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Friday, April 7, 2006

Hoy cow
Gug. I'm SO tired. I got like... 3 hours of sleep last night, which isn't good when you get your energy from adrenaline. But.. the reason I got 3 hours of sleep last night is.... *drum roll*

I beat Kingdom Hearts II this morning at 3:00!!!! *dances* It was SO cute. There was one scene where my sister and I were hugging each other and I was crying. I think she almost was as well. And I BEAT it before her. Ah ha. First time defeating a game before my sister, and second game that I have ever finished. The first being Kingdom Hearts I. I... I .... Just cant get over how cute it was. Some parts I wanted to die from all the cuteness. *sigh* wow. But, they pulled a Square soft. :P. Have you ever played a FF game (9 does it), where after you defeat the boss that the game actually knows, you all of a sudden have to fight a random bad guy that is the main bad guy that you never knew existed until that moment. KHII has you fight a guy, fight him again, and again, the some weird building, then when you think its over, you have to fight a random big hard bad guy, the the building again, and then the main bad guy again. And you don't have a time to relax, level up, and save betweent he fights. It SUCKS. And the ending was cute, then a major cliff-hanger after the credits. And now I'm going to get the limited edition stragity guide and play it over again to get the secret ending. I'm so happy. It was SO cute. Like.... Rikuxsora fans would have been ecstatic. It was SO cute. It had one of those 1 liner things that absolutly make the moment. *wipes tears* I'm so happy.

My little sister is the BIGGEST control-freak. I mean... she was yelling at my mom, my mom was yelling at her, and my little brother was crying because she freaked out because of a seat in the car. He got in the car, and scooted over to make it easier for her to get it, but she came around on the other side to the side that she 'likes'. She freaked out and al chaos errupted. @.@ I mean... seriously. And she wanted to have a superhero name, and my friend said definatly no, and after being really angry and sulky, she went up to our room and said "I don't care what your friends say. I'm going to call myself Raven, and tell all of my friends to." Why in the WORLD would she ask, if she didn't care in the first place? I just said that she could call herself Raven, but it would have no connection to the superhero except for in name. :P I hate her at times.

Alrighty. Ventalation over. I'm SO HAPPY!!!! *dances* Squee. I"m going to b on a high for days. 'cept for the fact that I'm going to ned to sleep the second that i got home. *grin* oh well. I want to make a layout about what happened at the end, but It would be BIG spoilers for those who are going to play the game. I finished it in 1 week. only. Got it on a thursday, and I finished it on a thursday. w00t. I win. I'm off now. Ta ta!

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