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Monday, November 6, 2006



I read some of my fanfictions I have up on ff.net and I have now decided to finally continue my stories. :D ....amazing...isn't it?

I haven't worked on any of my stories in months now. I think it's about time I start back working on them.

Oki...anyway...My birthday is this sunday. I'm going to be 15. Woo hoo! Finally. I think I'm going shopping with Tiff and Ema Friday. And maybe Terra if she wants to come. It should be pretty fun. Oh yea, my cake I'm getting is going to be black and red. ;P I got to pick out how I wanted my cake and it's going to be black with like, red decorations. Yea, I'm a dork but I thought it would look cool.

But yea, I'm really excited to see what my grama got me for my birthday. Because my mom said I'd really like what she got me. I bet this week is going to be reeeaaalllyy slow now. :/ damn...

well...thats about it. you guys have a good night. And next time I post I'll be sure to get around to everyones site instead of just one or two like last night...or whenever that was. I'm just being lazy right now...

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Sunday, November 5, 2006



A lot has happened on here while I've been gone. People living, more people came. Yea...I'm a dork.

But really, a couple people from my friends list left and I never got to say bye because I was at work. Oh well, too late now.

Talking about work, we had our Scary Acres party yesterday. It was okay. A little boring, but okay. I got an award. I was the Jekyl and Hyde award. The award was for "a person that is really quiet before we load up the house but then after we open, and goes crazy when we open and groups come through." That managers decided to do that award for me. It was kinda funny to, when they were reading the thing about the award, everybody was like, "Erin!". haha. It made me laugh. I also got my money too. I was thinking I was only gunna get $200. Which would still be okay but I was kinda bumbed because almost all the other core managers were getting more. But! I ended up getting $500!!

500...jeez, thats really a lot to hold in your hands, you know? It's the most I've held in my whole life and it's all mine!! I was so happy when I counted it I was jumping up and down. haha...

Yea, I changed my site cuz my layouts take a long time to load on peoples computers and I just wanted to go back to a plain-type layout. I like this color blue so I'm like, what the hell...make a theme out of it. :)

I went to a Blue October concert on thursday. It was fun. I was pissed at the beginning because my camera wouldn't take any good pictures but Ema's sister fixed that for me. I'd post pictures but, I took like, 130.... eheh...

And now you all get to look at your emo buddy!! XD Sorry, thats what someone on myspace called me the other day when they saw this picture...

yea...cuz you have a side part, black dyed hair, and thick, black rimmed glasses your emo... I don't get this world. :P

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Saturday, October 21, 2006


Saturday, October 21, 2006

As promised, I'm posting pictures from Scary Acres today.

This is me and Ema. Me on the right, Ema on the left.

Mohawk (Dan. We call him mohawk cuz well, he has a mohawk.) and Tabby with a hand print on her face, Carissa in the background and jackie with her back to the camera.




Angela and Scott. Angela is the prop room manager. I don't know what she was doing. Can't remember...

Larinda and Tabby



Jordan and Jessica


Nick and Savanah

Tiffiny and Greg

Larinda and Katelin

Jared a.k.a Tiny. XD he's like, 7 feet tall and we call him Tiny.





Ema and Me

Jenny and Mohawk

me agian...

Mohawk and Jenny....

Dan and Kelsey


Theres a strobe light behind where ema was sitting and I thought it would be cool to get a picture right when the strobe went off. :P

Dan, Jenny, and Mohawk

Kelsey in her 'house'. haha

Emo corner....:P


Yea....i dunno.... I think thats gunna be it today. Cuz I can't think of anything else to say...

[EDIT] It's snowing at the nebraska game down in lincoln right now. Lincoln is about 45min away from my house. negeh...it's to early for snow...[/EDIT]

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

I’m a fuzzy caterpillar! …and I want Mikeys’ nuts. O.o yea…long story.

As far as the fuzzy caterpillar goes, I dunno… but last night, for some strang reason I was stuck to work in the graveyard at scary acres. And I was crawling all on the ground. Weee…. And this one group came through, and guy and two girls. At first the guys’ like, “oh, she wants my foot.” Then one of the girls goes, “Oh my god Mikey, she wants your nuts.” So, I want Mikey’s nuts. *rolls eyes *

I have this whole week of school off!!! Bwahaha!! It’s our “Fall Break”. And I love it to death! It really helps with working at Scary Acres. Gives me time to sleep in in the mornings. Sept for today, I woke up at 9 because I have to be up at Scary Acres by um…11:30 to help do a tour of the place with a bunch of little kids. It should be interesting.

