that she's going to blow it all on me and Terra. I'm like, "Neh? It's your money! Go spend it on yourself!" But nooo...She's gonna make me feel bad.

I was supposed to get a job this summer but noooo. My mom said she was going to talk to someone at the Bakers supermarket up here by my house but, either the people haven't been there to talk to or she forgets. I mean, the faster I get a job, the faster I stop asking for money from my parents. mou...nothings going my way so far this year. Ohhhhhh yea! I got my report card in the mail the other day! I guess thats one thing thats on my side!!

My Grades for Semester 2 and Quarter 4
Class Quarter Sememster Comments
English 8 B B Is a pleasure to have in class. Uses class time constructivly.
Spanish 1 B B Muy Bien! Have a wonderful summer and good luck in high school!!!
Pre-Algebra 8 A A Worked very hard this quarter. Is a pleasure to have in class.
Science 8 A A Shows a positive and cooperative attitude. Expresses creativity. Demonstrates leadership qualities in this course. Is a pleasure to have in class.
History 8 B B Is a pleasure to have in class.
Orchestra 8 A A Shows a positive and cooperative attitude. Came to class prepared. Is a pleasure to have in class.
Painting A A --
Phys. Ed. 8 A A Showed good effort

I hope that table worked. (sorry for the big space above the table....I don't know how to get rid of it. :P) lol Well, I also got my English and Mathematics ELO Assesment scores. In the math one, I got a 38/60. The cut score was 30 so I barely made it! I'm glad too cuz I didn't want to take this over agian. All Millard school kids have to pass all these ELO Assesments before they can graduate from a Millard High School by the way. I got a Barely Proficient grade that says: This student is one who can do most assigned tasks, but only after careful introduction, help with some of the skills, and a considerable effort on the student's part.

So yeah. On my english one, I got a 53/60 and the cut score was 37. So, I passed that one fine. I got a Beyond Proficient mark which says: This student can accomplish most tasks required to be succesful in reading at this grade llevel and complete those tasks independently.

So...yay! I just felt like sharing. Bye bye now!!

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