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Monday, November 21, 2005

...Cedric is down..... Its no good. Im not used to it. His always so happy and things and now.... Hm.

Well. Other ways Im good, tho little tired.... And IT class is boring as always. Hmm.....

Hey btw, visit these two new guys: ChristOfEvil (Real name Christian, really cool guy)
aaand, Mr.Ranmaru (Real name Marko, my bros boyfriend)

Yeppers. Their both fun. ^^

Mwaaa. Feels like my head is exploding. -.- So.... Im gonna go and sleep the five minutes. I wont post later today if nothing special happens....

And, I and Cedric may get back together. Yeppers. But its only maybe. Our dating was a little.... shit back then but it might just work. But I dunno. Maybe, maybe not.

Well, see ya. And Slippyyyy, dont you just forget!!

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Ladidi Ladida....
You know, I just realized that this is first time in a YEAR that Im single. Gosh, its been awhile.... Well its fun you know. Besides I and Mimi (Lol. Yeah I mean Mikko) had all kinda fun together ^.~ Mwehehehehehe.... No nothing pervert his still gay you know. Lol. If we did it would mean Im a man, and.... Im pretty sure Im a gal -.-
Well well. Cedrics trying to draw Kadaj. He promised it to some of his friend. Lol. Maybe I should try too, Kadaj is cute after all =^^= Meeeoooow. Lol. I dunno why but I like him more than Sephiroth. Which is scary.
I decided not to cut my hair, for certain reasons. Few of them being, Zappa-kun said I shouldnt, and as I promised him a while back I wont, then I wont. Second is that its gonna be hard to get them grow back if I now cut them. I got excperience. They still aint as long as they were last year when I and my bigsister cutted 'em. Well, hope their gonna grow back.
Oh yeah, that made me think, my bigsisters gonna be here next Christmas! Yay! ^_^ I know I've said this before but it just makes me happy. If their getting in the train at 16th, their gonna be here 17th, which is my birthday ^.^ Meow. Im not gonna have a party, I bet there would be only 2-3 peoples anyways so its no sense, besides I dont like parties. Every birthdayparty I had has been a chaos in the end. So Im giving up from the idea. Im gonna have parties with my two sisters and thatts enough. *nod nod* Besides its saturday so its cool ^^

Yeppers. Well Im going now. Im going to eat something, which means fish -.- Yep. Im still allergic. Im just a masocist. Duh.

Yesh well have a nice day all!

And heeey!!!
Visit ChristOfEvil his new and his cool. Lol.
Well yeah cya

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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Moms doing some work and Im sneaking on the PC -.- Im pro.
So I dont got much time here.
Ummm well yesterday was fun. Those gayguys were here. Lol. I had fun with Mikko. M as him and J as me

M:Jojo, I gotta tell you something.... I cant love you
J:WHAT? Are you lesbian!?
J:But I am a man too!!
M:REALLY!? OH, Joey!!
J:Oh, Mimi!!

Lol. We had way too much sugar. I gotta spent more time with them their fun, when their not hugging me or.... grupping.

Mwaaaa. Peoples if I aint flirting wif ya it just means Yer my good friends and dont wanna ruin it so no-ones hurt.... riiight? Lol.

OMG moms coming! C ya! ^^;

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Friday, November 18, 2005

My hump....
....I’ma get, get, get, get, you drunk,
Get you love drunk off my hump.
My hump, my hump, my hump, my hump, my hump

Lol. Ive been singin that all day. THIS is why I shouldnt listen to anything in da morning, it keeps ringin on my head.
My hump my hump my hump.....

I need Reise reise again.....

Reise, reise, Seemann reise
Jeder tut's auf seine Weise
Der eine stößt den Speer zum Mann
Der andere zum Fische dann

....It doesent help. My Hump still rings on mah head

Well I already started recovering. I have flirted to every each guy I know. Lol. Jonne and Ile start to like me. Oh, my charm BITES. Hard. ^~
Lol. I even flirted wif Cedric. But I stopped when he started gettin lil over me... Lol. Thats just what Cedric is. But god Im having fun ^~ Besides, I'll be all alone at our restaurant today. Myabe with Tony and Marko and their friends but thats all.

Oh. I may not be on this weekend. Mom said I wont go to internet. D'oh. I will no worries mom.

Yesh well I gess thats all for today. Now, Im gonna get a new vicdim for flirting. Lol.
Cya all.

HEY!! MOST IMPORTANT!! Julys and my mom both denyed the PC from us for the whole weekend, so neither of us will be online. Lol.

NOW ttyl.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

Its nice to have concerned sister by times.....

First of all, my fingers are frozen and pretty dead, because only thing I could eat in these 3 days were salad yesterday at lunch break, and two cookies todaymorning. So Im sorry if theres alot of mistakes in my typing. Gomen nasai.

Well Im sick now. I couldnt even get up from the bed before 12am. Then I dragged myself up, ate those two cookies and got myself into the pc. Before that, me, Marko and Tony we're just reading at my bed. No, I was the only one laying, they were just sitting there next to me. Marko had Gravitation (chicks manga, yeah, but its actually mine plus it has hell alot yaoi in it and Marko is gay soo...) Tony had Ragnarök and I.... I.N.V.U. Some new manga. I only have three vols but it looks okay.