But I am sooo excited!! Tonight, Ema has planned a party over at her house. And a bunch of people from Scary Acres are coming! Yay! ^^ We’re gunna watch a bunch of movies and things… I dunno, Ema’s taking care of it all, I don’t have to worry about it. Haha.

I’d have pictures of all us freaky people from Scary Acres, but I have no time to get them uploaded to photobucket right now. So, tomorrow or whenever the next time I’m on I’ll do it.

Well, I really have to go. Ema’s gunna be here soon to take me to scary acres with her. So, bye bye.

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Friday, September 29, 2006


Friday September 29, 2006

Oh my week was just peachy!! >.<

Well, monday through wednesday was alright. But thursday I stayed home because I was sick. :P I've had this thing since the begining of August. It'll come, go away, and then come back agian. Stupid ass colds. Anyway, I was going to go to school today but, now I have pink eye. And good dammit all I want to do is go to school!! ...0.o I know that sounded weird but my A day class are fun. It's only orchestra, histroy, speech, and english. Easy Easy...

But yea, I have pink eye. *grumble* That means no contacts for a while. .....I think someones out to get me.....

Well, over this week and whatnot, I've read the 14 and 15th volume of Angel Sanctuary, and 1-4 of Chobits. So yea....exciting, isn't it?

And or the riddle thingy last time, Kawaii Presea and Shuichi2cute got it right.

The riddle thingy was....
A man leaves home and takes three left turns and runs into a man with a mask. What is the profession of the first man?

And the answer was a baseball player. :)

Have a nice day all!! And if anybody lives around Omaha nebraska or close to, come to Scary Acres Tonight!! It's our opening night!!! Heres the website for more info. And yea....whatever. :P

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Thursday, September 21, 2006



Thursday September 21, 2006

I'm not making this a full blown post...just a couple school things and a riddle...brain teaser thing... Since I have a lot of Algebra homework and I don't have any time to go visit...

Anyway, I have a A in english, orchestra, history, gym, and speech. I have a B in Biology and a C in Spanish and Algebra. So...I'm doing oki in School...so far.

I have a mock interview on the 5th of October...fun fun. :P

Oki, so here is the brain teaser thing...My mom nor my dad could get it so, I think it's hard enough that unless you've already heard it, I don't think most people will get it. My english teacher has a book of brain teasers and this is where it came from...

A man leaves home and takes three left turns and runs into a man with a mask. What is the profession of the first man?

profession means job by the way.... I had a couple people in my class ask what a profession was so yea...But hopefully you all are way smarter then them!! but you know...just in case....

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Monday, September 18, 2006



Monday September 18, 2006

Neh...I'm sick...for the second time this school year. I mean, c'mon. You'd think that after getting something once, you wouldn't get it a month after. Grr... I touched my hand to my head and it's like, "Oh my god...Could I get and colder?" My hands are freezing. I took my tempurature and it was only 96.8 degrees Ferenhight. 0.o What the hell...

Needless to say, I'm not going to school...And I'm glad that I called my mom over my original plan to tell my dad before he left for work. Cuz my mom had no problem with me staying home. My dad would of yelled at me. :P

Well, saturday I went up to Scary Acres. And half way thru the day, about oh, 6-7 ish, these big clouds moved in. They were really pretty because they were huge and puffy. But, as it go darker outside, the wind picked up faster then it had been going and it started to lightning. I have no problems with thunderstorms, so, I though it was kinda cool. ...even if there was no rain... :P Then we got home at 8:45 and I went to take a shower and I got out and they have tornado warnings and such on the tv. My dad was being a total jackass about it. He was watching to football game and he was drunk and he tried to tell my grama when she called that there was no tornados that hit the ground and that my mom was being way to worried about it and shes just fucking scared.


oki, first off, before I got home, there was a tornado that came down in York. About 45 minutes (if you drive fast) from where I live. And then after a while of just watching the tv, the friggin storm moved towards us. 0o A tornado toutched down on 180th and Harrison and then 151st and Harrison. ...I live on 149th. Now that just kinda like...freak me out! >.<

As much as I like lighting and thunderstorms... I hate tornados. They scare me. :P It shall go on my list of fears. neh...

But, we're all okay. I don't think there was any big damage. Just feilds and stuff. Thank god nebraska has a lot of fields. :D

You guys have fun at school...or work...whatever it is you do, while I sit here freezing my butt off. :P Bye bye all.

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Saturday, September 16, 2006


Friday....saturday...oh what the hell ever!!!

...Anyway, I kinda sounded like a bitch in my last post. I could have made that sound a little nicer. Sorry.

Anyway, I was visiting sites just a second ago and I went to Elvesatemyramen's site and she told a little story and it reminded me of something that happend at Scary Acres last year...

