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Saturday, August 5, 2006


|Saturday August 5th, 2006|

Oki, so really, it's still friday for me but shhh....

Anyway, I ran off agian for a couple days. tsk tsk tsk. Actually, I was at Emily's house most of the time. So yea.... Well, orientation...registration...whatever you want to call it went well. ...I guess... Sept when I was getting my student id picture taken, the computer like...messed up or something. Soo...I had to sit in the chair forever while they fixed it with my mom saying I was holding up the line. In a joking manner, of course, but still. After they got the computer working, they took my picture and I was off! To the next station. But I walked around back of the table where the lady was sitting with the computer and I saw the picture they took and gah...it looks so stupid. And I think I'm stuck with it for my id all the way up till I graduate. Nooooooo.... The guy that took my regular school picture was scary. Kinda like...yea. Just scary.

After that was done, Emily came over to my house. And we went up to the park and took a couple pictures...well, if you count 54 a couple then, oki. haha. Here are some of my favorite ones that we took. (Just click on them to see a bigger size. They open in a new window.) Oh yea, it says Image © yuicia 2006 at the bottom because on my deviantart.com account, my username is yuicia. so yea....just a little fyi there...

I took this one of Emily. I played with it and made it darker from the original because it looked kinda blurry. It still does but, its better.

I took this one of Emily too. She looks like a little kid. lol

Emily took this one. I had the idea but, Emily didn't have shoes on and I wanted someone with shoes to do it. She I had her take the picture. I'm stepping on the flower....poor flower...

This thursday, I'm going down to Kansas City with Terra and her family. We're going to go to Worlds of Fun and Oceans of Fun. And I got volentered by Terra to go on a ride with her brother's friend thats coming a long too. I think it's cuz I'm the only one besides the kid that'll go on rides that go upside down. :P So yea. Terra could have picked either me or Emily to go but, Emily said she didn't like rides like that all too much sooo....I'm going. :P

Thats all for today i guess....so, bye bye.

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Wednesday, August 2, 2006


|Wednesday August 2, 2006|

...I keep saying I'll visit sites later at the end of my posts and then I don't go visit. Well, sorry. I stayed the night over at Emily's house agian the last day I posted and like I said, her computer is a shit head...

gah...I cuss a lot. anybody have a problem with it? Cuz if ya do, I'll try to lower my...usage of words.... :P

Anyway, I woke up this morning at 9:20. 0.0 Weeeeeeeeeeee.... And I came out of my room, and there is a "Fort" built over by my computer and a person sleeping guard by the steps. Oki...so, my brother had his friend sleep over last night and they were being idiots... I found my brother upstairs watching tv while Micheal was still sleeping by the stairs. So, yea... Then the idiots left to go somewhere outside....at 9:30 in the morning....and whitout picking up there lame excuse of a "fort" which was the wood part of our popison(sp?) chair with blankets and pillows ontop of it. I'll say that using the chair was a great idea but dude...they used the computer chair too to place the other chair on. but yea...rambling rambling....

I have to go to orientation today...that means pictures.... ... .... ..... Yea, I'm not happy because I had to wake up early. neh...But I'm going to lunch with Emily and her mom before that so thats good. We're going to this really good chinese place up a ways from our house. This is the first ever year for school pictures that I got to pick what I get to wear. Acomplishment, yes? XD but, i still don't like what I'm wearing. My mom won't let me wear cuz a solid color tshirt. it kinda annoys me.....

Um...I think I might go around to neighboor hood later taking pictures since...it's only supposed to be 79 degrees for a high today!!! I'm soooooo happy! The news...people...said that the heat wave for the midwest was supposed to break today. Well, I do think they were right. Oki so yea. I wish I knew more people... :P Cuz I wanna take pictures of people but ya know, just taking pictues of random people seems kinda...weird.

um....thats it....oh wait!!! Once we (meaning ema and me) get a video camera...and a toy microphone...We are going around the neighboorhood to ask people...if they eat pillows and couches. and then we're going to put the video footage up on youtube. Though, this will not happen in the near future unless we find bunches of oney for a video camera...

-.- my brother and his friend....are trying to burn the house down....they are attempting to make bacon...and my brother is freaking out and Micheal keeps saying it's "on fire" *smacks head* lets see if I can survive here till noon...it's only 10. *crys*

Oki, now, thats it. So, next post, you might be seeing some pictures. Yupyup...have a nice day all.

