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Thursday, June 3, 2004

   I forgot


Okay this is my second post today. But I'm leaving for Worlds of Fun tomorrow, so don't think I'll be able the update for the next ooooo two or three days. But after that I PROMISE I'll try to update everyday or two days whatever. I'll tell ya guys how the trip went when I get back. And I'll tell ya who won the baseball game my family and I are gonna go watch. Boston vs Royals. Who do YOU think 'll win? My bets are on Boston.Me dads a HUGE Red Sox fan. And now I tottaly HATE Adult Swim. They took off Inuyasha on weeknights to put on some gay, Case Closed, show. Now the only Inuyasha that is on is the new episods on Saterday. But that's good. I can always watch the episodes I taped, Over and Over and Over agian.
My music Teacher (she's like really old) was trying to rap on the last day of school to. You just have to know her to think it's funny.

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   I got 2 new Inuyasha books!


Me and my bro had to go to the dentist, so after that we went to to mall. (I really HATE malls.And I think shopping is stupid!) My mom had to get a swim suit top, and then she was looking for a new pair of shoes. Then we FINALLY made it to the book store! I got volume 2 of the Ani-Magna. And volume 17 of the other comic book things, so yeah I'm happy. This was a stupid post I know. Just bear with me!
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Saturday, May 1, 2004

   Waz up everybody!?


I'm just bored. I really need sometin to do until the new episod of Inuyasha comes on in 15 min. on Adult Swim. But... I don't think ya care. I'm also new here so just don't totaly diss me 'cause I can't get anything right and 'cause I can't spell. (Okay that made no sense whatsoever) My fav show is Inuyasha! I have vol. 1-16 of the VIZ comic books. And I've printed off alot of pics and crap related to the show. And that kinda tiked my mom and dad off. And I'm on my grandmas computer 'cause I totaly screwed up my internet at home. Which really sucks. And that's really all I draw. Inuyasha I mean. And guess what! My fav character is Sesshomaru. And comeing in second is Inuyasha and Naraku! Yeah I'm just gonna stop. Just gonna stop. Just gonna STOP. Bye. ;_;