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Friday, April 28, 2006

I made a new theme!! I'm quite happy with it, actually. The idea for the gradient using for the main post is Jigglyness'es. Because I worship her mad graphic skillz. XD I mean, honestly. Alrighty. Beware rant about theme. I was listening to the radio, and a song came on. The way I do by Marcos Hernandez, and I love that song. The lyrics were really pretty, and I was trying to think about what anime/game the song lyrics would fit to. My older sister suggested Chrono Crusade, and I though it fit. ^_^. So, thats the inspiration and the pic and the text. The color is nothing special, I just used red, and I use blue too much and yellow's too bright, so I went witht green. I like green. And other cool colors. The brushes were just randomly put in there, and it works. XD

And.... I think thats about it. Something really bad happened to one of my friends, so if you could visit her, her blog name is Arisa-Uo56. I'm not sure if she's updated for a little while, because of the things that are happening. So, we love you Uo-chan!

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