Yeah. I havent said a word of Eric yet. Well this is how it goes: Yes, I cried alot yesterday, and, I thought I would never do so, but I told my mom aboute it. She let me use the pc. No, we didnt clear the thing up between us, but it helped to talk aboute it with someone. Really. Ofcourse, I think aboute him, still. Like when I was reading I.N.V.U some 8th grader said shes a woman already (bullshit, 18 years old is an adult for me, yeah, Im still a kid and happy with it) and it made me thought when Eric said "Oh, not kiddo again. Im 15, Im a man already!" Marko and Tony call him a kiddo. But, it doesent hurt me anymore. If it does, I turn my thoughts in to Takenaga and Daisuke. =^^= Two gays. Dont ask. Okay ask if ya want but I wont promise I answer. July knows. Mrew. Besides, as he said, Im gonna still stay good friends with him. I know its not gonna work but oh well....

Anyways, I talked aboute sister in the beginning of the post.... Nina, or Ninnu, her MyO account is Adylia, called me today at her lunchbreak. She asked how Im doing and things. We didnt talk for long, but words "I hope its nothing searious" and "Be better soon" Made me understand that I still got a life, even without Eric. Hes gonna be sorry from losing me.

Besiiiides.... Every each of you knows Im forever guy stalker. Soo.... When Im free, I can start dating again! ^^


Lol. Yeppers. Im cheery. Now, Im gonna go eat, and if I can eat without throwing up, Im gonna go school tomorrow. If not.... Im gonna go to school anyways. Lol.

Back to TakeDai.... Umm see ya all. Have a nice day! <3

....Whats with the heart....? So unlike me.....
This, my friends, is the new Jojo....

And hey, July. Thanks for your words on Erics site.

J is for Joyous
O is for Openhearted
H is for Hyper
A is for Amazing
N is for Nice
N is for Natural
A is for Arty

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I dont want to
I dont want to go to school.... I dont want to live....

He leaved me! I was ready to be the number one and he leaves me! Why!? I dont deserve this! Im a horrible, horrible person but even I dont deserve this!

Goddamn ulcer.... c'mon come and kill me I cant take this....

I dont wanna go to school. Im gonna just start crying.... I hate my life and this whole world.

I hate myself....

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How can he do this to me?

It seems like Eric played me.

I cant belive it. I just cant. I thought I was the number one but I never was... He just used me. I shouldve known it.

Theres no-one or nothing for me....I dont wanna go to school, I feel sick and besides I cant eat anything...

Why does this happen? Always to me.
Im never enough.....

As you see by that convertation: Erics cheating on me

Im gonna go. Im gonna just.... I dont know.


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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

I dont wanna die!!!

Today it was friggin close tho. My lungs just stopped working, I couldnt breath in almost half a minute. I hate panic attacks....
Goddamnit now I really start to be concerned aboute my own health!

Damnit. Now I cant get rid of Marko and Tony. And the questions "are you okay".
T (Tony) M (Marko) J (me)

T:Are you okay?
J:Im fine thank you.
M:You sure?
J:Yea yea Im alive
T:Shouldnt you rest?
J:Im - Fine
J:Get me coffee if it makes you better
M:Aye, mistress!
J:God, I love gays....
T:Are you really okay?
T:You sure? Something wrong?
J:Im ok....
T:Are you completely SURE your okay?

Agh. Im sure I just tasted blood. Blood! No! No blood!
T_T GODDAMNIT the peoples that caused me this are DEAD MEAT.
Waaah.... Im gonna go and get more coffee and sit on the sofa and wrap myself on the blanket and get Marko to hug me YuY Sniffle

Me ish going. See you all.


Now you get it.

C ya and have a nice day.... Nicer than me.

O, and, I drew really cute catepillars today ^___^ They were for our biologhy project. Im gonna scan em and put them on DevArt. Yesh.

Umm. Bye.

And its decided. Im gonna start to be a lesbian. No more guys for me. Something happened with Eric today and.... Well. No more guys. You had a change to show but you screw it up. I dont want a heartbreak anymore.

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Monday, November 14, 2005

Life BURNS!!
Lol.... Apocalyptica feat Lauri Ylönen.

Yesh well Im tired again. Mom made some pita sandwhiches and I ate them a while ago. Plus I took a nap. D'oh. Right now, Im just drinking some random juice I got from mom.

My days been well tho I almost fell asleep at IT class.... Actuslly at every class. July skanned and sent me few pics and I got them up now. Soo go check them. I may add even more todaynight, If Im not too lazy, and things.

Uhm. Im going now. Me wants more juice.

And my msn messenger is still Asakurazaki@hotmail.com and AIM HalfbreedMomo Im lonely and free todaynight so yeah.

Well ttyl.

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

There is still one who loves me.... Thats my dog. He likes to snuggle. Its sweet. My own lil fatty. Lol...
Mrew. Im really damn tired.... I woke up when it was 20 mins to 10, now its 20 past 10 and we're at our restaurant already.... Duh.
I had very interesting project last night. I wrote 'Eric-kun' on my hand. No, its not wierd, or wouldnt be, but I did it with self tanning suntan oil. It was interesting, really. I couldnt see any difference last night, but now its tanned. Lol. Everyone starts to wonder why theres 'Eric-kun' on my hand. Im a bg psycho -.-

Mreeew!! I want fish!! Its tradition to eat fish for breakfast every sundaymorning v.v Lol. Ah. Now I got it. Why does Tony look like that by the way? Hes wrapped hes arms around Marko and is like.... choking him. Lol. Maybe hes dreaming of being a father.... Oh god thats way too horrible idea!! Ten little Tonys!! Noooo!! Poor kids!!
Lol. Marko is afraid now. And once again, hes the one hugging me. Hes escaping from Tony. Duh....

Well, dad needs my help now so Im going again. I see you later.


And heeey I got new pictures! Dunno when Im gonna get 'em up but o well.

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