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Monday, July 31, 2006


|Monday July 31st, 2006|

I got an a phone call from Emily yesterday around 2pm. It suprised me because I thought she had already left for that concert. It turned out that her mom couldn't go because her friend was in town. So that ment they had an extra ticket. So I ended upbeing invited to go and yea! It was fun! We were too late to see Matchbook Romance play but that was oki! Cuz I gotta see Blue October, Hawthorne Heights, and YellowCard play! Yay! We stayed up by the stage for Blue October but then sat on the hill to listen to Hawthorne Heights and YellowCard play. Hawthorne Heights sounded way better then the dvd I watched of them a while back that was one of their concerts. It was funny, the place where the concert was at was over in Iowa and at one point, the lead singer for hawthorne heights, Jt, I think, was talking and he was introducing Ohio is for Lovers and he said, "This song is for Nebraska! ....and Iowa!" XD Yea, it was funny.

The only thing I didn't like was the heat. Neh...it was around 103 degrees. But, they had a bunch of places were you could cool off and stuffs. But it got cooler around the end of Hawthorne heights's performance. If you can call about 5 degrees cooler. :P I had a blue raspberry snow cone...thing...at one point and I totally forgot that it would turn my lips blue sooo...we were walking aorund and this guys like, "Oh my god, she's sick! she has blue lips!" XD Silly silly....

After everything was done and over with, I went home and took a shower then headed back to Emily's house. Well, that is after my dad got pulled over by a cop. :P Supposedly, my dad didn't turn on his turn signal on one of the turns so he pulled him over. I'm like....crap, dad, I don't have my seatbelt on. And he's like, "Why don't you have it on?" so yea. He originally thought that it was because I didn't have my seltbelt on that he pulled us over. But yea. Cops are so cheesy. XD Cuz yea all the, "Is this your car Mr. Sullivan?" and "Where are you headed tonight Mr. Sullivan?". Cheesy cheesy chessy...

Over at Emily's, we sat around for a while and talked then watched Resident Evil cuz niether of us has seen the whole thing. But, before we started it, Emily was looking at the paper inside the dvd case for the movie and the picture with the person's eyes looked cool to her and she said, "I want your eyes." XD It was hillarious.

Well, thats about it for today. Emily is going to get the pictures she took at the concert developed sometime in the near future so I'll post some when I get a hold of them. So yea...I'll visit later tonight since I'm on Emily's computer...and it's a shit head....XD yea. It shuts down...for no reason...so yea. Have a great day everyone!! bye bye!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006


|Sunday July 30, 2006|

Well, I'm bummed right now. It's nothing too terrible though. Just that I didn't get to go to the River Riot! >.< My mom wouldn't let me go. The river riot is a concert help by one of our local radio brodcast...people...And basically, they have a bunch of bands come and preform. Some of them are local, some of then are quite popular around the nation. Heres all who's playing:
The Jazzwholes 11:30am
Agent Sparxx 12:05pm
Swizzle Tree 12:40pm
Pepper 1:20pm
Say Anything 2pm
Matchbook Romance 2:45pm
The Wailers 3:35pm
Blue October 4:30pm
Hawthorne Heights 5:30pm
Yellowcard 6:40pm
Dashboard Confessional 7:45pm
311 9pm

And I don't get to go....actually, it's already started so yea... Emily is there though. I'm just kinda bummed because theres some of my favorite bands performing. Oh well...guess I'll have to wait till some other time, yea?

Well, I dyed my hair. bum bum bum.... Yes, I dye it a lot. We always joke that my hair is going to fall out from dying it so many times. :P I think we'll have to redo it though because the blonde is still showing through... 0.o

so yea....boring post. just felt like updating but do'nt really know what to say.... oh, sorry I didn't get to sites like I said I did. I kinda lost track of time when I got home and before I knew it, it was around 1 am. 0.o so yea...my dad is making me go to sleep earlier then I have been for school...so I couldn't get on much to go and visit. Next week I'll have to start going to bed at midnight and then the week after that, 10:30. :P

Have a great day everybody! bye bye

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Saturday, July 29, 2006


|Saturday July 29th, 2006|

Thanks for all the nice comments about my layout. makes me feel loved! X3 My brother asked me why I change my site a lot and I told him, "cuz I'm a dork and have nothing better to do." My mom was standing around the corner when I said that and she thought it was the funniest thing. I dunno why...but she did.

Well, Emily came over thursday night and she stayed thursday andfriday night. We had fun. And we ate....ice cream, chex mix, eggs, more ice cream....well, not all together...that'd be gross but, we had eggs for dinner friday night and other then that, we ate a lot of ice cream. I dunno why, but I was always hungry for ice cream.

