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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Its been a hectic few days. My dad got called and his boss wanted him to be up to North Carolina by this weekend, but is letting him go in two weeks. So, Its going to be hard. I need to learn a lot of stuff about computers, because I'm going to be the one that has to take care of them, and all the other technical stuff. I know most of it already though... but I'm still worried. My dad is the one that really holds the house together. Without him, I think we're going to kill each other. My little brother knows just what buttons to push to make my mom mad, and my sister knows how to make my little brother miserable, thus making my mom angry. One sister doesn't help much, because she kinda is hard to get along with, and my other sister does absolutly nothing. She sleeps, hangs out in her room, and goes places with her boyfriend. Oh, and she plays the computer. She works, but thats about all she does. She skips school (she's in college), and isn't really around much. *sigh* And I don't get along with my mom all that well. She's more emotional and I like secure places. The two don't mesh really well. I really don't know what we're going to do. He's going to be gone 6-8 monthes. Its not good.

Happier news, I'm probably going to be going on vacation with two of my friends, and one's parents. Its going to be the third or fourth vacation I've been on with one of the friends, and the first time with the other. Hana had to get her parents OK for inviting friends, and Duo still has to ask. I'm not sure if I can go, because of the job thing, but its a most likely yes. I'm so excited! I really hope that I can go.

I've been watching HunterXHunter, and its really good. I like the OVA's animation for Kuripica better, but its still really good. *hearts*. Its so fun. and I love Killua. He's so cute! And Gon is really cute. And then there's the other one... who I don't think is too good looking. wow. All three of those words had to o's. cool. Ha! another one. Anywho, I'm off now.

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