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Thursday, March 2, 2006

Nyah nyah nyah...
Dont even ask.
I told you I'd update once in a while, and as Ive been doing grrrreat these days, Im updating now.
Well, Im gonna go home today and stay for the night, but cant be here at friday as planned. Why? Moms a bitch as always. Oh well, whatever... I dont care, if I dont have time to chat with Eric, I at least will see Lee-san. He promised he'd be online. Whos Lee-san? A guy I met at Gaia yesterday. His really really cool.
Well, Im gonna be alone at the weekend I gess. My bro is gonna leave tomorrow, cuz our older brother Toni, his wife and my nephew are coming by. Tony and Toni really dont get along, one reason might be cuz Tony is gay, so, he wont be around. Oh yeah, Toni is the one that gave me a scooter as a birthday present ^^ At once Im happy to have bros. Specially Tony and Toni. Theyr always fighting bout me. Seariously, its fun, its a 'better bigbro' competion. They give me all kinda neat stuff, and even tho its a fight... I dont care. This is one fight I like.
Yah well, Im gonna go again. Maybe I'll update someday again.... Now, I gotta go bully Tony when I still got a chance. Nyah nyah nyah.....

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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Why have you forsaken me, in your eyes Forsaken me....
Listening to some good metal, and rock... Yeah.
Well anyway, Im gonna do the same as Jules. Im quitting Otaku. I will be here at some special days and holidays, like Christmas or my friends birthdays. And I will answer PMs. I also might update every once in a while, but oh well, I dont seariously think I will.
Well anyway, ways to contact me
Yahoo msn - Asakurazaki@yahoo.com
MSN messenger - Asakurazaki@hotmail.com
AIM - HalfbreedMomo
Gaia PMs - Asakurazaki OR HebiSakura

Thats all. If I wont answer you, just ask Mr.Ranmaru how Im doing. Well yeah, take care all.

Jo signing off

Oh damn, now when Im quitting my ranking is 299. How unlucky. Oh well...

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mrew mrew mrew....
Okays, Im at Jules, once again. I went to city last night so it was just easier to go to Jules' that home.
Well yea I really had nothing to say but MREW. Lol.

Someone adopt me. Kittens needs a owner....

Mrew. Im going, aboute to go to school. ttyl

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Here I am, once agaaa-aaain....

Lol. Been listening to Kelly Clarkson, I admit it.

Well, Ceddy has moved to his new house now, and he said his having great time. Well I bet he is, he has a damn big room and his sharing it with Mimi so yeah, wonder what their doing all day.
*cough cough* SEX ED! *cough cough*

Uh, yeah, well, Im absolutist now. I made a deal with my bro, if some of his pals ever again comes to our place and has something, like anything, that has alcohol in it, their gonna go in some other partment and drink it there, so I wont be dong anything stupid (drink, drink, drink, drunk, MISTAKE)
So yeah, I was sick today. I have thrown up for twice (GEE, why is it always me!?) so I skipped. Tomorrow, I will drag myself at school, no matter if it killed me. If it wont, my maths teacher and July will v__v
Well yea, I'll go now. Im offically Erics pet now, as I have a black ribbon on my neck, and this pet has to go and draw AND make homeworks. I will NEVER get so low grade of english, NEVER. Im pro, damnit!
O well, have a nice day all ^^

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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Stayed up till 5am and am in big big big trouble now.... T___T Thats all I came to tell, if Im not around in few days, it just means mom decided Im away from internet for a while. Lets wish shes not gonna kill me.
And when dad finds out, Im dead. Dead dead dead!
Oh waite I cant, I got a life to live.... Well, I managed to live so long, I will sruvive threw this too.
Well, Cedrics last day here. His leaving already, I hope he has fun at his new home. At least he cant rape me now.... Lol.
Well, Ceddy, have a fun life
Im going now. I gotta do homeworks, tho I only slept for 3 hours.... ttyl

