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Saturday, November 18, 2006



A lot has happened with my week off from here...

Sunday was my 15th birthday.
Wednesday I got my drivers permit.
wednesday I also went and go some pants from hot topic. :P
Thursday I went to Gordmans and got a shirt and a jacket...
Friday I was banned from leaving my house. But I went driving around the neighboor hood. Only my third time driving. X{

So yea. Sunday, I got three things from my grama and papa. I got a cd by Muse. The first volume of Vampire Hunter D. And the special edition cd of My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade. It can with pictures and a book about the songs an everything. I think i listened to it about 3 times when I first put it in. :D

And yes, I got my drivers permit. Sept I really hated the people that were working at the place that day. They were really mean and grouchy. But whatever... I look stoned in my picture though. It's funny...

My grama gave me $50 to go to hot topic as another birthday present. So I got three pairs of pants. And it only came to $36 something. So I did good!!

Gordmans thursday was...interesting. Sept I LOVE my jacket...it's cool. :)

Emaily said I couldn't go to the mall or an anything friday because her and terra were going to go shopping for my birthday present. So I drove around the neighboor hood. My mom said I did good for only my third time driving. I've been driving in a school parking lot and around a reservation/park thing. But the only bad thing I did yesterday was...well, I blew a stop sigh. XD I totally didn't see it.

Today I went driving agian. I actually went on the busy streets today. Kinda scared the shit outta me though. And it doesn't help that our car is big as a friggen bus. It's kinda freaky... My dad decided to come this time though. So...that made me nervous also.

So leaves me waiting here...on the computer...eating dinner...waiting for Emily to call me to tell me when I can come over to her house. I swear to god...they are planning something...I just don't know what...

Well, all of you have a good rest of the day. bye bye

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