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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I'm Back from Vacation, and in school. Not a good transition. It was SO much fun! Even the rides down and back were happy, 'cause we were listening to Hana's mp3 player and dancing around in the back seat. One time, we stoped to get snacks and stuff, and her dad said that he was going to ask how I was, but I was obviously better then ever. I was SO happy. I was listening to happy peppy songs like Every Time we touch - Cascada, Can't help falling in love - A*Teens, and I am - Rurouni Kenshin, so I was happy. XP like I said a few times before.

So, My dad is leaving in 5 days. I'm SO not excited. I am going to like the week without the parents, but I don't want my dad to be gone for so long. *sigh* I love my daddy.

There are these girls in my class, and the sickin me. They're the preppy-sluty kind. And they keep flirting with my teacher (college student, and he is good looking). Its... odd. If they were to flirt with the teacher I wish they wouldn't do it in the middle of class. XP

I have a song stuck in my head. and I like it. Its Photograph by Nickleback. I love it. the first line is:

Look at this photograph
Everytime I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so red
And what the hell is on Joey's head

Its so cute. I love the song. *hearts everywhere* Anyway, I'm going to get off now. Ta!

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