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Monday, April 3, 2006

Hello. i'll try to work on my site, but... I'll try. So, I've played a total of about 25 hours on KHII, in 4 days (2 days I couldn't play), and its SO MUCH FUN!!! The graphics, and the cutscenes, and the battle system, and.... AMFG I love it! What REALLY sucks, is my parents decided that we arn't allowed to play the computer in April, so I have to find a time that my mom isn't mad and my little brother and older sister arn't home so I can play it. I may just start getting up at 4. *sigh* But I have the hardest time getting up early. Alls well. I can still work on graphics and stuff, we just can't play computer games. >.< Sucks.

Well, I'm off. Ta!

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