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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Now this is fucked up
Aha.... ahaha....
Ok well, peoples, two weeks ago.
You know, when Eric was supposed to dumb me.
Timo walked in with two big baskets, full of beer. As you all should gess, I got drunk. Really really drunk. We all did, Me, Cedric, Mimi, Tony, but Marko was the only clear one. He doesetn drink, and thank god for that!
Well, because, the next morning I woke up, I was laying down next to Cedric.... And was shocked. Why? I was wearing almost nothing.
Well, ofcourse I got scared of what we had done, and yeah... I thought we really did something.
And Now, Marko comes and tells me he saw us, and tells me that I was just muttering 'my head hurts' and Cedric had passed out, and we just happened to lay in the same bed together.
No beer for me anymore.
Why didnt I tell? I was scared to death myself, besides, as we know, my overprotective bro wouldve killed me, and so wouldve Mimi, as his dating Cedric.
GOD, Im happy nothing happened. Pheee-w.
So Eric, all, now you know what actually happened. Confusing, neh? Well think bout me, I dont remember a shit of that night.
well, all for today.

Oh hey, and if you havent checked my best friend for 9 years, Nati, yet, do it now. Her account is NatixD PLUS check my art or Im gonna eat you alive.

Oh yeah....
My bigbro looks just like the guy in my class that had a crush on me.... Ville.... He dyed his hair black and now their like twins....

BTW! I managed to make my yahoo msn work. Go me. Its Asakurazaki@yahoo.com add me if ya like

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Friday, February 17, 2006

Mood: Tired, proud, annoyned
Listening to: Kally Clarkson - Behind these hazel eyes and System Of A Down - Chop Suey
Watching: Something stupid from TV...

So, honeys...
I had an english excam, and thanks to July, I might get Excellent. I cheated. Hey, only with TWO friggen words! Ive been studying english hard, because, my teacher lowered my grade at english. GRRRR. IT WAS ALWAYS EXCELLENT, DONT START FUCKING UP.
Ehhm. Well.
Im gonna be working this weekend, theres gonna be some young students at our restaurant, so mom needs my help. Mom told me no-ones gonna drive me home at saturday, BUT.... As always, Im a rebel and gonna fight my way to the PC. Nod. Tho moms gonna keep the restaurant open till 2am at Saturday so yeah.
Well, Jules was supposed to come at our place this weekend, but seems like her mother has started hating me. Mrrrrew.
Ok well, Im gonna go and spent some... *COUGH COUGH* good time with my brother and Marko. It can be good with Marko, but NEVER with my bro. I went to Jules at wednesday, and he starts calling and textmessaging "WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU" to me. His really, really overprotective.
Well anyway, Im gonna go and listen to something... System of a down. Yeeeeeeeah.....

Ttyl peoples. Wish me luck with getting on the PC.
And hey, if you havent yet checked my art, DO IT NOW. The pics are small, but blame Jules' scanner for that.
Well, cya.

Oh yeah, and...
Just remember that before you start thinking bout wearing pink or being friends with me.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Haaaaaappy Valentineeeees!!!
So its Valentines day. Happy Valentines Day, all.

Im gonna put some art up today, So, waite for it.
Well, I dont really got much to say, cept for I hugged 14 peoples today, and, Im gonna put some pics of me and my friends up next weekend so yea. Well, have a nice day. Im gonna go and have fun with my lesb friend ^^ Lol

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

So, my friend joined MyO. Visit her, her account is NatixD.
She was my best friend for bout 7 years, shes cool, just visit, please.
Also, Jules, which happens to be my best friend, quieetd Myo, and Ive been thinking bout that too. Theres really nothing interesting on Otaku anymore... but of well...
Well, a fun pic I found

Lol. Thats so pretty.
Well, ttyl everyone

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Monday, February 6, 2006

Well yesh...

Tomorrow I got to get up at 8 am (Heaven. Usually its 5:45 am) ANd I only got three hours of school Ň_____Ó NYAHAHAHAHAHA
Lol. Ok well.
Yeah well Im still on with Eric now. I asked my mom does she mind if I start being lesb, she asked why and I said 'I really start getting tired of the opposite sex'. She laughed. Lol....
Now, today, I wrote 'Drowning us in sea of flames' In my hand. Now everytime I say 'Hi' to anyone and wave, they will see it. How fun.
Anyways, Marko-kun joined MyO so Im gonna go and help him with it. Yay. Well yeah, ttyl. Jojo logging out.

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