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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Im so friggin tired of hearing this shit!!
God, why does everyone wanna fight with me!? One starts it, Im pissed for the whole day! I hate this. Why am I even here? Why do I PM these peoples!? I got tons of PMs every day, like 10, and still, only one of them always messes my day. GOD I hate it!
Last night I even saw a dream bout Afro Jones. I started screaming to him how I hate him and he told he hates me too. I dont hate him, no, I have no idea where the dream came from.
GOD, Ive been awake for 11 minutes now, and I already could kill someone.
thank you so hell much.

Im gonna go get coffee and kill someone....

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Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Welly well. Im here.
Tho not for long.
I gotta go clean up my room.... Plus I gotta do dishes.
And Im gonna draw my 'Boy Calendar'. And Haku. Haku is cute. *nod* I should also trai wif Rock Lee....
Well just came to check hows everyone, and now I got to go again.

Ttyl, friends.

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Sunday, December 25, 2005


Welly well. Im here now. My kidsis is sitting right behind me, because, Nina is watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Been doing that all night, didnt sleep at all, and now, she cant give few seconds to us.
Now How bitchy is that?

Welly well. Bout my Christmas presents.
HIM and Virtuoso CD (Virtuoso is.... well, a finnish band alike....) Pillows (Black, with somekinda flower desings. Very Japanese alike.) Black towel (Always wanted one) chocolate (Ofcourse) Dolphin necklace with blue stone (Thank you, Tuula! Your not a bitch after all) Notebooks, pencils.... Oh, and hell alot of socks. Like 12 pairs of them, all black. Well at least I have socks now, eh.....
Well Im going. Im gonna let my sis have the PC and then Im gonna play The Sims 2 with her. Ah, special time between sisters. How nice.
Well now, ttyl!

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Friday, December 23, 2005


Welly well. Im at our restaurant.

Ok's then, I really dont have time, but.... I just came to tell I will be here tomorrow just to say Merry Christmas to all, because my mom wont let me be here tomorrow. (Bitch)
Well anywaaaay I put up new art yesterday, like Shoujo Ai for Zappa-kun, Naruto thingy for Eric-kun, Melfina for Slippy and things. Cedric, Im gonna put yers up later. Yours too, Marko-kun.

Well. Go check them. Please. Please? Thanks.

Now Im gonna go.... ttyl. If ya wanna catch me, do it today, I wont be online tomorrow.

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Thursday, December 22, 2005

God I hated the damn Christmas thingy

Oh goddamnit you cant belive how hard its to wear one T_T Meooow....

Well anyways, I gave the damn gifts to everyone. The hardest one was Ile. Either he left too quick or I didnt see him! In the end of day, I was waiting for my taxi, and I saw Jonne and Ilkka walking down together. Nina said something so I turned to her, and when I turned back Ile had started walking away. So I screamed as loud as I could "ILKKA!!! Goddamnit your not going anywhere yet!!" >_< Im an idiot. So I gave the gift to him. Lol.
Later he sent me a text message and told me to call him. It said "Call me when you can talk, I have to say something ;-)"
I got hell scared. Luckily, I started the PC before I called, and he just told me "Thank you. Really" Lol. Of, Ile. He also said he wouldve got me something but teachers watched him at school and he had no chance yesterday.
But, the oh so sweet smile Ile had in his face when I gave the gift to him was enough to thank me. *nod* To see a lil one smiling. No, really, his just become really good friend. At times no-one seems to be at my side he always is and I appreciate that.

Welly well, Im gonna try to be online all night if my kidsis will let me. She better do, cuz Im gonna have a chat wif Eric. *nod*

Well then, see ya!

Oh hey, I added new art. Go check. Meow.

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Monday, December 19, 2005

I hate today
Aha aha aha. Today was an ass. I dont even have to say the reasons and you know why? Not your fucking business!
Im not gonna post in a while. Im hurry with finals, plus my sis' are here, and they actually do care aboute me.
Im going now. Adios, merry christmas.

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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Just geeeess whos birthday it is. Mine. Umm yay?
Im tired. I woke up too early... T_T Meoooow....
Nina and Miia havent arrived yet. Mom just left to get 'em. And, July is at our place tho it wasnt planned. Lol.

Ok well thats all. Now Im going back to Gaia to get some gold. *nod* ttyl.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not much to tell aboute.
Today when I got up, I knew today was gonna suck. I felt dizzy and almost threw up. Luckily, I didnt T_T Because if I had, it would be a sucky thing, because I went to school anyway.
Well I wouldve spent some time with July, BUT, my bitchy parents wouldnt get her like they promised.
Well, I hanged out with Marko for a while. He was getting July a present, and started sobbing when he couldnt find anything T_T Poor him.
I found hes something. A frog. And when you push it, its says "Sqweeek". Its so fun ^___^
Well, I got some manga too.
Im lazy now so Im gonna go. if you havent checked my new art , do it now, and you may also check the original versions from my DevArt page (link at my yesterdays post)
Well now, ttyl. This ones gonna go to sleep.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Its bout three days till my sis is here, plus till its my birthday.
Well now, I submitted few art pieces. Yep. But, I had to edit thme a lil, so, Im gonna give a link to my DevArt site, so go watch them if ya like

My Deviant Art gallery

Plus I got Merry Christmas pic for you. I just dont wanna edit it cuz it would be way too sucky after.
Theres some shonen ai too. I love gays....
Merry Christmas!

There. Hope the link works.
Well now, Im goin. I got things to do. ttyl, peoples.
And Zappa, A7S and all, Im gunne get yer works up later. I got them ready, just hold on and be nice....
O, Slippy. As I finished it....
Say "I gay you" and I will put it up. In case you dont wanna see it ofcourse, then dont.
well, ttyl

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"Collect some stars to shine for you
And start today cause there's only a few
A sign of times my friend"

Yep. I just try to keep on shining.
Well, I had biologhy excam, and I bet that if Ile didnt wish me luck I wouldnt bother to even try. Well, I could answer on some questions so its cool.
But Im hell tired. I slept 3 hours last night, and fell asleep at our taxi too. And Im a lil pissed again. I got my reasons.

Well, Im tired and Marko offered to be my pillow, so Im gonna go. Plus Im really, really hungry....

ttyl peoples. Sleep well....

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