We played a little final fantasy 9. ...a little being about 8 hours worth...0.o. Yea, I got tired of leveling up my characters so me and Emily well, emily mostly, went and did some searchin with our chocobo!! Now he is a dark blue color. bwahaha. But yea, we spent all day trying to get new abilities for the chocobo. :P

I asked my mom last night if I could dye my hair a dark brown color and she said no because we just tryed to dye it blonde. But, ya know, it didn't turn out too well and I don't want this color hair for school pictures. I sound picky but it just looks kinda bad. My dad came up from downstairs at one point last night and my moms like, "Sean, Erin wants to ask you a question." and I'm kinda like...uh...since when? But then i figured out that I was supposed to ask him if I could dye my hair. So I ask him and this is what he said, "Okay, you have 4 questions I'd say yes to, and 7 questions I'll say no to." ...My mom, Emily and me were all like....what the hell?? Then he's like, "What color do you want it? But, I can tell you now that it's not going to be white, black, purple, red, blue, green, or...aqua oor whatever funky color you and your friends sit at the table and concoct. So that means no like, fusha color or whatever." ...I swear my dad was on something last night. he was acting crazy... so I'm like, "I want it the same brown color I had around october of last year." Hes like, "Yea, thats fine. It's your hair I don't care. At least it's a human color. You are human right?" gah...he's a crazy man. Then I'm like, "Well..." Then he left to go to sleep or something. He's just crazy. And I know some of you guys are probably confused well....it confused the heck outta me too...

Well, this post is long enough.....when I get home later tonight, i'll add some art and visit.... weeeeee....I'm on my gran's computer and its very very very slow... And shuts down a lot so I'm not gunna trust it to go visit ya'll right now. So, trust on me to visit you guys later. Well, have a great day everyone! bye bye!!

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Thursday, July 27, 2006


|Thursday July 27, 2006|

Lookie what I did! Lookie what I did!!! X] Nobody knows this but, I've been working on this thing for like, weeks. Honest to god. I've been checking how it looked on my other account. So...the account I made way back actually has some use to it. :D But yea. It took me forever to get the coding right. it was so annoying at first. I'd fix one thing, and then it'd mess up another and gah. But, I'm glad, actually, very glad how it turned out.

I actually have the image up as my myspace background that I used for this. And Emily made a comment how Dark looks like someone nailed him to a cross or something and we should tell him hes not jesus. XDD I laughed so hard when I read it.

Ah...I know I didn't have my other theme up with the chibi dnangel characters for very long but, I just needed to put this up because I finished it. The wallpaper of the chibis is still up on my guestbook page though!! XD

Enough talk of the layout. onto my day yesterday?

Well, I woke up at 10:30 ish. Yes, early but, I went to sleep at midnight. Weeeeee... Anyway, I got on the computer, updated, visited and all that happy fun stuff.

Then, my mom, my brother, and I went school supply shopping. hehehe. Yea, whatever. My two-pocket folders for my binder/trapperkeeper....whatever you want to call it, are black and white. bwaha. I took the last ones of those colors too. So I have three white ones and two black ones. Yay. Then I got pens...and pencils...and erasers, oh my! yea...don't ask

I also went to the home depot and walmart with my mom. She was trying to find some things for my grama. And while we were in home depot I felt kinda light headed. And I'm like, jeez, what the hell. Cuz my stomach was all weird too. I reminded me of what someone here on myo was talking about having it happen to them. Well, then we walked over to walmart and I was feeling so bad I had to sit down while my mom was looking at something for my grama. Then after we got done, we walked outside and got in the car and I couldn't stop shaking. 0.o my hands were like, going crazy. But yea, when we got home, we lugged all the sacks of stuff inside and then I ate some pringles and drank some rootbeer and I was fine. Hmm...My mom said it was probably just from the heat. Well, if thats the case, I'm staying locked up in my house till fall comes!! XD

Anyway, I'm going to work with my mom tomorrow. Woo hoo...Atleast I don't have to get up too early. She doesn't have to go in till 8 am. Woot! usually she leaves the house at 6:30 ish. After were done doing work, we're going over to my grama's house to eat lunch probably and then go grocery shopping for her.

Thats it I guess....It's really early so not many of you guys have updated so, I'll get to all sites later in the day when I get back on. Well...I'll go visit you guys who have updated now but yea...well, night! ...to you all who read this now at 12:19am...and Have a great day everybody!!!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006



Okay, I got an email this morning from Emily with the subject, "Crabby Krad san". Now, that in itself made me think. Well, I opened it, and this is what I saw:

XDD I guess I should give some background info...Emily and me have this...fasination with that car commercial that has that little crab on it. And well, some how, we morphed it into Krad soooo....crabby krad! neha...So yea. I could not stop laughing when I saw it. It was just too funny.

