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Saturday, June 30, 2007



So, yesterday, my friend and I were going to get together with someone, Greg, from Scary Acres because he plays the drums. And, we wanted to work with someone that plays drums because we're trying to make a band. :P Well, he never called so, we spent all day trying to work on a song by ourselves in her basement. :P

But, I guess he called earlier and he's going over to her house today. But, I can't go over. Or, atleast, not now. Because I have to go shopping with my mom when she wakes up. T.T And I haven't seen Greg in forever. So, hopefully, my mom wakes up soon and we can go shopping(for fireworks and stuff) and then go over there if Greg is still there.

But for sure, tonight I'm gunna go with my friend's to watch the firework display by the elementry school by my house. It's usually a really good show but, it's not hosted by the elementry school this year. The neighboorhod around it is. So, it should be interesting.

My mom said the other day that, once her and my dad pay off part, or all, of the credit card, she'll work on getting me the costumes for my Temari cosplay. yay! :D

Everybody, have a nice day. :D And, don't blow your hand up with fire crackers for you guys here in the U.s. :D

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

   gah...it's done! :D


my temari fan is done. complete. finished.

well, almost. still need to do a few touch ups but, all the major painting it done. :D

here's some pictures over the past couple days...

And yea, I had a couple pictures where I was actually holding the fan but, they turned out like crap so, in the last picture, I'm just sitting in front of it to show how big it it. :)

...what do you guys think of it? i mean...does it look like it does in the anime? I kinda guessed on the purple for the dots when I got the paint and I guessed where to put them.

And for some reason, a lot of people, like my family and stuff, have been asking if I used something to make the circles. Well, I just drew a circle on a piece of printer paper and then cut it out and traced it. Nothing that special. :)

well...it's 3 am so, I'm going to sleep.

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Monday, June 25, 2007



The other day, my mom and me went to Aki's, which is an oriental store, to get some stuff to make Katsudon which we had for dinner sunday night. And I was slowly making my way over to the side of the store where the sell gifts and crap. So, my moms like, "Okay, fine, lets go see how much they are."

I've been bugging her about the Temari cosplay I want to do for Anime Nebraskon. And, the only place I knew where to get a fan big enough would be at Aki's, other then the one's we have downstairs that cost like, $75 when my mom went over the japan with my dad. So, I didn't want to go destroying those. So, I got one that only cost 20 bucks.

And earlier, my mom took me and got some white spray paint and purple paint to make the fan. Yay!! I was spray painting the white for a good portion of the night. My hands and feet are covered in white because I was stupid and didn't have any shoes on and my dad ran out of gloves.

So, I have the white done. ...almost. Because, somehow, we didn't fold the fan out all the way when we started painting it. I don't know how but, it didn't fold all the way out on the sides. So, I have to fix that tomorrow and touch up places that I noticed we didn't get and I might try to paint the purple dots on too.

Hopefully, my mom will order the costumes sometime soon.(because there is no way in hell I'm making a costume...it's mess it up way to bad.. XD) I'm getting 2, possiably three. I'm getting the time jump costume and one of the first two costumes Temari wears and then me and my friend want to do like, a school costume thingy for the last day of the convention. So...yea.... the three costumes I want total up to $224.45. ...but, I'm paying them back from the money I get from working at the haunted house in october.

...sorry if you read all of that. That must have been really boring, huh?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

   Skit from OtakuOmaha


Here's a video that I took from OtakuOmaha. You might have to turn up your sound cuz it's hard to hear. And it says taped by Jinxx cuz thats my username on the message board for otakuomaha...

Never Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight

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and here are some pictures...sorry, I'm too lazy to put them all up. :P

And now, see the cutest kid alive!! :D

I found this somewhere on deviantart. needless to say, it's in my favorites!!! XD

short post...but, whatever! :D

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Sunday, June 10, 2007



I'm just waiting for my friend to come pick me up so we can go to the con. She called like, an hour ago and she said they'd be right there. ... :P I don't know where they are.

Pictures will be...up tomorrow. None of me, of course, cuz I didn't cosplay. Terra did though, as time skip Gaara. 'Tis an awsome costume. There were some other costumes that were really good but yea...picture tomorrow. Hopefully everyone will still be in there costumes today since yesterday was the contest. hopefully hopefully...

I cut my bangs. :P Don't know why any one would care. But yea, friday night around 2:30 in the morning when we got home we looked up some pictures of L and I cut my bangs so we could half ass a L hairstyle. yea...of course, needless to say, it didn't turn out right cuz my hair is just waaaayyy to long. two people regognized me though so...that counts for somehing, right?

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Friday, June 8, 2007

   Anime con in...an hour or so


Yea, I'm just here...wainting for my mom to get up so I can pick up my friend and her cousin and go. She gets up in like, 18 minutes. weeeee...

