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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Why have you forsaken me, in your eyes Forsaken me....
Listening to some good metal, and rock... Yeah.
Well anyway, Im gonna do the same as Jules. Im quitting Otaku. I will be here at some special days and holidays, like Christmas or my friends birthdays. And I will answer PMs. I also might update every once in a while, but oh well, I dont seariously think I will.
Well anyway, ways to contact me
Yahoo msn - Asakurazaki@yahoo.com
MSN messenger - Asakurazaki@hotmail.com
AIM - HalfbreedMomo
Gaia PMs - Asakurazaki OR HebiSakura

Thats all. If I wont answer you, just ask Mr.Ranmaru how Im doing. Well yeah, take care all.

Jo signing off

Oh damn, now when Im quitting my ranking is 299. How unlucky. Oh well...

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