Yesterday...was pretty univentful. Well, after the whole deal with the stairs and stuff....My neighboor came over and brushed my dog. Well, talked to my mom, then brushed my dog. :P Then...me and my mom husked corn! Neh...I don't like husking corn. It makes your hands sticky. And It's just plain time consuming. But, the corn was good. Yup. we had corn and hot dogs last night for dinner. I mostly ate the corn though.

My school starts August 14th. Yup...my orientation is august 2nd. That should be fun... I'm my moms first child in high school this year. Gah...if she crys...I'm walking away. Far...far away....But! I'll have emily with me so I shall survive!! XD Yea...hopefully we can get Terra to go at the same time...even though...her last name starts with I and shes supposed to go earlier than us because our last names start with S and R. :P

Um...thats it. Such and exciting post, neh? Well, I'm off to visit and then work on my fanfiction. talking about fanfiction...thank you soooo much shuichi2cute for reading my story and also reviewing! *hugs* Makes me happy! ^^

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006



....I ran....into a wall....after falling down the steeps....after spilling my water everywhere....after rolling out of my bed....

Yea, I'm haveing a rough day. :P This morning I went to sleep around 5 ish and woke up at 9. Neh... So I didn't get a whole lot of sleep. But anyway, how I woke myself up was just...stupid. I move around a lot in my sleep and I accidentaly rolled out of my bed. It kinda hurt. I fell on my back and I kinda screamed as I fell. Then I look up to my bed, and my cat is sitting there....staring at me. Kinda creepy. But anyway, I get up to go upstairs and my hand hit a glass of water that I had on the nightstand at the foot of my bed. So that spilt....everywhere. I cleaned that up then after that, I went upstairs and checked if the washer was empty cuz I needed to was some cloths. After that, I was walking down the stairs and my foot like...slipped I guess and I fell on my ass and slid down the stairs. :P I made it saftly down the rest of the stairs though. But, the klutz didn't stop there! She ran into a wall! I was walking to get into my room and I turned too early to walk through the door....so I ran into the wall.

Man...I can be quite clumsy sometimes. I think I'm all right now. Cuz I don't think you could hurt yourself sitting in a chair. But you never know, I could just pull it off.

Anyway, I was talking to Emily last night, and I was saying something about my fanfic and then she looked up angst in the dictonary and while she was doing that, I was trying to find my dictonary...but I couldn't find it. IT like seriously grew legs, and walked off. And I told her that I couldn't find mind and yea...heres part of our little conversation....
me: yea, i've looked it up before
Ema-Lee: brb
me: i can't find my dictonary...
Ema-Lee: back
i got mine
if ya need it
come get it lol
just kiddin
me: no, theres one on ff.net
that sounded really creepy emily
Ema-Lee: lol
yeah it did
me: yea
Ema-Lee: do me a favor....
Ema-Lee: Rin chan?
me: ...what
Ema-Lee: do me a favor...
me: yea
Ema-Lee: Just...dun quote me on that one okay?
me: i won't

yea...creepy...anyway....The whole, come get it thing was just creepy. though, I couldn't stop myself from laughing when I first read it.

Then me and Emily got in a "fight". I was funny. I said that, I win and you guys lose. Because, she had to be in the wedding party for her brother's wedding and Terra has to be in the wedding party for her cousin's wedding and I don't have to go to a wedding! So, yea. I'm just making fun of them but then our conversation turned to marrage and Emily's all like, "I'm not getting married!" and I told he yes she is. and for the next....5 minutes we were saying no and yes back to each other. If you looked at the whole chat...your brain would probably turn to mush...

Oki...I don't think that paragraph made sense....at all. Oh well.... I'm off to go visit sites!! So...yea...have a great day!!

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Monday, July 24, 2006

   *sneaks in*


Hah...I've been gone for a little bit haven't I? Yea...thursday of last week. Oops... I can explain though.

Well, I went to Emily's aunts house to help stain the wood work in the house. It was fun. Sept my hands are weird now from the gloves I was wearing. They're all dried out now. :P Then, the night after that, Emily came over to my house and hung out. I won't go through all the details cuz that would take way too long!

