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Friday, March 31, 2006

Well well
So, Im leaving early tomorrow morning to Oulu, which means I wont be online. Sorry Eric, guys. Im gonna spend some time with Ceddy and the guys, plus Marko and Tony are gonna have some ceremony to celebrate their engagement. Good luck for them.

Anyway, we found out that Markos been cutting himself. At Wednesday, he really got depressed, went outside and cutted his hands so badly he almost fainted, cuz he losed so much blood. See, peoples? This is how much you can effect on someones lifes.
Anyway, my arch enemy, Robert, has moved. And, I've forgiven him for giving me sucha hell. Because his been cutting too. He showed his cuts. Now I understand why his been mean to me, and Im done with it now.

Anywho, Marko is better now. Tony is taking good care of him, and, they said their gonna adopt a kid. God, Im gonna be an aunt... Again.

Well well, Im gonna go pack. I'll be back at monday, or tuesday, so, I'll see you then.

Eric, again, Im sorry.

ttyl, wish me luck. Love yas, Eric.

And Im SO sorry for not getting in your guys sites! I will when I got more time, I promise.

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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Im going to Oulu next weekend, to see Ceddy, Mimi and my moms cousin and her husband. His having birthday party and Im invited. Theres some fun shops at Oulu too, so, Im gonna go and buy all kinda neat stuff. Hopefully something Goth. Heh.

Well anywho, Im gonna go. My head hurts. Badly.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thats it
Jules was just right. MyO IS full of jerks these days.
Well, just so its clear to you all

Im a lesbian and if you think its ok just cuz you think two girls kissing are hot - Screw you. When it comes to two guys you'll probably be throwing up.
Second, Darsha, C'mon. If Im addicted to PC what are you then? FF addict!? Seems like Im not the only one having no-life here.
Im sorry but Im pissed to death in the min. Deal with it.

Anywaaaay Im gonna go continue my arts class. And Marko, if ya read this, I have a cookie for you. I hope it'll make you feel better soon.

Also wish luck to Ceddy. His gonna be operated soon.

Now, ttyl.

And I'll be at Jules for the whole weekend as its her birthday at sunday. So dont wonder where I am.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006


So, Im all alone at home, for a while.
First of all, Darsha... No, Im not addicted, it just happens to be that I have very few chances to hang on the PC because my mom is a real bitch. Plus... I have no life.
Well anyway.
Slippy, Im glad to see you finally realized the tip.

Anyway, Im going. ttyl.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Its half past 8.... I stayed up till half past 3am, and still, Im awake so early.
Why did I stay awake? I was hoping for Lee or Eric to get online, ofcourse. Now, I get this letter from Lees friend where Lee tells me he loves me and that he got banned.
No, I werent happy to hear that. I got pissed. Hell pissed. Damned guy....
Now peoples say I dont have a life cuz I stay on the PC 24/7... My friend Glacie has been on the PC for two days, never getting off. Duh, I DO have a life after all...
So, why am I awake so early... Cuz I got up early to make my mom coffee. I thought shed be happy. Plus, I got to spent more time on PC.... Hehehehe....
Well, today Im busy. Im making aviart to some peoples. Their paying me, Hell, I cant say no.

And I got to hug Kakashi-sensei. He also said his proud of me. Ah - Im happy now.

yea, changed my site a bit. Everyone that knows me at all should know that I and my bro are crazy bout Spirited away, and all Hayao Miyazakis animemovies anyway *nod*

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Saturday, March 18, 2006

Oh my! This cant be!
Yay for me.

