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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Now this is fucked up
Aha.... ahaha....
Ok well, peoples, two weeks ago.
You know, when Eric was supposed to dumb me.
Timo walked in with two big baskets, full of beer. As you all should gess, I got drunk. Really really drunk. We all did, Me, Cedric, Mimi, Tony, but Marko was the only clear one. He doesetn drink, and thank god for that!
Well, because, the next morning I woke up, I was laying down next to Cedric.... And was shocked. Why? I was wearing almost nothing.
Well, ofcourse I got scared of what we had done, and yeah... I thought we really did something.
And Now, Marko comes and tells me he saw us, and tells me that I was just muttering 'my head hurts' and Cedric had passed out, and we just happened to lay in the same bed together.
No beer for me anymore.
Why didnt I tell? I was scared to death myself, besides, as we know, my overprotective bro wouldve killed me, and so wouldve Mimi, as his dating Cedric.
GOD, Im happy nothing happened. Pheee-w.
So Eric, all, now you know what actually happened. Confusing, neh? Well think bout me, I dont remember a shit of that night.
well, all for today.

Oh hey, and if you havent checked my best friend for 9 years, Nati, yet, do it now. Her account is NatixD PLUS check my art or Im gonna eat you alive.

Oh yeah....
My bigbro looks just like the guy in my class that had a crush on me.... Ville.... He dyed his hair black and now their like twins....

BTW! I managed to make my yahoo msn work. Go me. Its Asakurazaki@yahoo.com add me if ya like

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