I cleaned my room today...well, picked up the floor and filled a garbage bag up with old, torn cloths. My mom wanted me to throw all my jeans that are torn and stuff away. So, I threw a couple pairs away. Now I only have like...3 good pairs and a couple other old ones. Wee hee... Anyway, I'm thinking of rearanging my room...that should be fun...

One of my parents got payed this past friday or something so we got about $300 to put in the bank. Not very good but, it's better than the $3 we had the other day. With that, we bought grocieries and two pairs of pants for me. The pants we got at the Thrift store and my mom also got two books and our whole total, was $2.91! It made me laugh. My pants were only 98 cents a pair. Weeee... But yea, now we have food in our cabnets! bwaha! Its good to open up the cabnet door and see food staring back at you instead of an empty cupboard. Yup.

Um...I was playing final fantasy 9 the other day with Emily and I got to to 4th disc and for anyone thats played it, I was going to the Iifa (sp?) tree and ya know how the little army of those dragons come flying out? Well, Emily got a kick outta it because they are called Silver Dragons. And our friend Terra, has an account here on myO and her username is Silver Dragon. And the character Kuja, the 'bad guy' so to say, rides the little dragon thingys. So Emily said, "Kuja rides Terra!" So very wrong.... But then I got to thinking about all the things we say and me and emily agreed that we are very dirty minded. :P

I talked to Terra last night. Shes out in wahoo nebraska. Shes been out there for a little over a week now. She says shes gunna come home soon because of the school registration and whatnot. So, thats good. She also told me that she might get a tatto next month. I'm kinda like, um...how in the world you gunna do that? You're only 15. Cuz, ya know you have to be like...16 or 18 to get one. She said that her cousin has a good relationship with a tattoo artist and he'd be able to do it. And since her cousin knows him, she could get a discount. Sept she doesn't know where she wants one or even what she wants. XD Silly silly. but yea, our conversation went nicely. It was good talking to her. Even though I was on my moms cell phone. :P

Hmm...what else to say.... Nothing I guess. So, ya'll have a great day. bye bye!

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

   Rants....rants.....and more rants.


Yes, be prepared for rants of many shapes and sizes. Here goes...

Okay so, yesterday, I had to go out to dinner with my family. And jesus...This news channel said 104 degrees at one point. It got all the way up to 109 in a city about 30-ish miles away from me. It's crazy this heat. On the way down to my grama's, we had to stop by Walgreens to get a card for my grandpa's birthday. And when I got out of the car, the back of my shirt was completely soaked. >.< Anyway, needless to say...it was hot. It's supposed to storm this weekend and cool down to around 80 degrees. Hallelujah.

My great aunt Kiki was talking about something over dinner. Oh, how she has gained a couple pounds from being here in America from all our food. She came over from Greece last week by the way for a reunion. And my mom asked how much she weighed. And she said something like, 54 kilograms…I don’t remember if I got the word right…I think I did…I dunno though. Anyway, after a while of math, we figured out that that was roughly 118-119 pounds. So yea…she’s a very small woman….

When we got home last night, I went to get on the computer, and I checked my email and stuff, and there was two new alerts for some fanfictions I’m reading. So, I click on the first one, and I’m about ahlf way through the chapter and my mom wants to get on. So, I close everything out, and let her get on. She said after she got off I could have the computer. While I was waiting, I read a book called The Blue Mirror. It was…and oki book. Kind of confusing how it was written but oki. Anyway, after she got off, I pulled my email back up, finished reading the rest of the one chapter. And then I went to read the other story. But do you think I could read the whole thing in one seating? No…of course not!! So, I let him on…And I went upstairs. And I noticed they were playing Hellsing on some of the extra channels we get but, it’s not a very…appropriate anime so, I didn’t turn it on. Plus, my brother snatched the remote away from me before I could. Then, he turned on Indian in the Cubberd. Hah…I so didn’t spell that right. But anyway, I was half watching half staring off into space. Woo hoo…. Then my dad got off the computer and I’m still reading that chapter. :P

Onto a more….sad rant really. The other day, my mom was complaining that we only have $22 left. And I’m not talking pocket money; I’m talking money in the bank. Which…is really sad. But what sucks is that, she spent $19 on a carton of cigarettes. It’s like…um, hello?? What the hell’d you go buy them for and waste most of the money we had left?? Stupid stupid stupid….

My registration stuff for this next school year came in the mail. Yay. But, Ema and me compared classes over the phone earlier and we don’t have any of the same classes. This is turning out just like my last school year. Hopefully, Terra and me have at least one class this year.

That tis all….I’m glad you all thought my cat was cute!! ^^

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