Oki, so, there was 5 of us in the graveyard. Jordan, Ema, Terra, Dillon, Brian, and me. Oki...i lied. 6! I can't count... Anyway, me and terra and ema and jordan are hanging out with Brian. We were all kinda like, "Is he gay or not?" to ourselves. But then he told us he was and were like...pfweo...makes life easier. :P

But thats not to funny part. Dillon (who is homophobic) comes over to where we are sitting/standing and we pissed Dillon of some how and he's like, "Fuck you!" and brian goes, "When, where, and how hard?" And oh my god...the funniest thing that happend all year! But yea....'scue me for the language.

Anyway, schools been doing...oki I guess. Sept my classes these last two days have seemed to go on forever.

I am sooo exciting for My Chemical Romance's new album The Black Parade. I've been listning to the song on myspace for like...a half hour now. XD Anyway, I'm not to happy though that Gerard bleached his hair. I was almost in tears when I saw his hair. :P

Well, enough of my random blabbering today...tonight... Oh, one of these days I might bring my camera to scary acres and get some pictures of the people I work with for you guys to see. :) I might bring it tomorrow and get pictures of my fellow core managers. :P

So, 'night and have good dreams. Or...good mornin'...or whatever time you read this...

haha...i forgot...:P

I drew a couple new pictures...

wanna go vote on them? even though they are just quike little scribbles...it would make me happy.

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Monday, September 11, 2006


Monday September 11, 2006

I lied to you all... XD

I actually found a time to update. yay! no if I actually had something to talk about... :P It's 7:38 in the morning. Weeee... I'm so glad on monday's we don't start till 8:45. Gives you so much more time to sleep.

Well, the other day, I was playing with a stapler and I stapled my finger. X[ It hurt. But good thing was it only stuck straight in and didn't bend or anything. Now I have too little idenical dots on my left pointer finger. :D

Supposedly, my glasses, are emo glasses. :P I was at Scary Acres for the core meeting a while ago and Dillon, another person that works there, wanted to see my glasses. So I let him and the first thing he says is that I'm blind. :| yea, I know. lol. But then Tiffany was moving his hair to one side of his faceand she said he looked so emo. So yea...emo glasses is what they're called now. So whenever I go to get my glasses, I'm going to say "I'm going to get my emo glasses". (And the weird part is...I hate calling people/things emo. :P)

I'm so gunna get attacked for this from people that live in the U.S. but, i don't care. I need to voice my opinion to somebody. :P Oki, I'm getting really tierd of the commercials for shows about 9-11. (now they're off since today it 9-11 but still) I mean, yes, it was a very terrible incident indeed but of my god...it's been 5 years. You don't need to go galevanting around about it. And show documentaries on something we already know about. ....

so concludes my rant. :P

Thats it for today. I hope all of you have a good day at school and jobs and such... talk to ya'll later. bye bye

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Saturday, September 9, 2006


Saturday September 09, 2006

So...about an hour ago, I go back from the orchestra carwash. Woo hoo... 9:30 was just too early to go out there. We were out by and Arbie's. So...yea. It was cold too. But I didn't get wet. Amie and Hali told everbody not to get me wet cuz I was cool. X3 I feel so loved. But yea, we wash a couple dozen cars and got about $300. So thats good. And I got to use my teachers video camera. That was fun. I've never used such a fancy video camera. :D All I've used before was one from like...the 70's.

Well, in other news, I made Core Managment at Scary Acres. Bwahaha. Ema made it too. We had a meeting thursday night for core staff. It was fun. Sept for Don, the owner of scary acres, was doing his regular bitching. Neh... At the meeting, Don told us what rooms we'd be working in. A lot of people got put in rooms up in the new attraction which is called, "The house on the Hill." So scary, isn't it? And the haunted house this year is called, the "Master's Castle". I'm working in the Doctor's room of the castle this year. I get a bunch of latex makeup and fake blood. It should be very interesting...

The power went out at my school friday. Actually, the whole surrounding neighboorhood did too. But my class room had a window in it so we had to keep working. I was in Spanish 2 and we were going to go down to the Info Center to do something on the computers but the the power went out. And then when it finally came back on, we walked all the way down to the other end of the school to find out that the servers were still down. *twitch*

Nothing much else to talk about...Um, I'll probably not be on much for the next week...ish. Because we only have 12 days before Scary Acres starts (which is freaky) and half of those days are acting seminars and rehearsals and core staff has to be the early and such and all the other days I'm going to go out and help finsih the house and stuff. I really hope they can finish all the construction and funishing in the new house before we open...

Well, I'm going to go visit sites and such...and continue rockin out to AFI in my smilie face pajamas. XD

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