Yesterday was sucky and fun.
I went to shopping with my very best friend July. We had fun, I bough Ghost Hunt and Yu-Gi-Oh! Duelist vol ones. Fun.
Also had to buy Markos kidsis Witch magazine. I just found out he has one... -.- Shes a real pain in the ass, I tell ya.
Anywaaaay Dad had some friggen meeting yesterday till 11pm. Yes, 11pm, and when the city is aboute 46miles away from my home, It was lil past 12 when I finally got home... Oh well. I didnt miss anything. Sheril werent online and stuff. Besides, I had time to read Les Bijoux while I sat in the car.
Anyway, Im gonna go make some coffee for me and my mom. We're finally getting along. Well, not for long, if she ever finds out Im a lesbian, Im dead meat.... I mean that, look at what happened to Tony when he told her his gay....
Well, yah. Have a nice day.

btw, I dyed my hair black, again! God, I love my hair like this. Black black black...

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Saturday, March 11, 2006

My heaaaad....
Ok, I havent got any coffee, and I NEED caffine. I would have energy drink, but Im saving it for tonight.
Anyway. Cedric was an idiot. He cut his wrists open. His alive, no worries. First thing when he woke up was that he said "I CANT FEEL MY HAND!! IM GONNA DIE!!"
Well yea. His gonna be just fine in few days. That bakas been having hard time with his bf. So I dont wonder. Now when someone he loved also told him 'I have a bf' he totally lost it.
Well Im gonna go and call Mimi again. ttyl.

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Sunday, March 5, 2006

This might be a bye for a week. If mom wont let me use the PC at the restaurant, it is.
Oh well, I dont got much to do here anyway.

Well yea stayed up till 3am again. Then I gave up of the thought that Someone would've got online. I went to sleep.
At least I got to see Valen-sensei. His nice. He even hugged me. Score.
Anywaaaay.... Its 9am and Mom and I am gonna start getting in the restaurant.
See ya. You take care.

And long live green, evil marsipane.
I made a gift for Jules' birthday of a marsipan. Her birthday is 26th day this month, DONT FORGET OR YOU'LL BE EATEN.

Lol. See ya

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Saturday, March 4, 2006

No, not any of you guys.
I checked Gaia today. I gave a sword to a dude. It was his birthday so yea.... I call him Naruto-kun cuz he really is like a copy of Naruto, and loves Ramen more than anything... lol
Now he gives me PINK panties, and calls me 'baby'....

I HATE HIM. First of all, PINK IS MY ENEMY! I hate pink more than Robert, and I tell you, thats HELL ALOT.

Second, I friggen am NOT his baby! He knows I got a boyfriend so why the FUCK does he do this to me!?
Oh well. I'll just keep goin with him, I can always sell the things he gives me, no? Thats what Timo does, his gay but he keeps making out with a girl cuz she donates him all the time. Life is cruel, get over it...
Besides, that kid is 13. C'MON!
Anywaaaay Im gonna go and chase after my Sensei.
O yea, my bro is coming todaynight, so I might be online. So, I'll see you all around laterz.
Marko sent hugs to all v.v


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Friday, March 3, 2006

Nana.... Tired as hell...
Ok, I was up till 5am yesterday.... v___v I know Im an idiot, but I got to enjoy my vacation.
Well, I woke up at something like 10:30am. Timo-kun dragged me up because he was lonely... -_- Someone PLEASE get him a boyfriend....
I was Roleplaying at Gaia again yesterday. Staying up till 5am was worht it; I got to see my sensei! ^^ YAY! Lee didnt show up, but he had a good reason too. And I ended up in Hidden Leaf Village. That lucky, every other villgae has like 10 ninjas, ours has 4 so Im special. Nyahahahaha.... Besides, Kakashi-sensei is at the same Village with me, as well as my friends sensei. Their both cool.

Well yah, Im gonna go and glomp peoples now.... Maybe I'll still get to see Lee.
O yea, and my bro is packing already. He said the sooner his run away, the better... Coward...
Yahh well. ttyl

Oh yeah, why am I back all of sudden?
Marko started hugging me, and wouldnt let go before I promised I'll be back at MyO. He hugged me for 2,5 hours. Damnit. -_- How cruel....

Oh yeah, if anyone wants to see Tribut To Haku Ans Zabuza, check this address

If you wont cry, you will just absolutely love it

Shit... Ive watched it so many time I dont even cry when I see it anymore...
Oh damn....

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