So, I borrowed my other friend's jacket to wear but, I couldn't get anything to go with it good. Then around 8:30 last night I found a black wig. I was like, omigod! I can style it and I could go as L! Well, the wig has been up in my closet for like, 5 years and it was all tangled up. So, I finally got all the knots out and then I started cutting it. Needless to say, I should never be hair dresser. I wasn't that bad looking on the syrofoam head thingy I have. It actually looked pretty nice, besides the fact that you could see the netting on part of it cuz the wig was dirt cheap. So, I was sooo excited and then I put it on. ...and then I wasn't. It was waaayy to short. So, I washed it to get all the goop and hairspray out then I tryed again to style it to see if I could work with it. But, it didn't work. Then I asked my mom at 11 last night if we could go to WalMart and get temporary black hair dye. And she said no. I was so pissed last night cuz nothing at all was working.

So, I'm not dressing up. :P I'm just going to be me. :D

Other then that whole cosplay fiasco, I'm pretty happy. My dad gave me $40 last night. He origianally gave me $20 but he didn't think that would be enough. XD But yea, I'm leaving in about 20 minutes to go grab Terra and Michael and get our badges and sit around for an hour or so till the con actually opens. :D

I'm taking pictures and video so I'll surly put up pictures! I'm not sure if I'll get any video up because the program I have is confusing and I haven't figured it out yet. :P

I hope every one has a good friday. :)

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Thursday, June 7, 2007



I am so freakin' bored!!!! It's like..... 10:48am....and I have nothing to do.

Actually, there is a lot I could do. I could find cloths for the rest of my costume thingy...I could start cleaning...and I could go take a shower. ...but, yea... predicament... not really but, whatever.

Ummm...anybody want to check out my lame ass photograpy? haha. If you wanna, its at Spencer-Valentine.Deviantart.com.

so...thats it I guess.... worthless post. :D

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007



So, I tryed to make myself a new layout but...I could not make the images and codes fit together. So, I'm going to try later when I'm not ticked at it. So now I have pretty colors!!!!

The anime con is friday!!!! yay!!!! If anybody has read the manga Re:play, I'm going to dress up as close as I can to one of those characters. Because I'm poor. :D I was going to be L but, I never got a wig or pants. sooo...yea. I'm borrowing the jacket from Ema that I had on in the pictures in my last post. And then I gunna wear...other stuff. Haven't really thought about what else. I have to experiment tomorrow. :D I'm taking my camera cuz out little group thats going is going to look soooooo random. Terra is going as Gaara, her cousin is oh jeez...i forgot. I think he's dressing up in a japanses costume thing and then I'm going as a punk rocker person...yay diversity. :P

My dad wants on the computer so, I have to get off now. Everybody have a great day...night...whatever...

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Sunday, June 3, 2007



So, graduation was fast last sunday. It only took about 1 1/2 hours. So, that was nice. The bus ride home was really noisy though...

I got out of school finally on wednesday. I only had to go for half a day and it was okay. Worthless, but, okay. Except, my freakin' math teacher was being a douche and didn't have our grades ready yet. I mean, I really needed to know if I passed or not to see if I need to take Algebra again. Hopefully though, I ended up with a D to pass. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But, she's retiering after this year so I'll never have to deal with her agian and her stupid way of teaching.

Other then math, I got really good scores on my finals and my overall grade. I ended up with an A in biology, english, computers, art, umm...orchestra and...I think thats it. Then I got a B in history and spanish. And I was like, 2 points away from getting a A in history and 3 points away for spanish so, I ended up good for my freshman year. besides, of course for math.

Anyway...My friend Ema had a party last night for her birthday which was on the 28th... yea, don't ask. But, anyway, her parents are getting her the guitar she wants and I'm going with tomorrow to pick it up. It's a really cool guitar. It's grey and has kinda like, stripes like a orchestra insturment has and it has a whammy bar. XD yay whammy bar! But yea, it's an Ibanez. pretty freakin' sweet. I'm gunna take a picture of it tomorrow cuz it's cool and I'll put it up later.

But, for now, here are some pictures from last night! yay! :P

This is Ema...with her super long freakin' tounge...

Ema's cousin Carli going rawr.... :D

Tis me. and no...it's not my jacket sadly...I took it from Ema and she took my hoodie sooo...yea.

Ema is evil...

Ema and Carli are on the computer.... looking at pictures I think.

Group picture!! From left to right... Carli, me(I'm not looking at the camera...), Kelsey and Tiffiny!!

Another group picture! Kelsey, Tiff, Ema, and me. and this time I'm looking at the camera.

Hershey's!! XD

Tiffiny and me. We were talking so thats why we look weird.

Carli being...carli. :P

Water...makes the world go 'round. My eyes were open at one time...

And no..I'm not pissed off. I was trying to make a face at Ema but I didn't make it in time...so yea...

Ema talking on the phone. She looks very pissed. Haha. :P

So...thats it. yay. pictures... :P

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Sunday, May 27, 2007



Bleh...I'm so tierd. I didn't go to sleep till like, midnight last night and I woke up around 9. Not that I actually got up and started what I needed too. I laid in bed for about an hour. :D

But yea, I feel very ugly today. Dunno, but I do. I had to 'dress up' to play at graduation. Well, thats fine but...nobody sees us! grr... So, I just don't like the shirt I'm wearing. It's like, my only non-button up dressy shirt I have. :P

Well, I have to leave to get to school on time. soooo...bye byes....

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