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Thursday, May 5, 2005

Hello, friends....

So what do you do when theres a guy who you love, who loves you, he tells me he loves you, but he also tells theres other girls that love him too. He has told you he loves you, but now cant say it. What do you think? Well my first thought was 'he doesent love me anymore' and I dont even think he does.

*sigh* Second, I dont feel like drawing anymore. I have lost my ineterest on it. Its only thing I CAN do well, and now I dont feel like doing it anymore. I dont want to.... Everyone, my mom, my bro, everyone, keep saying 'hey I want drawing like this and that' and I start to feel like Im forced to do it! Its not FUN anymore when I have to do it, it was supposed to be a way to escape from this world and everything evil and bad, but now I cant do even that.... Damn.... What CAN I do then...?

Besides, then theres these peoples who hate my art which depresses me more. Fine. I dont draw anymore so no-one gets hurted.

Fine, I gotta go..... Have a nice day guys....

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