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Monday, September 10, 2007

The way I am.
Holy hell it's been long since I posted

Okay yeah, so. Im no offically single, broke up with Eric and blah, so now... Towards some new adventures.
I don't come on much anymore, as we all know, but I try to check MyO as often as I can. But yes.
I don't really have anything to say, so.
For new pics of ME





And for VIDEOS


OK YEAH. That's all for now.
Adios, friends.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wow, dude.
Holy Jesus its been a while.

Okay. Yeah. Well.
My faicne turned out to be a girl that was cheating on me with like, every goddamn friend she had. They all cofessed. Blegh.
But anywho. Eric and I are getting back together again.
Who would've gessed. We used to be the original couple, and in the end we end up together again. Could it get any stranger?

Well yeah, anyway.


n_n- Im cool. Im good. Im cute.

Ttyl, all. <3

Yahoo: Hardrockhallelujah@yahoo.com
msn: SoubiSanaton@hotmail.com
AIM: HalfbreedMomo

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Ok everyone.
I hope everyone checks this.

I wont be much on MyO anymore. Im working most of the time, and schools will start soon again, so, I wont be here much.

SO, if you still wanna chat, mail me at Asakurazaki@hotmail.com OR add me at msn.

Now, ttyl all.

Picture as a memory for you.

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Saturday, July 1, 2006

I come to MyO, and first time I hear;

They tell me Im an ass because I dont trust or belive in god.

C'mon. Dont expect everyone to belive in the Holy Ass. You have never lived my life, if you had, youd understand too.

Anyway. Even tho I had to go to church, Im alive. Woot. Eh.

Now, Im off to Gaia. Gonna hit on some lesb girls.... Or then just gonna RP a guy and hit on some Gays. Heh.


Besides, hear what the priest told me;

Theres a bible Online. They searched with the word happiness: No results. Does this mean God, or Bible, doesent know the word 'happiness'?

Thinkg bout that.

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Sunday, June 4, 2006

I hate everything
Hell yes.

My mother is forcing me to go to church for two weeks every fucking day.
I've been telling her for a month that I dont want to go, but no, I still have to.

I hate this all!
You cant even belive how I feel right now. Its like I have no control over my own fucking life, its MY life and I cant even decide of my future!! I hate church, I hate god, I HATE my parents!! They even decided my job for me - they told me Im gonna work here, on our restaurant, even tho I dont want to.

Maybe I'll just cut my wrists open. That'll at least be my OWN decision.

Farewell, all.

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Sunday, May 21, 2006

I really feel like Im dying now....
Started at 4am yesterday, and still continues.

Bleeding. I've been coughing up blood till 4am yesterdaynight. Seems like my ulcer finally decided to kill me, once and for all.

Honestly... I deserve this. I hurt someone dear to me, so I deserve all this pain.

Now, Im gonna go. I feel like Im gonna throw up again... Wish me luck with staying alive.


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Friday, May 12, 2006

I hate this...
I got sick two weeks ago, and gess what? Still am sick.

Now I got some stupid ear infection too, plus my pollen allergy is killing me and my right eye is leeking all the time. Dont know why, but its hell annoying.

Anyway, its 1:22am here so Im going to sleep. Wish me luck with getting better - I dont wanna skip third week from school.

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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Great. I got sick. Really sick. My body is all weak, my arms and legs cant carry on, I feel like throwing up and I got a headache, my throat hurts and I feel dizzy and am losing my eyesight... I told my boyfriend Im sick, and all he says is that he loves being sick because he thinks it feels great and wouldnt even tell me "Im sorry your sick, be better soon"

Why am I even stuck with him, anyway? Am I really a somekinda idiotmagnet? No offence, Eric

Well anyway, Im gonna go before my hands totally die and watch DBZ.... Krillin looks so hawt in shorts... Yea, his a midget, so what? His still cute.

Well, ttyl.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Gawd. I watched the ep where Haku and Zabuza died, and I cried for an whole hour. DAMN, I'll never stop crying while I watch it...

Oh well. Im gonna try change my sites looks back to HakuZabu now, again, so, ttyl

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Friday, April 28, 2006


Im SO inlove!

Jukka is sucha sweet person. He said that when he cuts his hair, he'll send it to me so I can put it on my wall >w< Go on say its stupid, but I love his hair. Im a hairaddict.
More good news. My good friend Jesse, yes, Jesse is a guy, is moving in our neighbour. Hes gonna go to the same school with me too. Thats just awesome! His so nice, and fun. Well, his a bit depressed right now, but thats cuz of his family.
Now Im also getting along with Matti, Aleksi, Samuli and Ilkka. Their all so much fun <3 Specially Samuli is really cool. He always wants to be pairs with me if his real pair in cookering is sick or something. And his always nice to everyone, unlike the others.

Well anyway we had a play with our dramaclass today. It went quite well. We did some mistakes, yes, but everyone was just laughing at them. I even got 3 new friends from the class, which is awesome. And I had to guide Matti to watch the play. Duh. That dummy couldnt find the place himself. Oh well.

Well now, Im going. My bro is finally moving, and I gotta help him with packing the stuff. ttyl, loves.

If someone wants to talk, either PM me at HebiSakura at Gaia OR send me e-mail at Asakurazaki@hotmail.com cuz Im not gonna check my PMs at MyO cuz their fucked up, badly.

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