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Thursday, April 20, 2006

So, we watched movies that people in the class made for multimedia for all but 13 minutes of class. And the teacher wouldn't allow us to have our computers working. *cries* So I read the Riddle-Master. VERY good book. Its fantasy, so if you like that stuff, read it. Its so cute/sad/confusing/cool/etc. Its really hard to explain. trying to explain it would be like saying that Lord of the Rings is about a short guy that is traveling to throw a cursed ring into a volcano. It ruins the story. Thats what LOTR is about, but its so much more than that. If ya know what I'm saying.

I read the SADDEST story online yesterday. I can't remember the site though, and I don't have it saved on this computer. I'll put it up next time I post. If I remember. Its so sad! I wanted to cry. ;.;

Um... thats all bye.

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